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The Grand God of Fried Eggs
Jul 1, 2006

A 1936 Sovjet AAR - With LM+'s Epsilon mod, difficulty Even/Normal - Normal


Magnitogorsk, 4. December 1935

The noise was nervewrecking, still Petr was as happy as he could be. It made him proud to watch at the stream as it was catapulted into the sky. People worked hard to bring the country forward, they worked the huge machines in the noise sweating and swearing. He was not a worker from the countryside yet he had contributed to the building of a better country by improving the planning and re-aranged several produtionhalls so that the workers could produce more in less time. He hadnt worked until his hands where bloody - yet he had still made sacrifices. He had now been working here in Magnitogorsk for 3 months, a place he would never have visited had it not been a part of his work. He missed home - Moscow, he hadnt been near Moscow for 3 years, 4 months....
- Comrade Engineer!
An old man - Stephan Formenko, one of the men that had been put under his command while he was working here, came down the dirtroad leading to one of the officebuildings, holding a sheet of paper in his hand.
Petr had to hide a smile as Stephan aproached, the outfit he was wearing just looked so wrong on this man, the large scarred hands, the white beard and the sturdy torso seemed to belong to a peasant, not a factoryworker, he should have been out harvesting not working marchines in some huge halls.
- What is it, Comrade?
- A letter for you from Moscow!.
- Moscow?.
Instead of answering Stephan quickly put the sheet of paper into Petrs hands, as if it was cursed. As Petr started to look at the sheet - noticing the all the formal writing and the signatures, Stephan moved a bit away, unsure about what to do, leave or wait until Petr told him what to do.

Central Planning Office, Moscow, 26. November 1935

To Engineer Petr A. Antipov

You are to finish your current work in Magnitogorsk as soon as possible and return to Moscow before the end of the year. Report to the Central Planning Agency upon arrival, you will be given further instructions there. Any of your minor tasks in Magnitogorsk are to be deligated to capable hands not involved in critical work - these orders are to be given first priority above all other matters.

We look forward to your return to Moscow.

Secretary of industry,
K. Vagoril

Orders signed and approved by:

L. Kaganovich
Minister of industrial planning (Priority A)

Petr starred at the name at the bottom of the sheet.
- Kaganovich??? What the hell! - Stephan have the others from my group meet me in the storage room near the archives!
Stephan looked surprised.
- Now?, but werent we supposed to meet in 2 hours anyway??
- Yes now! - It seems like we are going to have to finish this project a bit ahead of time.
Stephan sighed
- Oh dear, not again!
- Go!
Stephan turned around and ran up the dirtroad, while Petr looked up at the factorychimneys throwing up smoke - mixed feelings stirred inside his body - the thought of him returning to Moscow after all this time had passed, having to leave unfinished buisness and all because of this strange note. Would he get some other assignment in Moscow or would they just ship him off to the Caucasus or Karelia to start up some crucial factory there??.
- Hmm, guess ill find sooner or later....
Petr followed Stephan up the dirtroad and couldnt help noticing that Stephan threw up more snow than a tractor while he tried to run up to the officebuilding.
- Dammit, Stephan if you aren't a bit more carefull your gonna break a leg or have a heartattack!
Petr didnt yell it out loud, Stephan wouldn't listen anyway, Petr knew that, and somehow he knew he would miss the old fool when he had to leave.

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The Grand God of Fried Eggs
Jul 1, 2006

