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Jun 24, 2021
I am building a very large prison and need to be able to power it beyond the 128 limit. Please consider removing the limit.

I don't understand the point of grids not being able to join, either, once it passes as usable electricity (after transformer/station) but whatever floats your boat. The limit is my biggest issue.


If they made capacitors hold more that would sure go a long way....I end up needing 2 or 3 maxed out power stations with capacitors all the way around to do my kitchens alone.
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Agreed. Large kitchens and workshops are the biggest power hogs. I wish knowing how much power is produced compared to how many appliances, etc. can draw from one power source was more intuitive. It's very much a guessing game, especially trying to remain green. Available equations would be extremely handy (ie. a transformer with 'x' batteries can handle 'y' wind/solar hybrids or a cooker draws 'z' amount of power. Even better would be 'xx' appliances placed = 'yy' power sources needed.)
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Yes, PLEASE get rid of needing to have multiple power-grids. At least make it an option to be able to connect individual power stations to each other. I have my entire base-prison built and now I have to change the entire blueprint (and, like, 4 hours irl time of planning rooms and building foundations + walls) to accommodate to some weird rule that I can only have one power source per x sources of power consumption. All I wanted to do was manage a prison full of prisoners with a cool layout, but now I'm stuck managing utilities and money.
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