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Dec 3, 2010
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Just started playing the Epigoni as Egypt. This seems like a very, very cool mod.

Here are a couple of questions:

1) I started off with a positive relationship with the Seleucids and Antigonids (something like +35), but after some event fired with a message (can't remember exactly, I think it was something to do with the Diadochi), my relationship with the Seleucids went down to -85 and my relationship with the Antigonids went down to -189. Then I let the game play for about 10 days and my relationships with the other two kingdoms went down to -200, but without any message. Want caused this drop in relationship?

2) When I click on assigning titles for characters, there is an option to grant a title called "Marked man", the tool tip says something like "have your torturers apprehend this character", but the effect says only +0.05 prominence per month. What does this really do?