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Mar 6, 2009
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Totaly Random Productions proudly presents


Last chancellor: Great_Chairman of the Prussian Conservative Party
Last ruling coalition: Imperial-Center (PCP/LCP/NUP/DNVP)

AAR completed

Currently: Closed

Announcement of the hosts - Read this post before playing!

What is Realpolitik?

Realpolitik is a concept thought up by the team at Totally Random Productions, inspired by AARs made by Stormbringer, Kovan09, Hannibal Barca and many others, aiming to break free from the current system of Author-Reader that has existed until now. Basically, Realpolitik is the first experiment in what we hope to become a new genre of AAR.

The basic premise of this AAR is a 1936 Kaiserreich start on Normal/Furious with Germany. Updates will be written by us in a newspaper-like fashion (pure narrative, no story), and all will revolve around the coming Reichstag elections in 1936. All readers will then be encouraged to form their own political parties with other players, choose ideologies, and respond accordingly on issues put forward by us. Then during election a ruling party will be chosen by voting of all readers. Parties are also allowed to form coalitions to come in control. To keep things simple, ruling parties use a sort of triumvirate system: ruling parties will have to appoint a President (Head of state and main diplomat) supported by an Army Affairs Minister (controls all military assets and conduct of war) and Internal Minister (Production, technology). The president –advised by his party members- then dictates how policy should be formed, while trying to appease both the public and the opposition. Be warned that leading a country is no easy task, and the inept president may soon find his people to demand re-elections, or even have his country sink into the throes of revolution...[/CENTER]​
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Mar 6, 2009
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Listed below are all the game-narrative updates of the AAR, excluding the political debates inbetween updates. They are in chronological order, oldest top. Actual game updates are bolded.

Upcoming elections, new years' celebrations - Political overview of the world

Issues facing the administration in the March 1936 elections - Important points of the campaign of the 1936 elections

Overview January-March 1936 - Overview of the election campaigns and important events outside of our borders

Rules and info for the 1936 elections - Important info

Results of the March 1936 elections- Great_Chairman is elected Chancellor of the Kaiserreich

First adress of Chancellor Great_Chairman - The syndicalists, new government and economic crisis

State of the Economy - Minister of Economy Stormbringer reports on the economic crisis

Issues facing the new administration - issues facing the administration after the 1936 elections

New Deal economic plan - Minister of Economy Stormbringer puts forward an economic 'new deal' for the crisis

NrmK's foreign policy Adress - The minister of Foreign Affairs lays out the new cabinet's foreign intents

Announcement of the Interior - C_C adresses universal suffrage and the educational system reforms

The Muller Plan - The new government declares it's intents to begin decolonisation

Red Storm Rising - The Syndicalist world revolution begins, Goering denies the order of the Chancellor and declares independence

Issues facing the administration - The secession of Mittelafrika, the Syndicalist world revolution and possible allies...

Current government structure - The structure of the Kaiserreich government, explained by Milites

Actions of the Internal - Minister of Internal Affairs declares restrictions on all leftist opposition parties after the Red Storm

Speech of the Opposition - Leader of the Socialdemocratic GLM ,CCA makes a speech against the government following their bans on leftist partie

Ministry of Foreign Affairs announcements - Minister of Foreign Affairs Nmrk lays out a plan for the Kaiserreich to find allies against the syndicalist threat.

Top Secret - Orders to the Abwehr secret police from the Vice-Chancellor himself

Adress of the Vice-Chancellor - Adressing the ban on leftist parties

Adress of the Chancellor - Adressing the government's stance on democracy, resolve to ward off syndicalism and the issues facing the cabinet

New friends, new problems, new enemies - Crisis in the ME, our alliance expands

Issues facing the administration - Issues facing the Cabinet following the events of May, June and July

Goering's trial begins - TRP explains how the Trial minigame will take place.

The Democratic Movement - Delex forms an opposition movement against what he believes to be an authoritarian conduct of the current government.

Opposition Defence of Goering - Opposition member Avatar Federal stands to the Reichstag to defend Goering in his trial and oppose the Muller plan for decolonisation

Adress of the Vice-Chancellor #2 - FlyingDutchie adresses the Muller Plan and recent opposition

Die Realpolitik Zeit issue #1 - An interview with Reichskansler Great_Chairman

Economic overview of the Eastern allies - Minister of Economy Stormbringer reports on the economical situation in Eastern-Europe

African Revival, troubles abroad - New allies join the Alliance, Africa awakens, Syndicalist Crisis hits Austria

Organisation for Economic co-operation - Minister of Economy Stormbringer announces the signing of the OFECO-Treaty

The end - TRP ends Realpolitik due to lack of free time. Thank you for playing!

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Mar 6, 2009
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Below is a list of all current existing parties and their ideological declarations.

! To learn more about a party, click the hyperlinks embedded in their names and it will take you to their party declarations in this thread, used by the party leaders to spread news and comment on ongoing situations !

National Populists

Deutsche Reichspartei (DRP)
"Es ist das Schicksal von Deutschland in die Welt zu beherrschen."


Formed in 1937, The Deutsche Reichspartei represents the ideas and values of a strong group of Pan-Germanists and national populists. They are a pro-militaristic, jingoist party that is strongly opposed to the current government and it's liberal decolonisation plans. Although young, the autocratic party is growing at amazing speed and will be a force to be reckoned with in the next elections.