Orel Military District, 14. December 1935

He cursed himself for not bringing his gloves with him, any sane man would have thought about it, but he didn’t. His fingers where all stiff now, making it harder to hold the cigarette, let alone smoke it, which wasn’t very easy to begin with since the darned tobacco or whatever he was inhaling into his lungs kept falling out all the time. He would have started chewing tobacco instead hadn’t it been for Mischa’s protests - even if he cleaned his mouth with water afterwards, she said she could taste it when they kissed, so he had been forced to choose - Mischa or Machorka (The name of the tobacco issued by the military) - so now he was down to smoking the cigarettes when she wasn’t around. Georgii jumped up and down to keep warm, getting more and more irritated at the Colonel.
The door opened up and corporal Schjemkin’s head popped out.
- Lieutenant Asemkov?
The corporal grinned at him measuring his freezing corpse.
- Yes, What is it?, is the Colonel willing to let me in now or what?
The corporal grinned even more
- Naah, just checkin, Lieutenant.
- Quit the bullshit Schjemkin im not in the mood for your jokes. Do you at least know why he wanted to see me!?.
- It depends, Lieutenant.
Georgii sighed
- I haven't got any vodka left - you drank the last bottle I had left, remember!?
The corporal raised his hands in a defensive posture.
- Yes, yes, I know, comrade Lieutenant was very generous, but it was also part of a gambling debt if comrade Lieutenant would be so kind to remember...
- Get to the point, Schjemkin
- The Lieutenant can mail me a bottle.
Georgii looked irritated at Schjemkin
- What the hell are you talking about!?!?!
Before the corporal could answer an angry voice from inside the hut/office cried out.
Georgii threw the cigarette away and walked in. The door into the next room was half open.
The corporal worked into the colonel’s office.
- The comrade Colonel has always been very kind to me, especially last summer when I got hold of the 1200 boots the colonel wanted.
Georgii heard a grunt from inside the office and nearly laughed.
- True, but sometimes I wonder how the hell you managed to get those.
- Sometimes questions stand better alone without answers, by the way the comrade Lieutenant is here.
- Send him in - and for Gods sake throw some more firewood on the oven!
- Certainly, comrade Colonel.
Georgii stepped inside and was with a gesture granted a chair by the colonel.
- How are you doing Lieutenant?
- Very good Colonel, the regiment is finally gettin somewhere. In a month or two they will be fine soldiers.
- Ah, yes. The regiment. Actually I was thinking about more private matters, how is the wife coming along with your position here in Orel. You used to live near Saratov before you got transferred here, right?.
- Yes, comrade Colonel, but I was only stationed there for 2 years, before that I was at the local garrison just outside Moscow.
The colonel nodded.
- I know, but Orel isn't much compared to Moscow or Saratov is it?.
Now Georgii knew where this was heading and he didn’t like it.
- Well, for me it is more or less the same, I am a soldier and go where my country needs me and my wife follows me.
- Heh, if you say so Lieutenant. Another thing by the way..
- Yes, comrade Colonel?
- You went to the academy in Moscow for special education in 1929 and 1931/32?
- Yes, it was part of the class as commissioned lieutenant, some of us got the offer to attend these classes on a voluntary basis.
- A sort of bonus if I am not mistaken?.
- Yes, Colonel.
- I think your talents are wasted here to be honest. I mailed a letter to the academy in Moscow where I asked them to consider you for further education. In my opinion you are good material, well suited for a higher rank - given the right education naturally. A week ago the answer returned. They have been looking at your files and have granted your transfer if you accept it.
- Comrade Colonel, I.....
- Now I wouldn't impose a prompt answer on one of my officers but in this case I would like to hear a yes.
- I....
- Quit stuttering man and say yes, don’t be a fool, you don’t want to be stuck here for the next 5 years, besides if im not totally wrong you could end up with a higher rank than me in a couple of years. The army is short of good officers with a fresh brain, so do yourself and the army a favour and get your arse to Moscow, besides I think your wife wont reject the change of scenery.
- But, Comrade Colonel I would not know how to repay you!.
- Frankly speaking I really don’t give a shit, but if you insist, lets say you help me some other time if you can, agreed?
- Thank you, comrade Colonel!.
- Now get your behind out of my office and off to Moscow and tell that bloody corporal to bring something to eat on your way out.
Georgii smiled, couldn't believe his luck.
- Certainly Comrade Colonel!!
The old Colonel grunted and Georgii half marched, half ran out of the office.
The corporal grinned as Georgii passed him.
- Don’t forget the bottle comrade Lieutenant - STOLYCHNAYA, NOT THAT CHEAP SHIT!!!!
Georgii laughed and threw his hat at him.
- As soon as im in Moscow!

