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The Fall
(Recommended listening music: Vida la Vida, by Coldplay)​

The death of Emperor Wilhelm threw the Empire into disorder not seen since Puyi’s assassination in 1976. Again, pretenders rose to challenge Wilhelm’s chosen heir, a twenty-year-old daughter named Sophia. Zhu Rongji rebelled against Beijing, setting up a rebel Ming government in Nanjing, taking with him a sizeable portion of the army. The rest of the army turned on itself, attacking each other in the names of whatever pretenders they supported. The Pacific States remained loyal to Empress Sophia, but large portions of mainland China had rose up in revolution against her, blaming her from the alien invasion.

The Goa’uld took the opportunity to strike at the heart of the Empire, landing troops in Xinjiang and Mongolia with little resistance. Urumqi, Samarkand, Tomsk, and Bukhara fell within days of the alien landings, and the Goa’uld levies easily picked off what was left of the Imperial armies after the civil war. The Chinese armies, once undefeated for decades, were finally being crushed and ground into the dust by a superior enemy.

Persia and Afghanistan finally fell in the spring of 2005, with Goa’uld aircraft making constant raids into India, abducting millions in the Punjab and northwestern states and taking them to Giza for enslavement. That left Chinese Central Asia open to attack. As the aliens advanced northward and eastward, the Chinese General Staff ordered a retreat which quickly turned into a rout as soldiers stampeded in panic away from the fighting, only to be shot down as target practice for the Goa’uld.

The Chinese Empire was dying. It was getting its comeuppance for eighty years of dominance, as it was cut down to size with those it had once ruled over. Warlords competed for power among themselves. The Ming Dynasty formed an alliance with Anubis, agreeing to swear fealty to the System Lord in exchange for control of China and weapons to destroy the Qing and the other warlords. Japan declared its independence from China, with insurgents quickly seizing control of major cities and installing a “Shogunate” (actually just a military dictatorship akin to the one in power in 1933) in Tokyo, with the Emperor held hostage by militant fanatics. The Shogun agreed to swear fealty to Anubis the same way that Zhu did.

Russia and the Commonwealth fell in May, with Moscow and St. Petersburg razed like Paris. From there the Goa’uld attacked the Chinese on three fronts: Russia, Persia, and India, with the Dalai Lama publicly tortured and executed for not accepting the old gods. Millions upon millions were slaughtered as the aliens advanced.

The System Lord Yu sat on his throne in his flagship, looking over the planet below him. He watched as the pitiful Tau’ri were crushed and put in their proper place.

Only the Tau’ri Anubis were destroying included his former subjects in the Celestial Empire. He was not allied with Anubis, and he was here in secret (lest Anubis destroy him in his rage), but he could not hope to fight him directly.

“You see, sir?” said Puyi, “See Anubis destroying everything you created?”

Yu’s head snapped around, seeing Puyi standing right next to him

Who are you, insolent mortal?!he shouted.

“I was formerly the ruler of the Celestial Empire, the empire that you created,” said Puyi, “And I am watching my subjects die. Please, Yu, my people still worship you as a god and as a hero. Don’t let Anubis win.”

I’ll have you know, emperor, that I am a god, and you should be listening to ME! It is true that Anubis is my enemy, but I cannot fight him. That would be suicide.

“Just consider my agreement: stop Anubis in any way you can, and my people will continue worshipping you.”

With that Puyi was gone.

Anubis watched as his fleets decimated the surface of the planet below him. The southern continents had all fallen to him, and only the realms of Zhongguo, Deutschland, Brasil, and Canada stood before him. The Deutsch were very stubborn people, he mused. Perhaps when they were enslaved they could become shock troops in his new armies. His new holdings would have to be redistributed among his vassals appropriately.

“Don’t make me do this,” said Puyi, behind him.

Anubis turned around. Ah, Henry Puyi Aisin-Gioro,” said Anubis, “I’ve heard a lot about you and your antics.

“If you know who I am, then you know what I can do to you,” replied Puyi, “So let’s do this the easy way and nobody gets erased from reality. You’ve gone too far, Anubis; you killed my son. Leave Earth alone or I will destroy you.”

The Others will not allow you to interfere,” replied Anubis.

“Maybe, maybe not, but I will not stand by while my people are being destroyed!” shouted Puyi.

Energy swirled in Puyi’s hands, and he felt the power that he was drawing from the fabric of the universe itself. Anubis would die in agony.

