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Apr 8, 2014
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My friends and I got it on the table tonight and we had a really great time. Lots of laughter about how things turned out. We may be playing it again really soon, which is a sure sign of success. Congratulations and thank you for making this fine game.

Now, based on the experience, there are a few things I would like to see and would be willing to purchase as improvements. I'm sure others will have similar ideas as more people get to experience playing it.

* * * * *

Characters Cards with gender symbol or indication clearly visible across the table.

"Would you be willing to marry off your daughter? Her trait is very nice."
"Do you mean my son Stephen?"
"Oh, nevermind."

(Happened 3 times in our first game.)

* * * * *

Heir apparent tokens.

Since succession favors males, but cards are set in birth order, it's easy to forget your heir is not the one closest to the left. Having a token on your heir is a great reminder. Also, it would make the information visible across the table, which is extra important since character gender is, again, hard to spot at a distance.

"Hey, uh... Who's your current heir right now?"
"Why are you asking me that immediately after flipping a plot card? Oh, and it's my dimwitted daughter, Adelaide and definitely not my genius son."

* * * * *

Player order reversals + Token to indicate direction

About halfway through the first game, we started talking about ways player order could change. We all thought it would be interesting to receive downstream events from different players, rather than the same person through the entire game. I would suggest during each upkeep. But, if player order is going to change, there needs to be a token to indicate it and help keep track.

* * * * *

Son / Brother Traits Into the Bag While Crusading

Kind of a different line, but something we nearly house-ruled before the end of the first game. When you send someone other than your king crusading, it's pretty desirable to throw that character's trait into the bag for one check. It makes sense to us, since it's that character's skill which would really determine their chance to survive. Plus, it makes bad trait characters less likely to survive. Fishing it back out after a single check is hardly a problem.
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