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The Grand God of Fried Eggs
Jul 1, 2006
wtf!?! two responses already!?!?! - i thought i could work a bit with it at this hour - edit and re-edit without anybody noticin.....well i guess someone is always awake - but welcome aboard folks, hope you like it, but have patience im still gonna write a few short ones to add a story to it before we go on to the techs and the military and stuff, okay? :cool: :cool: :cool:
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Missing my avatar
Aug 4, 2005
interesting start..


Surreptitious Son of Serendip
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May 28, 2004
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Go the motherland! <<subscribes>>

If this AAR is intended to rely on gameplay to drive your and reader interest, then I'm a little worried that you may find your war too easy. Yes, playing the Soviet Union is slightly harder in this mod, but not much more so for a human player. Best guess (and its not very good) is that normal is the equivalent of "almost-but-not-quite hard" in the base game.

On the other hand, if your AAR focuses on creative writing and character development, then ignore all the above and keep on writing like you're writing! :cool:


Feb 11, 2007
With an awesome factory like that one in the first picture, how could you ever lose a war? Orel almost looks like a nice countryside good for running around in. My image of Russia is a huge tundra of unbearable harshness. If I ever went to Russia I'd go in midsummer dressed eskimo style.


The Grand God of Fried Eggs
Jul 1, 2006

Moscow central train-station, 26. December 1935

Petr smiled as he looked through the train wagons window as the train stopped at the station, he had returned to the place where he had been born. When he got out, the first thing he noticed where the different people filling the place - Tadjiks, Turkmens, Ukrainians, Kubans, some of them still dressed in the local outfit fresh from the fields, others in regular clothes or even suits and briefcases, but still with that Soviet touch since they where manufactured in either Kazan, Leningrad or Kiev. Some of the people looked around the place as if they didn’t really know what to do, now that they had arrived here, others bought from little shops or women selling what they had made from their own garden and turned into sandwiches or simply put into two pieces of bread or turned into soup. Young boys earned a little by showing the new people the way to wherever they wanted or needed to go.
Petr couldn’t help to fell that Moscow had grown massively since he had last been here. While he was still thinking about that, standing idle at the train a little boy pulled at his leg.
- Comrade?
Petr looked down and looked into a maybe 9 or 10 year old boys face.
- Yes?
- Does the comrade need direction?
Petr smiled and was about to tell him that he was actually born here but then nodded - it wouldn’t hurt him to give him a bit of change and maybe the kid could show him what had changed in the city.
- I need to get something to eat, somewhere with tables and chairs, it has been a long trip so I would like to be able to rest a little while eating.
The kid looked like he had to think about that. He looked up and down Petr clothing as to figure out where he would want to eat.
- Something not too fancy but still nice?
Petr laughed.
- Sounds good, as long as the food is good and plentiful, if you find a good place I might pay for you too, you do look a bit skinny comrade
- Oh, I am fine comrade, but I won’t say no - follow me!
The kid started half running half walking and Petr walked fast to follow him.
- We will go to Vanija’s they have good food and okay vodka
- Okay, is it a long way?
- No, just two blocks from here.
While they walked Petr came to notice that a lot of trucks filled the streets and that the panjiewagons of the old days where gone for good - at least here in central Moscow, a couple of years ago there where still some left, blocking traffic.
Vanija’s wasn’t a real eating place, more a bar where people could eat bit quite a few did so the food couldn’t be that bad. The people inside where just as mixed as at the station but former farmers where scarce. A few younger officers, soldiers, clerks and wives sat at one end of the room while the workers mostly stood up and ate and drank.
The kid waved at a large man at the bar.
- Hey! - Vanija gimme a bowl of the usual menu and something to drink - the comrade with me is paying!.
Vanija nodded
- Okay Simjion but keep of your hands from the vodka or I’ll be hurling your skinny ass out again like last time!.
- I didn’t touch it, comrade bartender!
- But you where going to wasn’t you - comrade wise guy!?!?
The whole room laughed, some even cheered.
So Petr sat down and ordered the same as the kid when Vanija gave the kid his food.
- You want some vodka with that, comrade?
- Petr shook his head
- Just a half-bottle and some water with it.
- Still got work to do eh?
- That’s right.
As Vanija walked back to his bar a woman approached him from the side.
- Petr? - is that you!?
Petr looked up a bit surprised to say the least.
- Yes? - Petr felt the woman looked familiar but the clothing made her look strange - Sis!? - What the hell are you doing here!?!? - I thought you where in Orel!?
Mischa laughed.
- Well, likewise brother, last I heard of you was 6 or more months ago from…
- Perm
- Yes, I think that was the place, but you moved to some other place, my last letter got returned.
Petr threw out his arms in defence
- Ah, you know I’m not very good at writing letters!
- You could at least send a note so we know where you are for Gods sake!
- I know, but I couldn’t find the time!.
- Lame excuse, but anyway - good to have you back - GEORGII! - get over here it IS Petr!
One of the officers stood up and moved over to them. He took of his hat and grinned as he recognised Petr
- Holy shit, I thought I would never see your corpse again around these parts of the world - I thought that the vodka had gotten to Mischa’s head!
Mischa looked irritated at Georgii, but she couldn’t hide a little smile
- There, that’s what he thinks of me, he needs a beating or two, brother.
Petr shook his head and smiled.
- No thanks, its been more than a decade since I could beat him, now I would be the one getting a beating if I tried, and you know that Mischa!
- Maybe, but you need one too, I think.
Georgii laughed
- Why all the violence, are you on your period!?
Both men laughed and Mischa cursed.
- Your both 30 and still you behave like boys!
Georgii sat down besides Petr and Mischa followed suit
Petr looked at them both for a while - Mischa got a drink from Georgii and gave Petr a glass which Georgii filled
- Have you seen mother?
- We just arrived 2 days ago yourselves, but we made a short visit yesterday, not that she had much time herself, there is a lot of work to do at the library, especially with all the newspapers and documents. Sometimes she has to play teacher for all the new folks that don’t read so good, but still want to know some news. They now have an hour at the evening where she reads aloud the day’s paper to the people that meet up there.

