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Why are taxes based on education levels and not wealth levels? How do I reconcile that when residential demand, then, is just given by density and not by the kind of people in desire of a home (wealth or education levels.)
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When is the next patch coming out?
I assume in January. More likely towards the end of January. Definitely not within the next two weeks.

Another question....
when focusing on a vehicle and zooming to a rather close level, the game occasionally starts to stutter, then continues to run smoothly, then stutters again for a few seconds. CPU and GPU are at <50% utilization. Curiously, the full fps is still displayed; visually, however, I estimate it to be 10-15 fps. This happens in small cities and in larger cities as well. Any idea of what could cause this?

Ryzen 5600
RTX 3060 (12 GB VRAM)
32 GB DDR4 3200
1 TB M.2 SSD PCIe4, 7 GB/s
Hi, my game is crashing after this loading screen

my PC:
  • 12900k
  • 4070ti
  • 32 gb RAM
Do you know a fix for it?
How exactly does the CIB building work? (beside it's passive boost)
I see an agent car responding to a crime scene somewhere on the map from time to time, but are they just a reskined police car (that, granted, looks like a boss) or do they have some "value" that normal police cars dont have?
Does anyone have a good resource which outlines the taxing mechanic in this game? I have read the wiki and what not, but I am focused on the tax implications of exporting and importing. I got down this road while looking into the current cargo facility not exporting bug.

Basically, how are industries taxed in the context of them just filling up storage warehouses? Are those goods "sold" and therefore taxed? Or, are they not sold yet and therefore no tax revenue has been recognized yet? It just seems like I should be able to realize more tax revenue from a Coal mine of 500+ people and I am wondering if the lack of export happening (due to the current known bug) that is driving that imbalance.

Bonus Question - I calculated that electricity is sold at roughly $3,000 to 1 MW. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Just trying to understand how that number is calculated so that I may more accurately make decisions regarding what power plants to make.
I have a district with > 3000 industry workplaces, but the large parking lot remains empty and the bus isn't used very much - how to the Cims commute there? Bug or Feature? :)