Prussian Conservative Party (PCP) -Currently ruling-
"Pro gloria e patria"


Led by Admiral Yamatamoto​

Founded in 1892, the PCP sees itself as the one and only upholder of Prussian virtues. It believes in the military power of the German Empire and the reforms put in place by Otto von Bismarck during his reign as the "Iron Chancellor" of Germany. The PCP accused the Emperor of abandoning the old wisdoms of Bismarck prior to the Weltkrieg.
The voters of the PCP are typically members of the armed forces of the German Empire, the aristocracy and upper middle class.



Deutschnationale Volkspartei / German National People's Party (DNVP) -Currently ruling-
"Back to greatness"


led by Yourworstnightmare​

The DNVP is a strongly nationalistic Authoritarian-democrat party that believes in rebuilding ties with the Austrian Empire, restoring the power of the Kaiser and ultimately making Germany a dominant power in the world. It is a populistic party with a strong base among the lower-echelon military, and is believed to become of the most promising enemies of the left in the next elections.



National Unity Party (NUP) -Currently ruling-
"A united Germany is a strong Germany!"


The NUP is a young, radical centrist party, hoping to gap the bridge between the left and the right, with the sole purpose of creating a Greater Germany. Aside from that, they are advocated of a Greater German Empire, and reunion with the Austro-Hungarian Germans and Switzerland.



Liberal Center Party (LCP) -Currently ruling-
"For liberty, unity and democracy!"


Led by FlyingDutchie​

The LCP is one of the most powerfull parties of the Democratic-Center, the product of a merge between three parties at different sides of the ideological spectrum. They believe ideological bickering can only weaken Germany, and feel the Reichstag should form a Grand Coalition government aimed at strengthening the German Empire.

Libertarian Reichspartei (LRP)
"Germany above all!"


Led by Hannibal X​

The Libertarian Reichspartei, founded in 1937, is a pragmatic, German-centered and moderate Center party. They are supporters of the monarchy, as long as it does not interfere with the workings of the Reichstag, and believe powers should be taken away from the nobility in favour of a continuation of Bismarck's social reforms. On the world stage, they are highly jingo and believe all territories with German minority are rightfull provinces of the Kaiserreich, and advocate a war of conquest on Switzerland and the annexation of Austria



German Labour Movement (GLM)
"Equality, Unity, Freedom"


Led by CCA​

The GLM is one of the youngest party to enter Reichstag elections. Founded in 1936, the party hangs somewhere between the revolutionary left of socialism, syndicalism and centre-democracy. Attempting to compromise and form a unified Leftist front, the GLM attracts both Syndicalists, liberals and socialists from all over the Empire. They are known to be a dovish compromising party attempting to demine the oncoming conflicts in Europe, and safeguard peace.



The Anarcho-Bolshevik National Liberation Front (ABNB)
"Join the revolution!"


Led by HMAS-Nameless​

The ABNB considers itself the only remaining stronghold of 'true' leftism in Germany. They are notorious enemies of the Monarchy and desire to establish the Greater Anarcho-Socialist Union, uniting entire Europe under the red banner of freedom, equality and brotherhood. Currently, they are the single strongest leftist party and strongly influence the policies of the Leftist parties throughout entire Germany. It is also rumoured that they receive secret funding and aid from the Syndicalist governments to the West.


"Ein Welt unter sozialismus!"


Led by Syriana​

In 1925, the German People’s Front and the People’s Front of Germany came together in a glorious coalition against the forces of FASCISM and CAPITALISM. Germany was victorious at the end of the Weltkrieg, yet it was the INDUSTRIALIST GERMAN BOURGEOSIE – those who were responsible for the entire conflict – which thrived in the aftermath, while the brave and blonde workers and peasants who fought for their country were thrown back into the black abyss of institutionalised poverty.

The United German Socialist Alliance seeks to redress centuries of disenfranchisement and inequalities of wealth by leading the German people out of the shadow of their avaricious taskmasters and into the light of the GLORIOUS SOCIALIST SUN. We are armed with the will of the German people – INVULNERABLE to the bullets of the Kaiser’s henchmen, UNWAVERING in the face of capitalist bribes and UNRELENTING in its march towards a better tomorrow.
And when we have routed out the INSIDIOUS TRIUMVIRATE of FASCISM, CAPITALISM AND MONARCHISM from our German Fatherland, we shall turn our attention outwards and labour to achieve our glorious goal of a NEW WORLD ORDER, based on the Socialist tenets of TRUTH, JUSTICE AND SUPREME EQUITY.




The Iron Fist Velvet Glove Workers' Social National Glory Party (IFVGWSNGP)

"Prepare for GLORY!"


led by Alexus​

"The Iron Fist Party, founded in 1929, pledges to ensure the GLORY of Germany above all. Our workers are underpaid, our soldiers are undermanned, our middle classes threatened by INTERNATIONAL BOLSHEVISM! But the Iron Fist, armed with FAITH and UNITY and GLORY, shall right every wrong in German society and bring Germany to EVEN GREATER PROMINENCE on the world stage! With the Kaiser at our head and the German Volk at our feet and the Industrialists at our belly region and the Army around nipple height, we shall STRIKE FEAR INTO ALL ENEMIES WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY PUTTING IN PLACE A REACTIONARY-PROGRESSIVE SCHEME OF CONSERVATIVE-RADICAL SOCIAL REFORM WHICH WILL SOLVE EVERYTHING FOREVER."


National Climate Radikalen Partei (NCRP)

"Attack is the best defence!"


led by Hax​

The National-Climate Radicals are mostly known for their continued opposition against what they see as 'evil corporate pollution conservative communazi entreprises of DOOM!'. Aside from that, the NCRP pushes for a radical conservative-liberal agenade with a heavy emphasis on nationalism and militarism.

