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May 1, 2013
  • Leviathan: Warships
Played a handfull of hours of L:W yesterday, in co-op with a few friends, and the game itself is pretty damn entertaining, plus, the co-op experience is really great.

But, I also feel that us PC (Personcal Computers, not limited to Windows) users are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to the user interface, it is pretty clear that the interface/control scheme is made for tablets, and then just converted to use a mouse and pointer, which leaves it feeling very clunky and awkward to use, where you have to do a lot more clicking, selecting and unselecting than you should have.

So, my question is, is it possible for you to implement a different controlscheme for the PC based version of L:W?

I think that the long-term enjoyment of the game will be burdened by the current interface, as the novelty of the game currently masks the annoyance of using it, but it will become more and more irritating along the way.


Crickett<br>Pieces Interactive
Oct 24, 2004
Glad you enjoyed the game. The interface was in fact develop for the PC first, with tablets in mind.

We are actually pretty happy with the interface but there are certainly lots of usability issues we would like to improve.
But right now, there is a slim chance that we would redo the whole interface just for computers.


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May 1, 2013
  • Leviathan: Warships
It would be very nice if you could utilize the fact that a PC has a mouse cursor, and use mousehover/enter/leave, so for instance you would not have to click on a gun to see firing arc, and, click away from the ship/guns to remove it again. (This is very much an annoyance)

Also, pleeease consider an easier way to toggle autofire, so you don't have to go around clicking on 8 guns if you want to disable them, maybe some sort of ship "paperdoll" when a ship is active, where you could easily click on settings for a gun.


Crickett<br>Pieces Interactive
Oct 24, 2004
All good suggestions. We will see what we can do. For example, we have talked about both "hold fire" or "focus fire" to be special ship status modes that affect all weapons.


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Jul 16, 2010
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For me there are just 2 priorities on that front:
1. Customizable hotkeys. Including hotkeys for weapons / items (eg. numers 1-0 plus -= signs to get 12 slots each with it's own shortcut) of selected ship.
2. Anti-aliasing settings (right now game doesn't seem to have AA at all!)

perhaps also
3. in shipyard give us an option to outzoom even further (far enough to see range and cones of fire for Artillery) and a hotkey to hide/show cones of fire for all weapons (perhaps show them only as outlines - and fill them with green when cursor is over a weapon?).

TBH I don't think that you need to re-do the entire interface. Just make in more PC-centric - look around the topics, there's plenty of good ideas :)
Eg. if I add a weapon in shipyard to the ship it should be good enough to click it, and than click the slot where I want to drop it. Drag&Drop feels like a mechanic from tablets (though I'm fine if you'd keep it and just give us an option in settings to either drag or click the items).

Oh, and: Glad to see you are reading the posts on forum and actually care about people's opinion. You really make me a happy buyer this way. :)