- Yeah, that sounds like her alright.
They talked a bit more, but soon Petr had to tell them he had to go to the Central Planning Agency. They agreed to meet again at Vanija’s. Georgii and Mischa didn’t have room for visitors since they already lived 3 families in one apartment and Petr still didn’t know where he could sleep or if he would even stay in Moscow.

(Historical fact: 17 million peasants left the countryside to work in the towns during 1928-1937)

Petr paid the kid, although he had figured out by now that Petr was a Moscow-native he took the money, then Petr left Vanija’s and walked up the CPA, wondering what that would turn into.
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The Grand God of Fried Eggs
Jul 1, 2006
To the readers

Lifeless, nice to see you here, have a seat, want a glass of vodka?
Hello LM+ Worried about it being too easy? - DON’T, last time I played USSR I very nearly got my ass kicked - most of the time I was actually outnumbered and only managed to get some ground back during winter - and loose it next year plus a bit more - so I would not worry about that - I worry about if Georgii, Petr and Mischa will have to learn to speak German or build up a new home east of the Ural
Scaredpiglet: A factory isn’t gonna help if its producing shoes and I need rifles or bullets but we will see - your idea of Russia’s climate is perhaps a bit flawed - if you go to Stalingrad/Volgograd during summer in that outfit you will get a heart attack sooner or later….by the way - really enjoy your AAR
Marchalk Zjukov: Easy now!!!! Lets get to around 41 before we talk about that bit okay
BigBadWolf: I guess no. 3 answers that :cool:

I will write one more short one before getting to business - have patience :cool:
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intruder alert

First Lieutenant
Oct 14, 2006
Go Crazy Chicken, go go!

I'm usually too overwhelmed to play the SU. Lots of turf, lots and lots of units, so I'm curious to see how this will pan out for you.

With the Epsilon mod the "red snow" will probably be the blood of the ME109 pilots. Go Yaks!

Good Hunting.