With a shout, he hurled the energy at Anubis…

…only for it to be dragged away by a higher power. He felt the Others’ collective powers gripping his body, tearing him out of reality.

“No!” he shouted. “You can’t do this!”

The Others did not care. They quickly overwhelmed him, and he was completely torn from the physical plane, dragged back to wherever he came from like a Chinese immigrant in 1882.

“My lord, you truly are all-powerful!” proclaimed Anubis’s second-in-command.

That was not my doing,” replied Anubis, But this is!

He gave the order to annihilate Beijing with intense bombardment. Within an hour, all of Northern China between Haishenwai, Xi'an, and Qingdao was reduced to desolate wasteland.

The loss of Beijing and the northern Chinese heartland was a severe blow to the Empire. While the Empress and much of the General Staff managed to escape to the Pacific States, the entire Diet and the rest of the imperial bureaucracy was snuffed out like ants were to men, decapitating the Chinese government as the Chinese had decapitated other governments. With no central government left to fight, the warlords turned on each other before being systematically exterminated by the Goa’uld.

By May 7, 2005, all Imperial territory in Asia south of Siberia and north of Vietnam was under alien control, with India and Korea about to fall, alien armies marching into Burma, and the Ming and Japan swearing fealty to Anubis. What remained of the Chinese Army in Asia retreated into Siberia, waiting for the winter to save them.

In Europe, Anubis ordered the Schlieffen Line to be bombarded from orbit. The resulting bombardment cut a searing fifty kilometer wide gash straight through Europe from the Belgian coast to northern Italy, allowing Goa’uld troops to cross into Germany unopposed.

The King of Italy was then overthrown and killed in a republican coup, and the new President Berlusconi immediately swore fealty to Anubis to save his own life. He ended up becoming a host to a minor Goa'uld.

Bohemia and Bavaria fell to the Goa’uld soon afterwards, with the German mountain base at Watzmann Mountain seized and its occupants slaughtered. The stargate there was removed and taken to Giza, where it was placed in front of the Great Pyramid with big fanfare.

The Goa’uld then marched on Berlin from three sides: Poland, Bavaria, and France. The Kaiser rallied what little troops he had left in a desperate defense of the city, but he realized he could only delay their advance.

He sent his son, Freidrich, and the rest of the surviving German government to a secret military base near the city of Wilhelmshaven, where the SMS Bismarck was being readied to escape from the German Empire. In the Pacific States, Sophia ordered the ICAF Zheng He to be readied in a similar fashion, as civilians began stampeding towards Cheyenne Mountain, where a second stargate was being kept by the Chinese, and Area 51.

The Kaiserliche Heer, what was left of it, had retreated to the outskirts of Berlin. Civilians were being evacuated to Wilhelmshaven as fast as possible. Yet Kaiser Georg Ferdinand remained in his palace, overseeing the troop movements and commanding his armies along with those of the General Staff which chose to stay. The end was near, but he refused to give in to the savages.

The air in front of him shimmered, and a hologram in the form of Anubis materialized.

Georg Ferdinand of the Tau’ri faction known as Deutschland,said the System Lord, “I offer you a deal, on the following terms. You surrender your city and swear fealty to me, and I shall spare the lives of your precious subjects. You will be allowed to live on as the governor of Nurnberg, where I know your ancestral home is located. You will in return order your troops to stand down and cede all of your territory to me.

Georg Ferdinand leaned forward out of his chair, towards the image of Anubis.

“Let me tell you this,” he said defiantly, “To surrender the city to you is beyond my authority or anyone else’s who lives in it, for all of us, after taking the mutual decision, shall die out of free will without sparing our lives.”

So be it,” said Anubis, and the hologram vanished.

Five minutes later, the orbital bombardment began, and the Goa’uld levies made a hard push into Berlin, driving back the Reich’s forces a street at a time. Every minute that passed, the enemy drew closer and closer to the palace, with entire divisions being thrown at them just to slow them down. They needed more time for the Bismarck to get away, he thought.

He put on the clothes of a common soldier, grabbed a rifle, and left the palace. He found the remnants of the Kaiserliche Heer, a thousand loyal soldiers, valiantly defending the Brandenburg Gate as alien forces closed in on them. He would not be a slave to the Goa’uld. The city was falling to the enemy. For Berlin and the Kaiserreich he would die, and he would die free!

“The city is fallen and I am still alive,” he shouted, “Charge! Gött mit uns!”

“Gött mit uns! Deutschland über alles!” shouted the soldiers.

