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Dec 9, 2010
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So this feels a bit odd to ask, but when asking another faction member for garrison support to gain manpower, I usually receive it (singleplayer). However, over the last few runs I've noticed that the Soviet Union basically is 100 % to deny the request. Doesn't matter how bad my deficiency is and how much surplus they have. I've been denied support from them when I had 0 manpower, when they had over 8 million, which later grew to 10, telling me they didn't use it. Whereas at the same time, minors like Mongolia, which had way less manpower, gladly gave it to me.
Is this a thing specific to the Soviets, that they refuse to send garrison support? The note specifically says that it is because they don't have enough manpower to spare, not that they don't want to (which is the case for some nations if you acquire manpower from them enough times).


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