The NCRP is also allied to the IFVGWSNGP in what is called 'The coalition of DOOM!', or, as they call it 'the coalition of GLORY!'. Both parties are strongly on the rise within the Weltkrieg, and it is still to be seen what they can accomplish.


Dissolved parties
This is a list of parties who have either merged with other, or who have been completely assimilated by their lack of supporters:

The Reichsfront
"Gott mitt uns!"
Assimilated by the Prussian Conservative Party

Weltreich (WT)
"Bessere Lebensbedingungen durch Wissenschaft"
Merged into the Liberal Center Party

Fortschriftliche Volkspartei / Progressive People's Party (FVP)
"Bauschteine der Deutsche demokratie"
Merged into the Liberal Center Party

political spectrum
Here we have the political spectrum of the 1936 Kaiserreich universe, with the current parties filled in, to let you get a better feel of the parties positions.
This list has been created by Asalto.

Bolshevik: The Anarcho-Bolshevik National Liberation Movement (ABNB)
Radical Socialist: United German Socialist Alliance (UGSA)
Social Democrat: German Labour Movement (GLM)
Social Liberal:
Market Liberal: Liberal Central Party (LCP)
Social Conservative: National Unity Party (NUP)
Authoritarian Democrat: Prussian Conservative Party (PCP)
Paternal Autocrat: Deutschnationale Volkspartei / German National People's Party (DNVP)
National Populist: The Iron Fist Velvet Glove Workers' Social National Glory Party (IFVGWSNGP), National Climate Radikalen Partei (NCRP), Deutsches Reichspartei (DRP)​
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Mar 6, 2009
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- We as hosts reserve the right to veto any action any player wishes to undertake: To consolidate the stability of the AAR, to stop interference with the normal functioning of the thread or simply because we feel like it ;)

- Rule 1 of Realpolitik: Democracy is absolute. Even when the nazi's or communists are elected into office, they will still have to answer to the opposition and face elections every two years

- Any member is free to establish or join a political party of his choice. A member can only be member of one party at a time, although he is free to switch allegiance whenever he sees fit.

- Keep the roleplaying to a minimum - Given the short length of this AAR we are going to ask everyone to refrain from inventing characters and to use their own nicknames at all times when playing. This is to avoid confusion.

- Every two ingame years an election shall be held, the first election will be held in March 1936, or in real life, the election will begin when we return from Germany ;). The week in between will be granted to all parties to organize, unite and campaign to get as many people as they can to vote. Note that everyone registered on the Pdox forums is eligible to vote

- Parties are allowed to form coalitions. At the end of an election, all votes are tallied and the party or coalition with the largest % of votes wins the election

- The parties that did not win will be sent to opposition, where they can comment on the policy of the leading faction. We will monitor opposition closely, and the leading player has to understand that failing to appease the public will lead to us penalizing Germany ingame (dissent, economic shortages). It is therefore very important to listen to the public, who can demand re-elections as well

- The winning party or coalition will come into office the ingame update after the elections. They will have to put forward three leading figures for the government: A President of the Republic, Army Affairs Minister and Internal Affairs Minister. These three people, backed up by their party members, will be responsible for making decisions ingame. We will PM the President personally before each play session, where he has to dictate us the course Germany takes

- Every reader (including players) has two votes in the election. Putting in two votes for a single party is not allowed. However, if parties want to play it smart they'll seek coalition with a like-minded party so players can put two votes into their front

- It is strictly forbidden to campaign outside of the Realpolitik thread (spamming up other threads): This is unacceptable behaviour that will risk getting you banned and is in clear violation of both the forum rules and Realpolitik rules. All parties found doing this will not ongly be punished by the moderator, but will face being excluded from voting

- The hosts (Totally Random Productions) retain full right to ban any party that has violated these rules. Spamming parties, parties inciting hate or parties that are found obtrusive for the normal functioning of this thread will be banned from the elections indefinitely.

- Please refrain from PMing us for every Realpolitik-related issue. Our PM box has a limit of thirty, and you have exceeded this three times over the past two days :)o), meaning a lot of your PM's never arrived. Alternatives are using our profile visitor comments, or simple commenting in the thread.

- The party limit has now officially been reached, meaning we will not accept another party in Realpolitik for the time being. If you do intend on creating your own party please contact us first through PM. Considering joining the existing parties instead of forming new ones, and trying to gain significant influence within them may net you more profit in the future

- By voting, joining a party or performing any other form of interaction with this AAR, you declare that you have read and understood these rules to the letter. We don't want to be jerks guys, so keep it clean!


Post made by TRP 19/12 concerning the latest developments in Realpolitik - Please read!
Basic election rules and info - Applies to all elections
String-pulls - Rules on the minigame for the opposition to play when not in office.
Centralisation edict - TRP asks the players to bring more discussions into the thread instead of to the usergroups, for organisational purposes
Spam-policy and Periodical AAR - Important changes of Realpolitiks policy on spam, and the introduction of the Periodical System.

Thank you, and have fun!
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The players in RPK are making up new terms to support their campaigns at the speed of sound. For new readers, this might become a bit confusing. Hence we created this dictionary to explain some of the most frequent terms and abbreviations


- PCP: The PCP, Prussian Conservative Party is one of the largest parties in Realpolitik. They are pro-kaiser, jingoistic and aim for expansion of Mitteleuropa and the German Empire

- DNVP: The DNVP, Deutschnationale Volkspartei (or German National People's Party) is an Authoritarian-Democratic party

- TCP: The TCP, or True Center Party, is a centrist democratic party aiming to unite all democratic parties in a single front against militarism

- FVP: The Fortschriftliche Volkspartei, or FVP, is a liberal-democratic party

- GLM: The German Labour Movement, or GLM, is a social/syndicaldemocratic leftist party, aiming to unite the workers of Germany in a strong left democracy. They are highly dovish.