(Mmmmm, vodka) :cool:
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The Grand God of Fried Eggs
Jul 1, 2006

CPA, Moscow - 26. December 1935

Secretary of industry Vagoril sighed over the workload, paper everywhere and no end to it.
- Now, that canal down at….Fergana, have they started the planning on that one yet?
A clerk pulled out a box with a huge load of papers from a shelf
- Fergana, ehhhh, Fergana…..

Vagoril looked a bit irritated and looked at the sheet of paper again
- 420 kilometres east of Tashkent!.
The clerk stopped searching for a second.
- Uzbekistan!?
- Where the hell did you think it was!?! - the moon!?
- Shi….sorry, wrong box, just a second, comrade.
The clerk took another box and pulled out another wagonload of paper sheets
- Here it is I think!.
- Well??
- Ehhh, just a second.
Vagoril sighed again.
- Come on man we haven’t got all day!
- Here! - No - it never went further than the first phase, comrade secretary.
- Any notes written down on the reasons for that?.
- Ehhh, not….that I …… can see here, comrade.
- Anyway we will have a look into that one and see if we can get things started down there - Do we have any working teams near the area?
- For planning and logistics?
- No, for deep sea diving - comrade!
- ……!!
- Find out!
The clerk took a couple of papers and left the room. Vagoril sat down in a chair and started to look at the mining project near Vladjkavkas, that should have been finished in may, but had run into major problems in march and still wasn’t anywhere near completion.
Vagoril sighed.
Just at that moment the clerk returned
- Comrade!?
- Yes?
- Comrade Engineer Antipov has arrived and is waiting - shall I send him in!?
- Yes, do that!
The clerk left again and moment later Petr entered the room
- Hello, comrade Antipov, I trust you had a pleasant trip?.
- Yes, comrade.
- Oh! - Vagoril laughed - Sorry, I am Vagoril, sit down, comrade
Petr sat down and quickly looked around the messy room.
- We have been watching your excellent work and thought that you might would consider a higher position here in CPA - to tell the truth comrade, we need more people here - we are literally drowning in work. The different team out there work very well, so well that we have to work overtime to keep them active. We have a lot of projects running for a build-up of production but these have to be planned from nothing, since we have more or less made production as effective as possible with our current tools.
- Basically building new core industries instead on relying on expansion of current sites?
Vagoril nodded.
- Exactly!
- I am not sure that my skills would do any good on that level, comrade.
The secretary smiled.
- Don’t worry I am.
- But…
- Now, listen, I know that it would be a major change to your work-routine but you are still young and you have very good experience with the actual fieldwork, you would be able to make the regular staff aware of problems, that we would not normally see and thus make the whole process more fluent.
- I still doubt it, but if you are willing to try it out…
- Good!, very good!. Meet me here tomorrow…
- Excuse me comrade secretary but I have just arrived to Moscow, my suitcase is in the hall and I don’t have anywhere to sleep, I would have to find a place first and….
Vagoril looked puzzled.
- Ehh, wait a second!
Vagoril walked out and started to speak to some clerk. Petr heard parts of the conversation but couldn’t make any sense out of it. A minute later Vagoril returned.
- The clerk will sign you in with the staff so you won’t have to run to the Workforce Department for clearance and there is an apartment free two blocks from here. You will be sharing it with….Vihikino….Vihil….someone from the staff currently on some assignment at the planned subway near the outskirts of Moscow, but I don’t remember the name at the moment, alright?.
- Yes, comrade - thank you!.
- Don’t mention it - now, here tomorrow at…shall we say eight?
- Very well Comrade.
- Good, have the clerk in the hall show you the place and give you a key
Vagoril returned to his chair behind the desk and took up some papers lying around. Petr left and got the stressed clerk to show him the apartment. When they arrived there the clerk gave him the key and ran back to the CPA.
- Wasn’t you suppose to show me where it is and what is mine?
The clerk turned for a second and yelled:
- It’s the room on the left! - The left! - The bathroom is up the end of the hall and the kitchen is on the right next to Vihilkon….
Petr couldn’t hear the last part - a truck full of pigs passed and seconds later when it as gone the clerk was too.
- Well, never mind ill just have to meet him in the morning I guess..
Petr walked into the apartment and found his new bed in his room. Seconds after his head hit the old leftover pillow, he fell asleep like a stone..

