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Oct 24, 2010
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Reversed Ways: A Salzburg AAR

Alright so basically this is my first AAR on DW and I want to get this right. I chose the name "A Survivalist AAR" because I'm going to be doing just that. Surviving. With a hard country to play (and I mean even on normal).

To start things off though I'm going to take a vote of what people want the country to be. (Yeah I know it's basically Naggy's Vicky 2 POPulist AAR, but hey it's the holiday season so shut up)

This will be a History Book or a regular AAR depending on whatever country I'm playing.

The Rules are Simple:

♦Whatever country wins the vote I will play (obviously) and I will do it most likely badly.
♦No resetting or any gamey tactics.
♦No cheating (horribly)
♦No mods present considering how I don't know if there are any yet
♦I will play until either my nation dies (if early on I'll just pick a new country and go from the death date)
♦And IF I am to die early on I'll pick the country that got the second most votes.
♦Also depending on the difficulty of the country I'll either be playing Normal or Hard difficulty with Lucky Nations on Random.
♦One last thing to make this AAR interesting I'm using the same world I used to make an entirely Muslim Full-Iberia Spain who controls Mexico...Just to be fun.

◘Happy Voting◘

(BTW the voting is once the country is voted on once it's added then more votes accumulate after that)

Ryukyu: 2
Tibet: 12 (three from off-forum)
Ethiopia: 2
Tripoli: 1
Urbino: 1
Salzburg: 14
Aachen: 2
Huron: 1
Luxembourg: 1
Mongol Khanate: 1
Alencon: 2?
Modena: 1

♣Notice: Ryukyu has been readded after much review (ten minutes)

Ignore those things up there

Alright so Table of Contents goes here (Right Under Me :D)

Chapter One: How I Learned to Stop Crying Over the Reformation and Love the Pope
Chapter Two: Did someone say Venice? Because I think I heard someone say Venice.
Chapter 3: Well...Stupid Italians
Chapter 4: Why Reap when you can Sow
Chapter 5: Neutrality; a Cunning Ploy by People Who Like Banks and Knives
Chapter 6: War with the Banks
Chapter 7: Europe Your a Dame
Chapter 8: And so; Svip wept
Chapter 9: Transference into an Empire
Chapter 10: Corrupt Save and Aftermath

(This AAR is now officially over and I pledge my thanks to the few loyal fans I have left from the voting period.)

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Ethiopia - very hard one to play.

3 provinces , poor , tribal , bordernig mamelukes , and (at least in HTTT) Casille after a few years! :D
Ryukyu! I want to see how you try it. Maybe my HTTT strategy still works (made an AAR with Ryukyu, took Indochina and beat Ming, then abandoned due to lack of time).
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Please don't advertise here....
Also I have realized Ryukyu is going to be a bitch since Cascading alliances so I need a few more votes instead