Render Pictures of the 100 Year War Units

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Jul 19, 2012
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Hi you all.
Now that the big pre-order DLC:s are out and the game is doing its thing, we though it time to show off some nice renders of the Units, so that those of you who've yet to pick the DLC up can get a better look at what's in it. The pack that
contains these particular models is this one: Pre-Order Pack
Since I know a lot of you guys are modders, 3D-modellers and interested in history, and all that, I though this might also be a nice thread where we can discuss how the units looks, how we work when we create them, and give you some insight in our work process. If you want to, you can ask questions here and I'll try and answer them as best as I can : )

If this kind of thread is something that you guys appreciate, we might make it a standard-thing to post threads like these showing of different DLC:s, both released and yet-to-be-released ones : )

Bear in mind that the units are supposed to be seen from pretty far away, from a top-down 45 degree angle, so they might look a little off this close, but as since know all of you appreciate historical details, we though it could be cool to get a better look at them anyway!

Click all the images for bigger versions!

Here's a group shot of the merry bunch.

They make look like nice guys now, but as soon as you boot up the game, they'll start skewer eachother for the throne.

Scotland: We first made a Saint Andrew's Cross since we though that one might be easier mto recognise (you walways have to "read" the units well in the game), but later settled on the Royal Standard of Scotland instead.

Provance:I really dig how the kettle helmet turned out on him, armor ended up being a bit thin though. His face may or may not be based on Tom Selleck.

Orleans: Really like this guy's helmet also, notice all the small dents and damaged areas. I like his knife too, situated on the middle of the chest it was quite a pain to skin (3D-term, when you attach a rig to a model kinda).

France: Obviously an important model in the 100-year War setting. Like most of this guys, he sports a Fleur-de-lys Pattern, and unlike most of these guys, he's got his helmet visor down,although there IS actually a face in there, but you can't see it.

Foix: Was really hard to make Foix' coat of arms work without making it look too much like clownpants. But it turned out ok. The almost-at-the-nose coif is also somehting we picked up while researching warrior from the region.

England: Like france, a really important unit for the setting,a nd the first one I did. We ended up going with the St George's Cross -look rather than this look since we didn't want people to be able to accidently confuse english troops with French/bourbon troops while fighting on the map. But if you do fancy the other one, forum-usre and now-intern-here-at-paradox-south Dave made a mod of this unit with the other set of coats of arms! Get it HERE.

Burgundy: I really like how the studed armor turned out on this one. When you bake Normal Maps, you never really know if what you want is what you're gonna get. With this one, I really think we nailed it. His spear is kinda cool too, based on a picture of a burgundian warrior, circa 1410.

Britanny: The coat-of-arms kinda remind me of the clubs from a deck of cards o_Ô I like the Bascinet helmet too.

Bourbon: Was a real pain finding good references of this unit to base the model on, since all I got while searching for Bourbon was liquor xD

Armagnac: And the same goes for this guy. Seem like almost every big 100-years-war country ended up as liquor of some sort.

Auvergne: I kinda like this guy's armor plates, we found some really cool references of an auvergne warrior with kneepads like these, so we had to add them. The bump effect really shines through well here I think : )

That's that for this round. If you guys appreciate stuff like this, I'll probably post more threads just like it of the other units packs! And if you have any questions about how we research stuff, how we model stuff, how we texture stuff, or just, you know, about whatever, then feel free to ask that in this here thread!


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I totally dig these units. My favorite is the French/Bourbon/Breton type. The helmet is adorable.
I really love the Burgundian armor too.

I can only hope that you can deliver more of this stuff in near future, both threads and units :)
My favorite is the glorious Britanny troops. Now I can make glorious card puns.
'Not today France, I have a.. Full house'
'Drats. Well, at least I have an..ace up my sleeve'
'Fantastic, now Britanny takes all of the pot.'

Also yeah, more threads like this would be amazing.
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Look really cool, love the French/Bourbon one and the Orleans one look sweet as well!

Now, where is our Teutonic Knights with Minas Tirith Citadel Guard helmets and CAPES? :p
French is my personal favorite -- which is too bad, since I never play as France, so I don't usually see them. Ah well.
I think we all agre that french and britton units are the mostest beautifuler, don't we ?
Can I really trust a frenchman to not be biased in this? ;P

you could have modelled them after those liqour bottles you know :D. I personally would have liked that :D

Great stuff
Haha, yeah, I actually used a Bourbon bottle, shaped like a knight, as a reference for a helmet!

Can we get some high res pictures of the units with transparent backgrounds? I could totally see some desktop background ideas out of this.
I could look into that yeah.

To all the rest: Thanks! Glad you all appreciate the work! We'll look into posting more stuff like ths in the near future : )
Personally I think that images like these should be putted in the store page of every DLC.
Is annoying when you can read only generic information without know what you buy actually.
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