Next: the screenshoots and the other AAR hardcore stuff :D - tomorrow, its like 01.00 now sooo....and im not going to bed at 6 a clock in the morning like yesterday :p
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Jan 19, 2004
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A CrazyChicken-AAR indeed! :D

This is a must follow story and I will try to repay the initiated comments of yours. Good luck playing one of my favourite nations.


Tzar of all the Soviets
Jul 17, 2006
Good to see another one of those, and one which doesn't have people is Stalin's immediate circle in it. For some reason people always write those.


The Grand God of Fried Eggs
Jul 1, 2006

The Soviet Union 1936.

- Upper half of the poster :CCCP
- Lower half of the poster: USA, and yes i know the poster is from 1955, but still the mentality didnt change much from 36 to 55. :D

Now, I am afraid we must leave Petr, Georgii Mischa, the mysterious Vihilkon… and all the others for a couple of days. They are all very busy and our 3 friends will not have time to meet before the new year begins, so I think this is the right time to fill you in on some details on a grander scale - I hope you all agree….

A lot of players complain that the SU is a powerhouse, that although it is somewhat backward and slow moving in the beginning, it can easily steamroll any enemy that attacks it from 1939 and onwards - in this mod however, that is not the case - I can’t pull that one off - I am not one of those bright-minded folks that can turn countries like Peru, Tibet or Brazil (LM+ did a fine job there, I must say) into superpowers.

The SU in 1936 does not have any dissent at the start but gets a 15 percent hit a few days in - annoying, but a fact we will have to live with - for now. The current IC of the SU is at 0/176/166 (after the dissent hit). To downsize the current need for supplies by the large, but ineffective army, the average air force, and the modest and the sadly somewhat antique Navy - I have sold large amounts of the SU current production of raw materials - in this mod all nations get supplies for the surplus when a certain level is reached, but as I need all the industrial capacity I can pull out of civilian production lines NOW - It is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Currently I managed to get 40 supplies and 5 money from the greedy imperialist Americans for ( Classified information since I suck at trading and I don’t have the supplies to haggle with them - and frankly speaking some of you would say I’m giving it away…)

Current amount of spies in the SU: 63 - most of them working in the Kremlins kitchen I’m afraid….if that number continues to grow we will have to enlarge the Kremlin - we can’t have officials and officers standing out in the cold, because there isn’t room for them inside, can we?
A small note on that: I have slightly raised the chance of getting rid of spies, but the cost is still the same.

The current state of the military:
7. Regular Infantry Divisions ’18 (in the “original” mod the strength was limited to 70 - I found that strange so I “removed” that - it makes no sense to force these units to stay at 70 when I later have units of the same type at 100 - if hadn’t done that I would have sold them)
Those will be kept as reserve in Moscow while the reorganisation is taking place
5 Cavalry Divisions ‘18 - Will also be kept in reserve at Moscow
15 Motorized Divisions ’36 - will be formed into 5 corps and act as a mobile reserve at various fronts until I can produce more - then the role of those formations will change.
4 Light armoured Divisions - Reserve at Moscow
11 Mountaineer Divisions ’18 - 3 corps with 3 divisions - 2 divisions as reserve
1 Central HQ - Stavka in Moscow
93 Reserve Infantry Divisions ‘18 - border guards to be formed into 33 corps of 3 divisions each - at the current stage, being under maximum strength (as most of the above formations), and lacking heavy gear - these are about as effective as old men armed with sticks - or bricks - or - well, take your pick.

