Reform programs breaking on reload xbox one

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Jun 25, 2021
I've been attempting the 10 inmates past general education and there is a problem. This requires 20 in game days at a minimum. So in a single session I might get through 4 days so 4/10 course progress. Upon saving and exiting the game. Cos, sleep, work, life etc. When I load the save back in to continue my program list is empty. Restarting the program resets progress back to 0/10.
Doesn't happen every time but does occur frequently. I have:
Purchased all dlc excluding the second chances dlc.
Moved all relevant installed content to the internal hdd.
Deleted console save data to resync from cloud.
Adjusted auto save frequency
Turned off auto save
Tried manual saving and saving with exit.
Manual saving and exit without saving.
Saving on alternating slots every game day
Saving sequentially 1,2,3,4 etc
None of the above worked to fix this problem.
This is infuriating and a waste of my time having to replay game days repeatedly in the hope it will save properly.

Holding the Y button to show supply and demand upon loading in will show supply bars empty. Despite them being higher on previous game exit.
The pause menu stats regarding reform, security, prisoners released, reoffending rate all reset to zero or equivalent.
The reform programs list is emptied (the bug)
Any stacked intake prisoners min/med/max 100/100/100 become 9/9/9.
Prison builds appear to be correct and up to date.
It appears that the save is missing some relevant data pertaining to at least the points I've raised.
Scanning the Internet ive found little on this problem since alot of folks play on pc. I have learnt at least 3 different money exploits that apparently still haven't been fixed. And someone somewhere mentioned that something close to this problem came with the going green update.

That is all the information I have.

If anyone has a similar experience or has any suggestions to resolve or minimise the issues described, please do so.

I like prison architect, I do not wish this to appear the wrong way but I am going to go now and play something that works properly.


Jun 25, 2021
Regarding the program reset, I was pulling my hair out over my death row appeals office getting reset to regular parole, and the other parole offices getting assigned the appeals program.

If your programs are getting rescheduled to the wrong places, this should fix your issue. You can go into the programs tab. Then the bottom left option (on pc at least) is Edit Shedule (going from memmory here, so words might be different). On this screen, the horizontal axis is the class or program location, and the vertical is the time slot. You can drag the programs around and "pin" them so they don't ever move. This should persist through save and reload. Now my death row appeals only happen in death row.