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Oct 11, 2019
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Hello everyone! Currently, we can explore the universe, we will be happy to find The Omnicodex as a biological empire, but will be sad to get it, while we are machines. I don't really like that, when some mechanics are completely random and you can't do anything about it, so my idea is: What if we could trade our relics with other empires?
We could have a new option in the diplomacy "Relics Trade", which would open a menu where you can choose your relic and choose of the other empire's relic to exchange, another empire can either accept or decline that trade. You can also pick only one of your own relics and by doing that, gift your relic to the other empire, what would permanently increase your relations with that empire by 20 points.
Right now we are able to learn Dragonscale Armor or Dark Matter Shields by investigation of the enemy ship's remains. What if one empire assault and capture the last capital of another empire, they would automatically get all the relics of destroyed enemy. Because right now, they just disappear. What do you think about an option to trade Relics?


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