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Jan 26, 2011
  • Naval War: Arctic Circle
Hello everybody,

If you are experiencing repeated crash bugs, we would like some detailed information so we can resolve the issue quickly.

"Repeated" means that you have tried restarting your machine and the crash occurs again in much the same way and place.

Known causes of problems (please check this first):

1. Firewall conflict. The game (nwac.exe) needs, even in single player, to be able to use tcp/ip over port 2055. The installation procedure does this automatically on modern firewalls, but some less common firewall/internet security packages do not open up automatically. You should try to temporarily disable the firewall to test if that is indeed the cause, or enter the exception manually in the software's exception/permissions list. Update: For Comodo firewall read this.

2. You do not have the permissions to install applications, change firewall settings etc on your system. Try running Steam "as administrator" (right click Steam in Start menu) when you install (and possibly run) the game.

3. Related to the above, if the installation was run without necessary permissions, or something unexpected happened during the installation, some prerequisites may have failed to install.
If this happens, the game will become unresponsive when you try to start a game. You can install these files manually. Find the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\naval war arctic circle\Redist\ (Steam may be installed to a different disk/location, change as appropriate). In it, you find two files, DotNetFx35ClientSetup.exe and vcredist_x86.exe Execute both these files, one at a time, until completed. Then rerun the game.

4. Outdated graphics drivers. Please ensure that you have installed the newest drivers for your graphics card.


We would like you to attach the following logs to crash bug reports (and also to bugs that cause serious disruption):

1. Output from dxdiag. Type dxdiag into the textbox in the Start Menu, press enter. When the app starts, select "save all information" to a dxdiag.txt file you attach to a bug posting in this (tech support and bugs) forum.

2. In the folder <steam>\steamapps\common\naval war arctic circle\NWAC_Data you will find a file named "output_log.txt". This is the log from the frontend/gui. Again, I would like you to attach this file (Steam is most commonly installed to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\ but this may vary if you chose custom install) to your board posting.

3. Finally, in the folder C:\Users\<username>\Documents\My Games\Naval War Arctic Circle\Logs you will find the logs from the logic/backend part of the game. It stores the logs for each day in a separate file. There is one log called TTG_NAVALWAR_COMMS_LOG*date*.txt and one called TTG_NAVALWAR_LOG*date*.txt. Please attach both these files from the date when the error occurred. Note: If you don't find the COMMS log this is not a problem; just ignore it.

This should allow us to diagnose the error.

Apologies for your inconvenience, and thank you for your kind cooperation.

PS On attachments: When you are posting a new message to the forum, you will see a "Go Advanced" button below the text box. When you press it, you will find a number of additional options, including "Manage attacgments". Press this button, click the green "Add files", "Select files" and find the correct file or files on your file system. Select Upload, and Done, and the files should be attached to your posting when you submit it to the forum.

Note that as a spam protection measure, very recently registered users may be unable to add attachments for a brief time.

Update 1: If you are unable to post attachments, please post the log text in the posting's body text itself, preferably enclosed in
 or [spoiler] brackets for convenience.

[B]Update 2:[/B] This board is [B]not [/B]for discussions about game balancing, accuracy of the game's database or design choices. Please keep this board strictly for technical problems and bugs. Use the game's main forum or suggestions forum as appropriate. Thank you!
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