- ABNB: The Anarcho-Bolshevik Liberation Movement is a radical-left party strongly opposed to the rightist autocracies and the Alexists.

Common terms

- Triumvirate: A 'triumvirate' is a term used for the three leading persons in a party or government. Following with the rules of Realpolitik, every party or coalition winning the elections will have to appoint a German Chancellor, Army Affairs Minister and Internal Affairs Minister. These three people will be the most important dictators of policy during the leading party's term, the right and left hand of the president, so to say. The term 'Party Triumvirates' is usually used to point out the favored candidates in a party for becoming the leading Triumvirate if a party where to win an election

- National Gloryists, Haxists, Alexists, Radicals: All are commonly used terms for the humouristic highly radical parties that dominate the right-wing of Realpolitik. Commonly called Alexists in humorous reference to their leader, Alexus, a known writer of humor AARs which has chosen to export his hyperkinetic style to Realpolitik.

- Coalition: A coalition is a system where two or more parties 'form and alliance', so to speak, to forge a unified front for elections. This is a highly effective method in Realpolitik, mostly because of the two-votes rule: Since every reader has two votes, party members of party A can use their second vote on coalition party B, and vice versa, meaning that coalitions are much stronger than separate parties. The downside hereof is that coalition parties are forced to come out with a compromise regarding their policies, and coalitions are prone to breaking in times of distress.

- TRP: TRP is an abbreviate for Totally Random Productions, a production house erected by the Belgians Laurence and Vincent. They share a single profile under the name TRP, and are known for their over-the-top experimental projects in HOI2 AARland, Realpolitik and The Great Game, to name a few. Aside from that, they also author the ongoing AARs The Channel Pact and Raise the Crimson Banner.
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Prussian Conservative Party

"Pro Gloria et Patria"
Founded in 1892, the PCP sees itself as the one and only upholder of Prussian virtues.
It t believes in the military power of the German Empire and the reforms put in place by Otto von Bismarck during his reign as the "Iron Chancellor" of Germany.

The PCP accused the Emperor of abandoning the old wisdoms of Bismarck prior to the war.
However, after the breakout of the World War the PCP threw it's full support behind the Emperor.

The voters of the PCP are typically members of the armed forces of the German Empire, the aristocracy and upper middle class.

It is currently headed by August Ernst von Thorn, a retired Field Marshal who gained glory duing the World War.

**************Excerpt of a speech given by von Thorn in 1935**************

People of the German Empire,

We're staying here today, on the brink of the very civil war that we all sought to prevent!

Socialistic militias are trampling on the very foundation that made our glorious Empire strong and prosperous. They're accusing the German Empire to be unjust and unfair to those who weren't born in a high position.

How dare they call our fatherland unjust and unfair while exactly those are the people who are killing and murdering those opposing them?

The Prussian Conservative Party, the real party of Bismarck, will fight those socialistic murderers tooth and nail in order to prevent them from taking over the country and leading it into the abyss.

It is vital for the future of the great German Empire that all the honest and true patriots unite to face this threat. The largest one since the Great War which had been won due to the very same virtues that those socialistic monsters are calling now "unfair" and "unjust".

Stand with us for a strong Germany!

*********************The Party's Program***************************

Foreign Policy:
1. Strengthening the German Armed forces in order to prevent the Syndicalists from
taking over Europe
2. Preventing the Japanese Empire to further expand it's borders
3. Strengthening of Democratic Conservative Movements throughout the whole world
in order to build a brighter future for Conservative Democracy

Social Policy:
1. Crackdown on Socialistic Militias who are murdering innocent people and are
threatening the peace within the German Empire
2. Enlarging the Bismarck Social Reforms

Economic Policy:

1. Lower taxes on all income classes
2. Strengthening of middle class industries

The PCP's program for 1936 elections



Nivek Beldo






mad general



******************Join the Party now*******************************

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The Liberal Center Party

For Liberty, Unity and Democracy!!!


People, Germans, countrymen,

for too long has our country been torn between the struggles of left and right, for too long have political games been placed above the needs of the German people. No more, we say!

We, the Liberal Center Party believe that Germany is worth more than that. We propose coöperation instead of political infighting. We wish for a pragmatic stance to take the place of ideological struggle. We wish for a Germany where people face the struggles of every day life together!

Therefore we ask all Germans tired with the militarists infringing freedom, communists obstructing true reform, and ultranationalists spoiling your appetite to join us, to build a better, stronger and free Germany!!!


Proud members of the LCP:

FlyingDutchie - Founder of the True Center Party

Zauberfloete - Founder of the Fortschrittige Volkspartei

OAM - Founder of Weltreich





Arya V.




Von Landorf


Our programme

Economy: the economy is currently being dominated by large conglomerates, strangling the small, innovative businesses. We propose anti-trust laws, opening up the market for fair competition. We favour the free market over a planned economy like the syndicalist would have it, but we state that the government has a task in keeping competition honest and preventing abuse. We also strive to remove the tariffs strangling our trade. A free market is in the best interest of Germany.
We wish to stress the importance of an modern industry too, centered around innovation and industrialisation.

Military: the LCP proposes a moderately sized army, a very modern and highly modernized one to prevent the bloodshed of the Weltkrieg. We are no bloodmad expantionists, but we believe that democracy and liberty are worth fighting for. Germany is a beacon of freedom and democracy in a world dominated by syndicalist and reactionary states.
We also need a navy capable of defending the sealines vital for German trade and able to defend our interests worldwide. We propose a moderately sized Carrier-based fleet for that important task.
Further we like to stress the need for coöperation between all branches of the armed forces and the Clausewitzian primate of politic over the military.

