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I read a lot of topics about Vanilla + DLC retinues, but i have found only a few HIP related retinue threads. So i have some questions pending:

1 - What is the difference in between Vanilla + DLC retinues and HIP retinues? Is it only all cultural retinues being made viable, or are there changes to other generic retinues as well?

2 - Is there any difference in between tactics in between Vanilla and HIP? Like "Shieldwall fires only if you have 1% archers in vanilla but up to 5% in HIP"?

3 - Does the cultural building in capital holding in my capital province still give bonuses to cultural retinue? Ie, housecarl training ground III gives bonus to housecarl retinue etc.

4 - Any significant difference in HIP retinues i should know about before planning my retinue?
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