And they all charged at the enemy, guns firing.
He saw an opportunity, he took it.
Hallowed are the Ori. Oops, sorry, I'm a few chapters early. :D

Looks like they're screwed unless they find an ancient weapon or the Goa'uld turn on each other.
Hallowed are the Ori. Oops, sorry, I'm a few chapters early. :D

Looks like they're screwed unless they find an ancient weapon or the Goa'uld turn on each other.
Something something Almighty Thor...
((Yes, they're (quite) screwed.))

Battleship Zheng He
ICAF Base Fusang (Area 51)
Victoria led her son through the crowded mass of refugees waiting outside the doors which led to safety. There were a couple hundred of them, all worried about the Goa'uld closing in on them rapidly. The mainland had fallen, and the refugee ships had been used as target practice by enemy death gliders, with only a handful of them making it to the Pacific States. Behind those doors to the base lay the Zheng He, the Celestial Empire's last hope of escaping the enemy menace.
There were rumors that the Kaiser had been killed in battle and that the German Emipre had fallen. If that was the case, the last free nations of Earth were Texas, the Cherokee, Columbia, the Pacific States, and Canada. Canada was taking the full force of the alien war machine, with the Eastern Seaboard already falling and the Goa'uld advancing into Ohio.

"All refugees, thank you for your patience," said the loudspeakers, "Boarding will commence at this time."
The doors slid open, revealing a docking bridge leading to an airlock in the side of the Zheng He. The ship was the first Chinese aircraft carrier, built in the late 1930s or 1940s and first saw action in the Pacific Wars against the United States. It was highly decorated and fought in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Weltkriegs, sinking many ships. It was decommissioned in 2003 and secretly turned over to Sternentor Kommand for conversion into a spaceworthy warship of a similar design to the German Bismarck. Both of the ships had two flight deck pods on either side of them and were plated in thick trinium armor, but the Zheng He retained its original flight deck as well, which was converted into another pod on the top of the ship. While the Bismarck was primarily a battleship, the Zheng He was more of an aircraft carrier, carrying many more J-302 fighter jets than the Bismarck.
The refugees didn't care; Victoria didn't care. She just wanted to escape the Goa'uld. They swarmed towards the
Zheng He. Behind them, as more refugees arrived at the walls of the base only to find themselves locked out, the air raid sirens began to wail...

General Osten sat in the captain's chair of the SMS Bismarck, the German Empire's first spaceship, built from scratch in 2003. Huddled in the corridors of the ship were over a hundred refugees from all parts of Germany, escaping slavery and slaughter at the hands of the Goa'uld. Next to him was the members of SN-1: Captain Stefanie Wagner and Colonel Johann Fischer. They were carrying what was left of the once-proud German Empire into the stars, in search of safety from the Goa'uld.
"All systems are a go, sir," said a pilot, "Ready when you are."
"Take us out," ordered Osten, "Fire up the antigravity and get us out of here."
The Bismarck's engines fired up, and the ship rose out of the underground hanger into the sky...

Low Earth Orbit
"Sir, I'm picking up two energy signatures consistent with naquadriah hyperdrives from northern Deutschland and western America, heading for orbit," said Herak, Anubis's First Prime.
"Impossible!" roared Anubis. "Destroy them at once! The Tau'ri scum must not leave their cage!"

ICAF Base Fusang (Area 51)
Sophia Aisin-Gioro von Hohenzollern, Chinese Emperor, strolled onto the bridge of the Zheng He, greeting the men and women on duty. She was wearing plain jeans and a white shirt and would have passed for a normal half-Chinese girl if she was on the streets. Her eyes radiated power from behind her glasses, and her hair was tied back in a short ponytail.
"Why aren't we heading out yet?!" she demanded. "The Goa'uld are only minutes away, and you are not even activating the hyperdrive?!"
"Sorry, Your Imperial Highness," stammered the officer in question, "I shall get right on it."
There was a whir as the engines fired up. The ship rumbled as the antigravity fields activated, pushing the Zheng He out of the underground hanger where it was being held for the last two years. In the air, the Zheng He was truly a sight to behold--a majestic ship, carrying the remnants of the Chinese Empire into the stars.
"Sir, we have a squadron of four death gliders and two al-kesh heading in our direction, ETA one minute," reported the radar operator.
"Shields up," ordered Sophia, "We cannot waste our ammunition at this time."
As bolts of plasma lanced towards the Zheng He, a bubble of translucent blue energy materialized around the ship, dissipating the blasts with ease.
"Shields are holding at 98 percent," said an officer, "Sublight engines are powered and ready."
"Take us into orbit," said Sophia.
And the
Zheng He rose from the earth into the heavens.