Foreign affairs: all democracies are our potential allies and we will try to support them where we can. We hope on day to be able to liberate France and Britain from the horrors of syndicalism. Mitteleuropa gives us the chance to spread democracy, although we are worried with the state of affairs in our Easterm-European allies. Let it be known that diplomacy will always have a preference above warmongering. If the syndicalist states wish to peacefully negotiate, all the better. Just let them know that Germany will not start a war, but it WILL end a war...
A pre-emptive strike will only take place to save a friendly and democratic government from revolution, whether syndicalist or reactionary.
We wish to promote goodwill and friendship with all democratic states in the world. Trade has long been a good way to increase relations between nations.
However, we wish to make clear that we believe that Democracy is worth fighting for.

Suffrage: only criminals, mentally insane and women are not allowed to vote. We think this unfair to our mothers, sisters and wives. We believe in Universal Suffrage.

Colonies: The colonies have mostly been a waste of German time and money.We see the colonies as areas that should be prepared for self-government. All men are created equal, we simply cannot surpress men for the sake of the colour of their skin!
We propose to invest in local education and to start giving local governments more influence to prepare for eventual full independance.

Social affairs: the labourers are the lifeblood of our industry, yet some of them struggle to feed their families. We believe in a fair deal towards the working class. A reasonable minimum wage should be implemented so that everyone will get an honest reward for his or her work. We do not believe in giving people handouts, believing that every man is capable of earning a living. We do believe in a safety net to prevent people falling into poverty. The Bismarckian social programs should be reinforced for this reason.
We also feel that it is better to teach a man how to fish that to just give him a fish. Therefore the government will provide for education and training so people can escape poverty themselves. We believe that social programs that only reduce poverty are not enough and advocate for programs and policies to increase social mobility across classes.

Education: All Germans should be able to furfill their full potential, lack of money may not be the reason why bright but poor Germans cannot follow an education. The government must invest in these bright young minds, for the sake of all our futures.


The Liberal Center Party is a new but ambitious party, founded to defend Democracy, Liberal Values and Freedom in a time where German values is under siege by the far left and right alike.

Join us in our fight to save Germany from being torn apart!

Join us now!!!
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@TRP/Vesimir, whoever is leading the Reichsfront, can I become a party member/advisor/politician of your political party?:rolleyes: that would be great, forward to a greater Reich!



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This is a test post from now on! We use it to format our updates into forumcode​

New friends, new problems, new enemies

Gentlemen, welcome to the Reichstag. Due to the crisis nature of the world we currently live in I will cut my usual introduction and get straight to an update of the situation.

Following the Syndicalist World Revolution, the government announced their plans to form a strong coalition against the leftist ideologies that threaten us. The results of our diplomatic actions just came in, and I have some good and some bad news. But I'll get to that in a minute. First a production and technology overview.


In line with the new construction plans of the government, focus has shifted to military productions in order to deal with the threat of syndicalism at our borders. Technology-wise, we have completed research into Agricultural production and have now shifted to research of the new Blitzkrieg doctrines, moving away from our old mass warfare theory.

A report on the actions of our secret espionage force the Abwehr. By direct orders of the leader of the Abwehr; Vice-Chancellor FlyingDutchie, three new plans have been plotted out to liberate strategic countries from the iron grip of Syndicalism. As we speak, our agents have shipped to Indonesia, Greece and Crete to begin assembling a force to stage a counter-revolution. In Dutch indonesia, the Abwehr was welcomed with open arms by the Indonesian Liberation Army, a nationalistic guerilla aimed at liberating the islands from their Dutch opressors. Many colonial officers there support our actions aswell, for they are aristocrats and opponents of the Syndicalists. Maybe the government would do wise to seek a reconciliation between these two groups? The colonials want noting more than to keep their monopoly on the markets and their wealth intact, if we could promise them important posts we might receive their backing for the Indonesian Liberation Army...


The government's actions were a success: Even before Goering had time to consider the consequences of his actions, Abwehr troops had located the man at his mansion in Dar Es Salaam and apprehended him. A new colonial governor has been installed, who is working as we speak to bring the Muller plan into realisation. Goering will arrive in Berlin tomorrow, where on command of the Chancellor himself, be will be tried for High Treason to the Kaiserreich. In the meanwhile, evidence has popped up that Goering had been secretely shipping gold from the treasury of Mittelafrika to his own accounts for years, and in the country itself several movements have risen protesting Goerings rule over Mittelafrika. Die Realpolitik Zeit has received photos of government brutality against the population of Mittelafrika, and evidence that Goering was exploiting the labourers of the country, forming his own Deutschreich militias out of brigands and mercenaries who exacted harsh vengeance upon all those that opposed. For the past years, he has been keeping these actions concealed for us. This is intolerable! Although a Weltkrieg hero and supported by the Haxist and Alexist parties, Goering now rots in a German cell, awaiting the trial that could cost him his freedom... or his life

You will find more information on the accusations against Goering on your desks, but let us continue with the report for now, gentlemen.

For a while, things started to go bad in Ukraine. An agricultural crisis led to a surge in syndicalist activity, and the notorious Syndicalist Nikita Khrushchev held a fiery speech in which he claimed the seat of Prime Minister for himself, promising the labourers a better life, and a way out of poverty


Luckily, the Ukrainian government proved strong enough to resist, and arrested the dissident before he could do any real harm. Russia, stil tangled up with it's partisans, was unable to respond. For now, our Ukrainian buffer is secure.


