Questions for veterans: a 'hoplite' build?

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I'm a newcomer to the game, having just purchased it.
I tend to favor rping builds but I also know some games can somewhat 'jinx' you if you delve into an idea without thinking.
I'm hoping to tackle my first time of Tyranny on normal difficulty. I tend to play games for the rp experience not persay a hardcore difficulty. On the other hand easy is usually a bit too 'casual' for my tastes.
Hence my build only has to deal well but not perfectly with medium difficulty. For long campaigns I tend to like to at least have planned out the foundations of my build so it is more difficult to fuck it up later.

I'm hoping to make a sword/shield - spear/shield build.
Effectively going for a Spartan Hoplite approach. Tanky and straightforward.
Soldier background of course. And siding with the more disciplined and reliable factions.

What ability spread would you guys recommend for this? And what are the initial 'must-buy' purchases as I level?

I caroused the forum already and I noticed for tank builds there are some serious debates about health vs finesse versus might etc. For a simple but effective build, what is the path to go?

Thank you for all help!!!