Over Wilhelmshaven
"Frak!" shouted an officer as the console he was sitting at suddenly sparked. "Shields are at 78 percent and holding!"
The Bismarck rocked as it shot through the atmosphere, constantly bombarded by the Ha'tak motherships in orbit around Earth.
"Where's our hyperdrive!" shouted Osten.
"I need another two minutes, sir!"
"We don't have two mintues!"
"Sir, we have an al-kesh squadron heading in our direction, ETA thirty seconds," said the radar operator.
"Well, shoot them down!" ordered Osten.
Bismarck's rail guns activated, rapidly spewing out hot lead at the enemy, piercing the thin armor of the al-kesh bombers and tearing them apart.
"Direct hit!" said the rail gun operator.
There was a cheer from the crew as their hated enemies fell to the earth.

"Hyperdrive is online!" said the pilot. "Course to the Alpha Site plotted!"
"Do it!" shouted Osten.
A large tear in the fabric of space-time, revealing a blue tunnel inside, appeared in front of the ship. The
Bismarck accelerated into the hyperspace window and vanished from Earth.
On the other side of the world, the
Zheng He did the same.

Low Earth Orbit
"My Lord," said Herak, "The Tau'ri ships have...er...managed to escape."
"WHAT?!" shouted Anubis, his face livid and full of rage despite not even having a corporeal face. "YOU HAVE FAILED ME, FIRST PRIME!"
He raised his hand, revealing a small device nested in its palm. He fired a concentrated blast of energy at Herak's head, liquefying his brain and killing him instantly.

Nanjing, Goa'uld-occupied Ming China
Zhu Rongji stepped up to the altar where the teleportation rings were built. Two Jaffa warriors flanked him, carrying their staff weapons.
As he knelt, the rings lit up and levitated in the air. Inside the area enclosed by the rings, there was a flash of light as Anubis materialized on Earth.

"My lord, I am your loyal servant," said Zhu.
Anubis did not move, even as the rings descended into the niches in the floor they came from.

"My lord, are you okay?" asked Zhu.
"You have outlived your usefulness," said Anubis.
"But I thought we had a deal!" said Zhu.
"Yes, but the deal was only valid for the conquest of the Tau'ri," said Anubis, "Now that the Tau'ri have been subjugated, I no longer require your assistance."
Zhu heard the activation and discharge of a staff weapon behind him.
Well, at least Zhu is dead. He was rewarded as a traitor deserved.
Yes, yes he did. Got the reference I put in his death scene? It was kind of subtle.
To a bunch of movies where they say that a character has outlived their usefulness?
Yeah, but also the pilot of the original Battlestar Galactica (it's quite obscure). You're not that far off though!

Empire in Exile

Spring 2006

Earth was defeated. Humanity was defeated. Goa’uld armies were victorious on all continents. The shattered remains of the Kaiserliche Heer and the Imperial Army retreated into the dense rainforests of Vietnam and the Congo, the frozen wastelands of Siberia and Northern Canada, and the deserts of the Sahara and the Kalahari. There they regrouped, launching hit-and-run attacks on alien forces, retreating into the wastelands before Anubis could raise any levies. It was a bold but futile gesture to Anubis that they would not give up.

In orbit, Anubis had to redistribute his new holdings among his vassals. He resolved to give vassals fiefdoms that weakened them and prevented them from becoming threats to his iron rule. India was partitioned into three fiefdoms, under the Goa’uld lords Ares, Bastet, and Camulus. Northern China, Korea, and Japan were given to the System Lord Cronus, and Southern China and Southeast Asia were given to Osiris. Kali and Nirrti were given control over Western Europe and Scandinavia, respectively, while Moloc was granted Southern Europe. Morrigan was granted all of North America, while Olokun was granted Australia. Seth was granted control of Eastern Europe and the Balkans, while Thoth gained all of South America. Anubis took all of Africa as his personal demesne.

Germany was especially problematic. As they had stubbornly resisted his enlightened rule, Anubis ordered it to be utterly Balkanized among the minor System Lords, each with the order to eradicate the pan-German national identity to make sure a unified Germany would not annoy him again in the future. This was helped by the circulation of the nish’ta drug, which was used to brainwash the Tau’ri into believing whatever Anubis wanted. If they resisted, there was always the whip and the torture stick…

As Anubis gave the last orders to his vassals, who retreated to their ships somewhat happily, the pel’tak lit up and began beeping.