Troubles in Spain. The Syndicalist-Anarchist CNT-FAI has been holding mass protests all over the Iberian peninsula, and the government is increasingly incapable of keeping the riots under control. In response, the Alexist Carlists are staging their own counter-protests, and as we speak battles are raging in the streets of Barcelona and Madrid between Syndicalist and Carlist militants. We will continue to observe the situation closely.

New friends have arrived. The government has answered the pleas of Bolivia and La Plata, and both countries have joined our alliance.

Allmost immediately after signing the alliance, several ships containing relief resources and money crossed the South-Pacific. This sacrifice took a heavy toll on our own crisis-rid economy, but it has stabilized the economies of both South-American countries, and it's government. If the Syndicalists want our allies, they'll have to take them by force.

Our other diplomatic efforts have had mixed results.


The Japanese military government has refused our approachment, stating that due to the government's support for the Qing, we are their enemies. The Japanese seem incapable of reason. To hell with those sushi-eating pigs!

The US, on the other hand, has stated they wish to approach us, but due to the internal issues of the country they will not join our alliance for the time being. The Syndicalist and Alexist forces struggling for power in the US internally, however, consider us as their mortal enemies. We would do well as to try and keep these radicals from taking control of the US. On a bright note, two lucrative trade deals were closed as a sign of friendship between our countries, netting Germany a significant extra income of Oil and Rare Materials.

The Ottomans have requested military access through the Suez in exchange for their support. I will explain why as soon as I finish this report.

The government in Finland, faced with a hostile Russia to the East and a hostile Norway to the North, was quick to accept our request for an alliance. They did request us to recognise their claims on Karelia in exchange, but these were approved by the government.

South-Africa drives a harder bargain. After hearing of the Muller-Plan, the free African government has announced they wish sovereignity over Namibia and promise to place it under a proper African governance. They believe this is in line with our decolonisation attempts, and will be a sign of friendship towards the African peoples in general. This decision is up to the government.

That closes my diplomatic report. You will be informed when or if new issues arise. Onto other things.




The Internationale congress came and went, and as expected the Syndicalists have reaffirmed their resolve to bring Syndicalism to the world, although they did not specifically mention Germany or Mitteleuropa. With Russia in throes and the Western syndicalists minding their own internal issues, our borders are safe. For now.

An important new point that arose during the Congress was a Syndicalist condemnation of the pope in Italy and Christianity in general. The Italian Union is now seeking a greater power to ally with to protect it from Syndicalism, and we could be this power. Allying the christians will gain us the friendship of many Christian nations like Portugal and Ireland, although a large part of the opposition believes the Pope's rule over Italy is a violation of the division between Church and State, and allying with these religious fanatics might hurt our relations with other countries, for example the muslim Ottomans.

Which brings us to the Middle East, where tensions are growing exponentially. The new Syndicalist Arab states have officialy declared their intents on, and I quote the Egyptian syndicalist leader 'Liberating the opressed Arab peoples from the iron rule of the Ottoman monarchy in the name of all of Arabia, freedom, and God. ALLAHU AKBAR!'


In response to this Arab League, the Ottomans have brought their army into the highest state of readyness, and are deploying the bulk of their forces to the borders as we speak. The Cured man of Europe seems stronger than it has been in decades, but many question if that will be enough to fight off three powerfull Syndicalist states at the same time. As a spot of luck, Greece has turned away from this league against the Ottomans, as part of their allegiance to the Internationale, who condemns the Arab League and has broken ties with the Arab countries. It is believed the situation has become unnegotiationable. The government must now decide if it wishes to support the Ottomans in case of an eventual war with the Arab league. The Ottoman Empire has demanded access through the Suez, which will no doubt be used as an attack route to the capitol of Egypt.

That will be all for today. Gentlemen, on your desks you will find new issues facing the cabinet. Read them well, and decide accordingly.

We are surrounded by enemies, gentlemen, but Germany stands. Like a dim light in a world of darkness, Germany stands.

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The German Labour Party


The German Labour Party was founded in early 1936 by several disgruntled members of the German Social Democratic Party (the most prominent being Otto Wels) over disagreements with the SPD over foreign policy matters. The German Labour Party is heavily dovish and idealistic, favouring the recall of German troops from it's client states and a mutual disarnament treaties being signed across Europe.

The German Labour Party, is quite mixed on domestic policy with some members favouring capitalism and some syndicalism. In a sense it has not resolved the classic SPD dilema of whether to be timid revolutionaries or capitalists.

Overall, the perception of the German Labour Party is that they are hopless idealists and romantics and it is highly unlikely that they will play a major role in the formation or creation of a government. But these are unstable times for the Reich and anything can happen...

Labour Party Election Manifesto

- Universal Suffrage
Equality for all

The Labour Movement has always believed in the fundamental principle of equality between genders. Furthermore, we wish to extend the franchise towards members of our African and Asian colonies who also have the right to determine what sort of German Empire they belong to. The principle of self-determination and empowerment is a critical one and we need to ensure that the German Empire is one that empowers all it's citizens/

- Military Doctrine
A military that fights least, fights best

The German Labour Movement wishes to see a smaller, leaner and more professional German military consisting of small elite motorized and mobile units with precision air support. This wil be a cheaper alternative to the heavily bloated military bureacracies of the current Imperial Army. However, overall the German Labour Movement wishes to see an overall reduction in the size and scope of the German Military Forces. We support bringing our boys home from our imperial committments if the right to vote and citizenship is not extended to our colonies. If they are not we will be illegally occupying these nations and have no right to base troops there.

