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Kopparberget gets a modifier because of none of those things. It's there because it alone accounted for up to 2/3 of the world output of copper in the era.
Rammelsberg is both an interesting and significant mine and I wouldn't rule out local flavor for it in the future, but it won't be comparable to the modifier in Dalaskogen. :)

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OK, fair enough. Obviously, I don't have access to output statistics of both. :) However, while if we are strictly speaking about copper I can understand your argument, there have been an abundance of other ores extracted from Rammelsberg, chief among these silver, which contributed greatly to the wealth of the region. So I believe we should not only look at total output of copper, but rather total output of metal and weight in the respective value of that metal: "The ore contained an average of 14% of zinc, 6% lead, 2% copper, 1 g/t gold and 140 g/t silver."

Thanks for the reply, by the way :)