“Sir, we have an incoming fleet of ships,” said his new First Prime, Gerak, “Preliminary sensors indicate that some are Ha’taks and others are…Asgard.”

What?!shouted Anubis. Asgard? In my empire?!

The window in front of him shimmered, displaying an image of a gray alien.

This is Supreme Commander Thor of the Asgard Fleet,said the alien, Earth is protected under the terms of the Protected Planets Treaty.

I don’t care about your treaty!shouted Anubis.

The video feed cut off, and another image was displayed on Anubis’s window, that of an Asian man and a man with a goatee next to him. An Asian woman sat in the background.

Tales of your misdeeds have been told from Chulak to Dakara!shouted Yu. This planet is a de jure part of my empire!

Consider this a declaration of WAR,added Ba’al, in a South African-like accent, Our armies will meet on the field of battle!

I will not let my descendants suffer under your rule!shouted Amaterasu.

The feed broke off, and all three fleets charged at each other, weapons blazing.

“Oh, did you all forget about the convenient superweapon that I have on my flagship?” taunted Anubis, pushing a red button on his throne.

The top of his ship opened up, revealing a red hemisphere underneath. Bolts of lightning-like energy arced around inside the hemisphere before lancing out at the enemy ships, each blast cutting clean through its target.


At that moment, a Tok’ra spy detonated a bomb in the superweapon’s power source, disabling it for good.

This was going to be a long war, Anubis realized.

Alpha Site “New Brandenburg”

General Osten, Colonel Fischer, Captain Wagner, and Sophia all filed into the room where the rest of the Chinese and Prussian General Staffs were gathered. Sophia had only been on New Brandenburg for some months, but she was starting to like the place. The base was built in a temperate zone, near a mountain range for easy evacuation, and the flora and fauna were exactly the same as those on Earth, owing from Goa’uld or Ancient influence in the past.

“Hello again,” said Sophia, “Let’s get started. First off, Earth is dead.”

“What?!” shouted Johann. “For crying out loud, ma’am, it’s just under occupation for the last few months!”

“Look, we have no chance of retaking Earth back at this point,” said Sophia, “It’s just a couple thousand soldiers and refugees and two prototype spaceships against an interstellar empire that has lasted for millennia. What chance do we have? Our best bet is to lie low, rebuild civilization, and strike back at the best moment.”

“She’s right,” said Wagner, “We can’t fight the Goa’uld right now. To attack them and invade Earth would be suicide.”

“Wait!” said Osten. “Before he died, Doctor Lehrer found a tablet on the planet of Abydos, detailing a lost city of the Ancients.”

“Who are the Ancients again?” asked Sophia. “I feel like I should know this.”

“Well, Your Imperial Highness,” explained Stefan, “The Ancients were basically humanity, but more scientifically and evolutionarily advanced. They once had a large confederation spanning the entire galaxy, but then a plague wiped them out and forced the survivors to ascend.”

“Ascend as in what happened to my grandfather?” asked Sophia.


“Well they’re not helping—”

“I’ll explain that later. The point is, they built a city and it’s lost now, and it probably contains advanced technology that would allow us to defeat Anubis.”

“Where is it, Captain?” asked Johann.

“Well, sir, Lehrer managed to translate the databases at Heliopolis and many other planets, and after much cross-referencing he managed to narrow it down to two possibilities.”

“And they are?” said Osten.

“Vis Uban, or…Antarctica,” said Stefan, her hands smacking her face.

“ANTARCTICA?!” shouted Sophia, almost enraged. “We could have saved Earth!”

“The translations weren’t completed until three months ago!” replied Johann. “That’s how big the databases are!”

A soldier appeared in the doorway. “Sir, the team sent to Vis Uban has returned. They want to see Her Imperial Majesty immediately.”

Sophia got up and glared at Stefan and Johann. “I’ll talk to you guys about this later.”

She stormed out of the room and followed the soldiers to the gate room.

Usually when the gate fired up, there were three possibilities: (1) refugees from Earth coming through the gate at ICAF Base Fusang, which was highly unlikely; (2) a SN-team; or (3) a Goa’uld attack, in which case the portal was covered in a titanium shield.

This time, Sophia watched an SN team, specifically SN-14, arrive back at the Alpha Site. Among them was a young man in nomad clothes. Looking closer, he had some Asian characteristics that immediately stood out to Sophia.

Looking even closer, she realized it was her grandfather Puyi, whom she had never met in person but recognized from photographs and video recordings.