The Air force
12 Squadrons, 8 Tactical bombers (model 1930), 4 interceptors (also model 1930)
To be formed into 2 Tactical Groups and one Fighter Group

The Navy

3 Battleships
4 Fleet escorts
4 Cruisers
21 Submarines
1 Transport

There are also 2 Destroyer formations and one submarine formation under construction - these will for the time being serve as production buffer and added to the fleets after completion in a somewhat distant future
Due to the current needs of the SU this branch of the forces mainly consisting of outdated material will be downsized. Formations that will be sold to friendly nations after a change of name (outfazing due to new soviet standards):

Black sea Fleet:
Parishkaya Kommuna BB1
Chervonaya Ukraina CA 1
Pamiat Merkuriya CA 1
11. Flotiliya Podlodok SS1
24. Flotiliya Podlodok SS1
25. Flotiliya Podlodok SS1

Baltic Fleet:
21. Flotiliya Podlodok SS1
22. Flotiliya Podlodok SS1
23. Flotiliya Podlodok SS1

Arctic Fleet:
18. Flotiliya Podlodok SS1
19. Flotiliya Podlodok SS1
20. Flotiliya Podlodok SS1

Pacific Fleet:
17. Flotiliya Podlodok SS1

Industrial projects:

Nizhnij Tagil (5) (End date June 26. 1940)
Orsk (5)
Aktyubinsk (5)
Guriev (5)
Uralsk (5)
Novouzensk (5)
Chelkar (5)
Petropavlovsk (5)
Ekibastuz (5)
Pavlodar (5)
Tomsk (5)
Semipalatinsk (5)
Omsk (4) (End date August 3. 1939)
Tyumen (4)
Kurgan (4)
Chkalov (4)
Molotov (3) (End date September 10. 1938)
Barnaul (3)
Chelyabinsk (3)
Kiev (3)
Moscow (2) (End date October 18. 1937)
Leningrad (1) (End date November 25. 1936)

Current Research - notice that the picture was taken before the 15 percent dissent hit if anybody thinks the IC amount I mentioned is wrong:

The cabinet without any changes for now but changed hawk to +1 (later I will guarantee the independence of countries that will be involved in war to improve my readiness somewhat) - a necessary measure if I am to survive the fascist hordes later although gamey, I know…yes! Yes! - I KNOW!

The starting situation before I ordered the build-up of industry and made the trade with the USA for supplies - notice that I had 200 industry (now I have 176 dammit - just a bit more than Germany!).

I think that more or less the end of this tour - since my military is reorganising it makes no sense to tell where they are really - and a change of overall strategy will be mentioned when they occur - If you want to know more starting info feel free to mention it and I will add it within reasonable limits…

To the readers:

Intruder alert: I like the SU for the reasons you just mentioned: its vast, its backward, its (excuse my bad French) a shit-load of work and brain-gymnastics - HAR HA!
I am not gonna analyse the blood when time comes - I am just gonna say it IS German blood - agreed?
- Thanks - I am loading the rifle as we speak - know where are the nails?….

Razor - Nice to see you around - how is Sweden doing? - I see, a fellow SU-player, nice - and thank you for your interest I hope you enjoy it.

RGB - I think that it is highly unlikely that we will ever meet “Him” or the people around “Him” - you know who I’m talking about right? - but we might bump into folks like Kulik or Kaganovich once or twice if you don’t mind.

BigBadWolf: - Don’t we all? - to tell you the truth - I didn’t, he works with that kind of stuff, he should know his way around all the paperwork or get the CPA the find him a more suitable occupation - but I understand what you are saying - it was meant to be that way….

Now, let us return to our friends - shall we?
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Jul 1, 2006