Only peace can secure lasting prosperity, not only for Germany and Mitteleuropa but the world and all of humanity.

- Mitteleuropean Policy
A European Vision

The Ultimate goal of Germany's Mitteleuropean Policy should be the creation of a unified, peaceful and democratic European Union with freedom of movement for capital and labour in between the constituent states.

- Relations with the Syndicalists
Realistic Politics

Syndicalism is here to stay and we should acknowledge this reality by cooperating with our Syndicalist neighbours in the creation of a European Union.

- German territorial claims
No blood for land

The German Labour Movement supports the principle of territorial integrity and self-determination for all nations - not merely Germans - this would be ethnocentric, short-sighted and wrong.

- Pacifism/Realpolitik/Jingoism/Reactionism
Let us all turn our swords into plowshares
The German Labour Movement supports the principle of pacifism. Military spending is wasteful and immmoral and the sooner the world turns it's swords into plowshares the better off we will be as a world.
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Kind of ironic that you use the old logo of the DUTCH social-democratic party CCA :D.


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Nov 25, 2005
The Iron Fist Velvet Glove Workers' Social National Glory Party

(Eisenfaustsamthandschuharbeitersozialnationalherrlichkeit Partei)
"Prepare for GLORY!"


LEADER: Reichskanzler Presumptive Alexus
ARMY AFFAIRS MINISTER: Oberheeresdoppelgutführer ColossusCrusher
INTERNAL AFFAIRS MINISTER: Oberreichsminister Alexon47


The Iron Fist Party, founded in 1929, pledges to ensure the GLORY of Germany above all. Our workers are underpaid, our soldiers are undermanned, our middle classes threatened by INTERNATIONAL BOLSHEVISM! But the Iron Fist, armed with FAITH and UNITY and GLORY, shall right every wrong in German society and bring Germany to EVEN GREATER PROMINENCE on the world stage! With the Kaiser at our head and the German Volk at our feet and the Industrialists at our belly region and the Army around nipple height, we shall STRIKE FEAR INTO ALL ENEMIES WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY PUTTING IN PLACE A REACTIONARY-PROGRESSIVE SCHEME OF CONSERVATIVE-RADICAL SOCIAL REFORM WHICH WILL SOLVE EVERYTHING FOREVER.

Get involved, compadres - for Germany! And remember...


Alexus, Party Leader


If you wish to become a party member, simply submit your name, citizenship (German, obviously!) and recite the Party Oath -
"I pledge eternal allegiance to the Kaiser, Germany, and the ideals of our nation and party. Es lebe Deutschland!"


- Universal suffrage
Women may do man's duties, so women may have man's rights - women should be allowed to vote.

- Military doctrine
GERMANY MUST INNOVATE, but remember the lessons of the past. TANKS, AIRCRAFT, ARTILLERY, all must be used in VAST QUANTITIES. But remember, gentlemen - TANKS did not win the Entente the Weltkrieg. THE GERMAN INFANTRYMAN WON THE WAR. We must have ALL branches of the Army work in tandem, and only then, with maximum application of TRIUMPHAL EXERTION, shall we break the Red lines and free Europa!

- Mitteleuropean Policy
Mitteleuropa must expand its role in the world stage - we are the world's policeman, the LAST LINE OF DEFENCE AGAINST BOLSHEVISM.


FRANCE is Red.

JAPAN is preoccupied with its petty Imperial ambitions.

UNITED STATES is falling apart.


We must expand Mitteleuropa BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY! We must HELP OUR AUSTRIAN BROTHERS and keep Austria-Hungary strong AT ANY COST!

- Relations with the Syndicalists
Give the Syndies an inch and they will take a MILE which they will then COLLECTIVISE! German freedom must be preserved! Not just German freedom, but the freedom of all nations, EVERYWHERE!

- German territorial claims
Where Germans stand and Germans die, there, my brothers... is Germany. Austria, Sudetenland, Bohemia, Volga, Pennsylvania... But we must let our brothers come to us. Anschluss by force is no Anschluss. PEACE TO ALL GERMANS.

- Pacifism/Realpolitik/Jingoism/Reactionism

Realpolitik! We must be reactive AND proactive! SEIZE CHANCES AS THEY COME!



1. The Kaiser is the father of the nation, and can be best assisted by a Chancellor with strong and vaguely defined Executive powers in the case of an emergency. THE GLORY OF GERMANY MUST REST IN HIS CAPABLE HANDS. But NONETHELESS, THE KAISER IS THE GREATEST LIVING GERMAN AND HE MUST HAVE FINAL SAY.
2. The Civil Service must be strengthened to further help the disadvantaged and ensure FAIR government and LOWER TAXES and higher spending.
3. LOWER TAXES on businesses and the rationalisation of production to benefit the people AND the companies! THE MARKET SHALL BE PRESERVED AT ALL COSTS, AS THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENCE AGAINST SOCIALISM!
4. The abolition of sales tax will benefit the poor.
5. Investment in infrastructure, industry and wealth-creation will mean that Germany will only become richer and richer AND RICHER UNTIL WE STAND AT THE VERY GATES OF HEAVEN.


1. Harsh sanctions on Bolshevism, Syndicalism, and so forth - A policy of containment and preparations for 'rollback'.
2. A harsher line on the decadent West.
3. Closer ties with Austria - mayhap even a full customs union.
4. Preserve the regimes in Mitteleuropa at all costs, replacing them with DIRECT GERMAN SOVEREIGNTY IF NECESSARY.
5. Massive military spending and a buildup of the Heer and Luftwaffe. For every Communist soldier we must have a THOUSAND, if not a BILLION.


