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I've been playing a lot recently, then suddenly the UI won't scale/stretch. The main menu is tiny with black space all around it, unlink how it was before. In game the map scales (if I select higher resolution) and looks good but the UI is very tiny. If I select 1020X768, then there is large black space border now that was not present before. The UI used to stretch to encompass my entire screen (not the cleanest look but very playable for me). I do have graphics mods, but haven't adjusted them in quite a while, this issue appeared suddenly. I've tinkered with the resolution and Window mode settings, but the UI stretching is still stuck off

How do I get the UI to stretch again?

Example picture is Windowed, 1980X1080 resolution, but the game only displays in 1020X768 with black border filling rest of window


  • Screenshot 2023-09-15 192541.png
    Screenshot 2023-09-15 192541.png
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