“We found him among the civilians of Vis Uban, Frau Sophia,” said the leader of SN-14, “The locals claimed to have found him one day among the ruins of the Ancient city they were living next to, and the man in question barely remembers anything at all. His knowledge of his own life from 1912 to 1976 is there, but he has effort remembering it. Anything after 1976…you can forget that. As for the Lost City, it’s most definitely not the city here. The Ancient records stated that it was supposed to replace the Lost City, before the plague broke out and construction halted permanently. The whole place is devoid of any technology, aside from the occasional teleportation rings. I’m not sure how you’re going to get to Antarctica though…”

Sophia rushed over to Puyi, who was staring blankly at the Alpha Site’s walls.

“Grandfather?” she said softly.

Puyi turned to her, his eyes showing infinite sadness. “Who are you, my child? You look very familiar to me.”

“I’m your granddaughter,” said Sophia.

“But my son—”

“My father is dead.”

Puyi hesitated. “What happened when I was gone?”

She led him to the civilian quarters, explaining what had happened since 1976 to him.

“So the Celestial Empire reached its height under my son, Germany and Byzantium collapsed, Canada conquered the USA, and then aliens invaded to kill and enslave us all?” said Puyi.

“Pretty much,” replied Sophia.

“If my son is dead, and you are his only child…” realized Puyi.

“Yes, I am Emperor.”

“But you are the first woman to rule over China since Wu Zetian! And look how she turned out!”

“I know, but that was back then. The Empire has collapsed, and I must lead it in exile.”

Puyi sat down on a bunk bed. “What has the world become without me?” he muttered.

A week later

Life on New Brandenburg went on as usual. The refugees had settled down, and a sense of normalcy that hadn’t existed since 2004 seemed to be restored, at least partially. Plans were made to expand the Alpha Site in preparation for more refugees.

Stefan (or Stefanie) was giving a PowerPoint presentation about the Lost City and other ways to defeat Anubis. Included on the slides were a gun designed to kill ascended or semi-ascended entities such as Anubis dubbed “the Colt,” an Ancient mini-spaceship that could also travel in time but could only be flown by Colonel Fischer, and blueprints for a satellite weapon that was powerful enough to incinerate Moscow and everything within twenty kilometers of it.

“Okay, we’re not going to capture an Ancient just to try out the Colt, as they’ve done absolutely nothing against us,” said Stefan, “The satellite weapon will take several months to build and may not fit in the hyperspace tunnel generated by the Bismarck or Zheng He.”

“What about the time machine?” asked Sophia.

“Well, we already tested it out, but it ‘screws around’ with causality, so to speak,” Stefan said, “It also has the habit of shunting itself into parallel universes as well as another time period. The first time we tested it, it took us to a universe where the Chinese Empire modernized in the 1840s and 1850s, became a Great Power immediately, colonized the majority of Africa, and became a liberal constitutional monarchy.” Stefan shuddered at the sound of the word “liberal.” “Next, it jumped to a universe where the Confederate States of America defeated the United States of America in 1861, ultimately annexing it in the 1920s and then becoming it immediately. Highlights of this universe included Confederate Cuba, Confederate Latin America and Brazil, and General Daniel Jackson, a disgraced and incompetent man who nonetheless managed to capture Montreal from the Canadians before suddenly dying almost immediately afterwards.

“We then jumped to one where the British Empire suffered a huge Sepoy Rebellion in the 1850s which was brutally put down, only for a second one to occur in the 1870s…in an India which had been given Dominion status, somehow driving down their prestige immensely as the British and Indians could not do anything to stop it. Afterwards, there was one really weird universe where a zombie apocalypse occurred in 1836, resulting by July 4, 1861 in a Kaiserin Victoria von Hanover, German Empress, Holy Roman Emperor, Queen of England, Scotland, and Wales, Archduchess of Austria, et al controlling everything from Scotland to Denmark to Egypt, with Germany (formerly Prussia) being the only nation unharmed by the plague. We managed to get back here after that. A recurring theme in most universes was the success of the Taiping Rebellion in utterly destroying and annexing the Chinese Empire.”

“Get to the point,” said Sophia. “We have no time for stories that sound like they came out of a really bad play-through of a Scandinavian video game where the player probably cheated most of the time.”

“Time travel is possible but isn’t practical.”

“Okay. Then what?”

“We need to get to Antarctica and find that Lost City.”

“How?” asked Johann. “The whole place’s crawling with Goa’uld.”