1. EQUALITY FOR ALL within the hierarchy of our great society
2. Keep the franchise MALE - we don't let women fight, so why should they VOTE?
3. Graduated citizenship for minorities, with full citizenship for Germans and non-Germans who have served Germany well. GREY EARTH.


JOIN OUR GROUP: http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/group.php?groupid=275


1. Alexus, President
2. ColossusCrusher, Military Affairs Minister
3. The_Shepherd
4. rule_them_all
5. alexon47, Internal Affairs Minister
6. Tommy4ever
7. Onni_Manni
8. darthkommandant
9. Colonel Ironboot
10. Enewald
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You don't know what you've started.

The Iron Fist Velvet Glove Workers' Social National Glory Party

the IFVGWSNGP? Rolls off the tongue! :D. As soon as you have an ideological explanation and slogen we'll add it to the index ;)


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Nov 25, 2005
It's done.

Gentlemen, this day shall be long remembered in the annals of Germanian history. At last, a party has risen to right the wrongs, continue to right the rights and SMASH BOLSHEVISM. The workers, soldiers, farmers, aristocrats, big businessmen, small businessmen, lambs, sloths, fruitbats, breakfast cereals, prostitutes, Croatians, Crypto-Buddhists, and so forth, shall face a NEW DAWN.

Under the IRON FIST of democratic government.

We will bury the BAD THINGS beneath our ideology! Gentlemen!

Prepare to vote!

the IFVGWSNGP? Rolls off the tongue!

EFSASNH! Pronounced thus: Eff-sazz-nnn.
May 13, 2005
This looks to be intresting so, I will participate as:

Attention: The FVP is now defunct! We have fused with the TCP to form the LIBERAL CENTER PARTY go and vote for us there! FOWARD LIBERTY!!


Fortschriftliche Volkspartei

Manifest der Deutschen Demokratie

§Universal suffrage:​
Equal voting rights for women. We from the FVP always believed in the equality of all gender and races. We believe it best to gradually reverse the colonial doctrine of Tirpits to the self-determination of all our subjects-

§Military doctrine: Shifting of conscription to professional army. To long has Prussian militarism kept us in shackles. We advocate a a new form of soldier-patriot, one who loves his country, one who fights for liberty and one who is free from doctrine of age-old men.

§Mitteleuropean Policy:
A new European Economic Union. We think that with universal and equal wealth among the citiziens of Europe will gradualy heal the divisions between our nations.

§Relations with the Syndicalists: We have nothing to offer the Reds but bullets and grenades. The rule of one class of people over all is just as evil as the rule of one man. We will not promote another Weltkrieg but further sanction in accordance with the Entente is the best way to contain the red snake!

§German territorial claims:
Germany has gotten more than it can chew after the Weltkrieg. Today we sit on immense cost for colonial maintanence, with zero returns. Thus we suggest more self-determination of our colonies similary as the late British Commonwealth.

§Pacifism/Realpolitik/Jingoism/Reactionism: Realpolitik! We must always strive for the betterment of all Germany!

§Economy: We promote a Free Market policy. The Junker have for to long hold an iron grip on the German economy. With the liberation from the protectionist policy we will weather the economic crisis and bring wealth and happiness to all German households!

We call on all parties and people of the Kaiserreich to form a United Front with us against the Militarists, the Junker and the Bolshevik!
The General Secretary of the FVP - Zauberfloete

FVP Adress the People of Germany
1st Adress to the Citiziens of Germany
2nd Adress to the Citiziens of Germany
1st Catechism of the Junge Forschriftliche Movement
3rd Adress to the Citiziens of Germany
4th Adress to the Citiziens of Germany
Fortschriftliche Volkspartei Poster by Milites

Party Members and Voters:


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Okay, index has been updated; Important notice to all party leaders: Your party introduction post will now be linked to from the index, and we will consider it your official party page. You are expected to update it regularly, so members hyperlinking in from the index can read what your party is about. Make sure to think about layout and proper formatting aswell, as this is certainly the first thing any possible voter notices

Another fun fact which we will explain tonight is that the way the updates are written will synchronize with whoever is in office. Right now we use a more neutral-narrating style but if say the radical communists win, there will certainly be more 'Comrades! A victory most GLORIOUS!'-isms ;)

The technical limit for how many parties are allowed would be twenty, but we hope to have satiated you guys when we have like 10-12. Remember that you don't have to create your own party, sometimes it is a good idea to join an existing one and help found it's policy. Naturally, the biggest party will also have the biggest chance at winning the elections and dictating how coalitions are formed, because of their high amount of voters who have a second vote to use on possible partners


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you don't know what you've started.

the iron fist velvet glove workers' social national glory party

(eisenfaustsamthandschuharbeitersozialnationalherrlichkeit partei)
"prepare for glory!"

the iron fist party, founded in 1929, pledges to ensure the glory of germany above all. Our workers are underpaid, our soldiers are undermanned, our middle classes threatened by international bolshevism! But the iron fist, armed with faith and unity and glory, shall right every wrong in german society and bring germany to even greater prominence on the world stage! With the kaiser at our head and the german volk at our feet and the industrialists at our belly region and the army around nipple height, we shall strike fear into all enemies while simultaneously putting in place a reactionary-progressive scheme of conservative-radical social reform which will solve everything forever.

Get involved, compadres - for germany! And remember...

Prepare for glory!


and now for glorious japa... Fatherland!!!​


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Oct 2, 2008
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The The Iron Fist Velvet Glove Workers' Social National Glory Party is just amazing.

Es lebe die EFSHSASNHP!
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