Vanija’s bar, 3. January 1936

Petr, Georgii and Mischa have found each other again in Vanija’s bar and have just sat down. Georgii catches Vanija’s attention and orders a bottle of vodka.
- Tell him to bring some water too, I don’t want to turn up for work tomorrow with a headache.
Georgii laughs, Mischa doesn’t she seems to agree with her brother - as expected.
- Oh, come on. Let’s have a couple of hours off, now that we finally have the chance!.
- Okay, okay.
Mischa makes a gesture to Vanija who has just arrive with the vodka - a minute later while the conversation is up and going a bottle of water turns up at the table - Georgii doesn’t seem to notice.
- So, brother - did you find a place to stay?
- Ehhh, yeah - the CPA found an apartment for me the same night.
Mischa looks at Petr a bit confused
- It sounds as if that was bad!? - or am I mistaken?
- Oh, no that was fine - I guess - a couple of blocks from here near the CPA, one of the old buildings from the middle of the last century that got renovated in the mid 20‘
- Then I don‘t understand why you say it like that - We live in one of the new industrial housing area’s together with 3 other families!.
Georgii hit Petr on the shoulder
- Come on Comrade - tell us - what’s wrong with the place!?
- Nothing really it is a nice place - I just got a - little surprise when I got up the next day - the guy I was suppose to share the place with - also employed at the CPA at some level - Vihilkon - something, turned out to be Vihilkonova…
Georgii laughed
- Well then I get it! - Nice one!
- A girl? - What’s wrong with that, Petr!?
- Nothing - but I sort of walked out in the kitchen in nothing but underwear the next morning still half asleep - and the first thing my eyes see, is some woman making tea - also in underwear - no-one had told her I had moved in!
Georgii and Mischa laughed out loud - and Petr looked irritated at them both.
- Yes, you find that funny eh? - Very funny! - Very funny! - I wouldn’t consider that a good way to start sharing an apartment!.
Georgii tried to say something but the laughter wasn’t easy to suppress.
- So she didn’t look at it from the funny side!?
- …Not really - No. - I guess she looked at my underwear - the old rags I have been carrying with me for the last 3 years and didn’t really think about replacing…
Georgii smiled
- What did she look like!?
- Well, since that first encounter she hasn’t been smiling at me so I couldn’t tell you if she would look better with a smile on her face, but apart from that she looked pretty much like every other young woman would look like.
- Russian? - Mischa asked
- I guess - she pretty much used the same curse-words most people around here use - and we haven’t spoken that much since.
- Have you tried putting vodka in her tea?
- Very funny Georgii!
- What is she working with?, Mischa asked
- Think she is helping with the building of the subway - It is to be finished next year. They are even using the local regiments to help with the construction.

Georgii nodded - Yeah, they still have a lot of work to do if they want that finished by next year - Maybe I should volunteer for a couple of days and see if I can get a look at who you are sharing your apartment with…..should be pretty easy to spot a woman in underwear, don’t you think!?
Mischa tried to stay serious but couldn’t keep a smile of her face - Don’t get any smart ideas Georgii or you might just come to regret it!
Petr downed a glass
- You are very funny today, Georgii! - Now that we have made fun of my situation - how about you tell us what you have been doing!?
- Okay, okay - No hard feelings?
- Forget it
- Okay.
Georgii downed his glass and signalled Petr to fill it up again.
- Yesterday at the academy it was announced that Timoshenko was going to speak in a couple of days about the armed forces and a future reorganisation.
- And? - What’s so special about that?
- There are rumours that Kulik rejected this plan - especially the part about building up independent corps mainly consisting of tanks and other armoured vehicles - at the moment the more or less act as support for the rest of the army, but Timoshenko thinks we need to modernize and change our view of how a war is fought - When Kulik rejected the idea openly Timoshenko got backing from higher authority and Kulik had to stand down. Anyway - we will not be fighting the next war like the polish war - times have changed and we have to change too if we are to survive.
- But haven’t we got the largest army in the world? - Mischa asked
- Sure but we also have many powerful enemies. But anyway at the academy I have a chance to learn the new tactics and try out the new gear that’s finally turning up now - if I can manage I’ll try and volunteer for the new Testing-Units.
- Isn’t that dangerous!? - Mischa asked
Georgii shook his head
- We test the stuff, we don’t try to blow each other up, Mischa!
- I was just asking, Georgii!
- Enough about that, you two - How is mother?
- She heard you where back, but she hasn’t got your address so she expects you to visit her soon - Why haven’t you already, brother!?
Petr sighed.
- Well….
- You had to work, I know.
- I will soon, but right now we are very busy, Mischa.

They continue to talk for several hours about different things, everything is changing and everybody tries to manage to the best of their abilities. What will the future bring for our friends?.

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