“Preliminary scans of the solar system have indicated that Anubis’s fleet is engaging two other enemy fleets in battle around Earth,” said Osten, “One enemy fleet is Goa’uld, suggesting a civil war that Anubis is fighting. The other is Asgard.”

“Asgard?” said Johann. “Never thought those ‘Vikings’ would help us…”

“If we can jump the Bismarck into orbit, with the Zheng He providing cover fire, SN-1 can be teleported down to where the Lost City is probably located and find anything useful,” said Osten, “Then we get out of there and find a way to develop a weapon capable of defeating Anubis.”

“General,” said Puyi, “There is no way they won’t notice us. They’ll blast us out of the sky once we enter Earth airspace.”

“It’s our best chance,” said Sophia, “It’s our only chance.”

“All in favor?” said Osten.

“Ja,” said Stefan.

“Ja,” said Johann.

“Ja,” said the rest of the General Staffs.

“Ja,” said Puyi and Sophia.

Osten stood up. “Ladies and gentlemen, suit up—we’re going home.”
“Get to the point,” said Sophia. “We have no time for stories that sound like they came out of a really bad play-through of a Scandinavian video game where the player probably cheated most of the time.”

Lol, this gave me a good chuckle. :p

I have a feeling Atlantis isn't in Antarctica any more. I wouldn't be surprised if it's in an entirely different galaxy. :D
Lol, this gave me a good chuckle. :p

I have a feeling Atlantis isn't in Antarctica any more. I wouldn't be surprised if it's in an entirely different galaxy. :D
Those time travel shenanigans actually took place in my previous Victoria II games which are now lost (I really wanted to share the General Daniel Jackson picture). Felt this was the only way to remember them.
Hey, let's hope the people in that hypothetical other galaxy speak German fluently!
(short update here)

Prelude to War, Part 1
Summer 2006
Preparations were made for the journey back to Earth. The Bismarck was outfitted with a new energy weapon stolen from the arsenal of the dead Goa'uld System Lord Sokar. SN-1 took a transport ship and traveled to a planet called "Proclarush Taonas" in order to find a power source to power the Lost City upon arrival.
During this time, an alternate SN-1 accidentally came through the gate, claiming to be from a universe where the Americans were the dominant Great Power, the Goa'uld invasion was stopped, and liberal republicanism was the dominant ideology. The Americans were quickly ushered back to their universe using the Alpha Site's time machine.
Puyi found himself to be quite fluent in Ancient and able to operate Ancient technology from his time as an ascended being.
Sophia and General Osten soon came into conflict over who would lead the Alpha Site, with Sophia claiming a higher rank and Osten claiming serniority. Puyi was forced to compromise between the two, giving his granddaughter control over civilian matters and the Zheng He and Osten control over military matters and the Bismarck.
They would be able to launch the attack on Earth in another month.

One day, as Sophia strolled through the base on her way to the shooting range, the alarms started blaring. "Unidentified vessel dropping out of hyperspace!" shouted the radar operator over the loudspeaker.
She rushed to the nearest ring transporter and teleported herself up to the
Zheng He. There she rushed to the bridge and sat in the captain's chair.
"What is it?" she asked.
"Your Imperial Highness," said an officer, "The new ship is not of Goa'uld design. It appears to be a Bismarck-class battleship."
The ship drew into view, and it definitely was a Bismarck-class ship judging from its outline.
"Impossible," said Sophia, "Only one Bismarck was ever constructed (and the Zheng He is not a Bismarck-class)."
"Sir, the captain of the ship wants to talk with you," said the communications officer, "He speaks...strangely."
"Patch him through," replied Sophia.
When she was sure that the connection had been made, she said,
"This is Her Imperial Highness Sophia Aisin-Gioro von Hohenzollern, Chinese Emperor, commander of the ICAF Zheng He, and defender of the Chinese people and civilization. State your identity and purpose here immediately or we will fire upon you."
There was silence on the other end for a moment. Then...
"привет товарищ," said a human voice, "This is General Vladimir Putin of the Soviet Union starship Ио́сиф Виссарио́нович Ста́лин, or Joseph Stalin in the bourgeoisie language of the filthy decadent western reactionary imperialist capitalist pigdogs."
Syndicalists, Sophia realized with a shock. They survived, despite the Empire's best efforts.
If there was anything worse than the Goa'uld, it would either be a Catholic Inquisition in space...or Syndicalists.
Not just any Syndicalist, but Putin in space!
(Another short but necessary update)

Prelude to War, Part 2

“Syndicalists,” Sophia spat, “I thought my father and grandfather had gotten rid of your kind!”

“Well, you never expected the Syndicalists to stay in Russia after the Partition, didn’t you?” replied Putin, “You never thought to look there?”

Sophia glared at her grandfather.

“What? If anything, it was the Germans’ fault,” said Puyi.

“How did you get your hands on a Bismarck-class?” Sophia demanded.

“The Kaiser secretly gave the Tsar a blueprint around the same time he discussed the Sternentor Program with your father, child,” Putin said, “And when the Tsar was assassinated by a Goa’uld za’tarc assassin in the winter of 2005, command of the Russian Bismarck program fell to me. I just happened to be a secret Syndicalist. Lucky me. So we built the Stalin in Georgia (where else would you build something named Stalin?) while the Russian Army was sacrificed to give us time to make it space-worthy. When that failed, we simply went underground, hiding from the Goa’uld until the ship was ready, at which time we proclaimed the rebirth of the Soviet Union and flew off into space.”

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t just teleport a Goa’uld stun bomb into your ship, vent you all out the airlock, and take over the Stalin,” replied Sophia.

“Because I can help you retake Earth,” said Putin, “In the years since Toronto fell to the Goa’uld, we have been setting up resistance forces across the planet. They are ready to rise up simultaneously against the Goa’uld the instant I give the command.”

“Well, how do I know you didn’t indoctrinate them in Syndicalism as well?”

“You will have to trust me on this.”

“You once demanded of my father the entirety of Siberia in order to, and I quote, ‘protect oppressed Russian minorities’ there. How can I trust you?”

“Well, there are oppressed Russian minorities now, but they are everywhere! Even in space! They need the motherland to protect them.”

Sophia barely held back a chuckle. “You Syndicalists truly never change.”


After a few hours of deliberation, the General Staffs agreed to work with Putin, on the condition that the Stalin be renamed the Wilhelm II. Putin predictably was outraged, but he relented when Puyi appeared and held him at gunpoint (he would later start a petition among the Alpha Site’s inhabitants to have it renamed after himself).

With all plans made and all preparations completed a couple months later than expected, Osten sent SN-1 and 2 on a captured Goa’uld cargo ship out to Earth ahead of the Bismarck and the Zheng He. Expecting the Lost City to be buried under hundreds of feet of solid ice, they brought a small particle beam weapon to melt said ice. Hopefully they could sneak into Antarctica and drill down to the Lost City before anyone could notice.

Using a faster-than-light communications device, Putin ordered his resistance groups to rise up on November 7 – Red October, the predicted date of return.


In orbit over Neu Brandenburg, November 6

The crew of the Zheng He gathered in the main flight pod as Sophia stepped up to the podium. Weeks of dealing with the commoners had helped her get over her fear of public speaking.

“People of Earth:

You have gone through a lot. You have lost your home to a foreign invader. Today, we shall get it back from the Goa’uld menace.

Observe the line that I have placed down the middle of the flight deck.No one should feel obligated to join this mission in any way. This is a decision I have made for myself. If it turns out that there are not enough personnel to crew the Zheng He, I will lead a J-302 assault with anyone who is willing to join me (yes, I can fly a J-302, thank you very much). Let there be no illusions; this is likely to be a one-way trip! So don't volunteer out of sentiment or emotion. There is a line running down this deck. Volunteers, move to the starboard side; Everyone else, to the port. Make your choice!”

There was an uneasy silence. Then, the crowd parted like the Red Sea, as volunteers moved to the right and others moved to the left.

“Just so there’ll be no misunderstandings later…the Zheng He has seen a lot of history, gone through a lot of battles. This will likely be her last. She will not fail us if we do not fail her and her namesake’s legacy. If we succeed in our mission, she will bring us home. If not…it doesn’t matter anyway.

Gött mit uns! For the Celestial Empire and the Kaiserreich!”

The crowd roared “Gött mit uns! 皇帝 萬歲!” back at her.

Sophia emerged on the deck of the ship, sitting in the captain’s chair and wearing a full combat outfit as the Zheng He and the Bismarck entered hyperspace, leaving behind a thousand refugees and crewmen on the Alpha Site.

“Well, it’s time for the Celestial Empire to make its return,” she said.


As there aren't many viewers left, I'm in the process of writing the epic multi-part conclusion of the story right now. It's been a great ride these last few weeks, and I apologize for the difficulties that I had to take you guys through to get here, but the story is coming to an end, at last, and I want to wrap it up before I go on vacation next week.
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