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Dec 4, 2019
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Before I say anything else, I am in no way a computer or technical expert, but I do know that things can be impossible to implement, if not difficult. These ideas are just the history buff in me wondering, and if they help with the rewrite, that'd be cool, but I get if these take too much time/effort/resources.

First, a few questions:
Bloodlines: I recently came to realize that the Ghazvanids have their own bloodline. However, the Turkish adventurer event featuring them never seem to allow it (the game also treats them as Persian in these events). It doesn't make a huge difference, but the Timurid/Seljuk/Maygar invasions all do come with the appropriate bloodline.

Bastards/stepsons: Every now and then, I'll notice a new dynasty take root in what should be a secure place. Tracing back, I find out that the first king of this dynasty never had a father, but his mother was the previous king's wife. One time, I realized that the game took the son of a Latin Empire and after he had been crowned declared he was a bastard and had no father at all, yet he kept the bloodline. In lore, I chalk that down to the idea of adopting heirs (one Merovingian King was an adopted Pippinid, and Leon VI is rumored to be Michael III's bastard over Basilieus I's trueborn son), but I've never experienced this in the base game.

Ideas, if they make sense:
Holy Roman Empire: I am a big fan of how the HRE takes the names & regnal numbers of the Carolingian Empire. I was curious as to whether there was a code possible where the HRE counts regnal numbers of German Kings, but only after the demolish of the Carolingian Empire (to the best of my knowledge, would this be an if statement?). Very cosmetic, and maybe too difficult to be worth it, but I know that in-game Holy Roman Emperor Henry II is counted as "Kaiser Heinl I" because Henry the Fowler doesn't count as a Holy Roam Emperor. To go along with this, could the HRE and Germany not be able to be created at the same time? I know every time the HRE is created, Germany becames a titular title and floats around. In my last playthrough, "Germany" was the island of Sicily. THe Grand Duchy of Sicily was Naples.

King of Romans/Germans: Goes along with the last one. Purely cosmetic. Could a Holy Roman Emperor with the "Uncrowned" trait be referred to as "King of the Germans" or "King (name) of the Germans/Romans." Or maybe only Emperors with the proper coronation receive the proper title. Again, very cosmetic, but as a history buff, I think it's neat.

Formation of unique states: Personally, I'm a big fan of the 867 start. I get to see the Carolingian Empire fall, and then then France and the HRE rise in its wreckage, but that causes me to miss out on some neat kingdoms, notably the division of the Mongol Horde and Naples/Trincaria. Maybe trigger an event similar to imperial decadence where the Mongol Horde breaks into its four parts (Yuan being given to sons of the Yuan Emperor) and the other three being split across highest prestige male relatives? Or maybe if the Kingdom of Sicily has not had the island of Sicily for 80 years, an event triggers where it becomes Naples and Sicily becomes de jure Trincaria (I have actually seen Trincaria be formed by the AI on the island of Sicily).

I hope that maybe these offer helpful ideas, but I hope that at the same time I'm not overstepping any boundaries. I'm a big fan of the mod and all the work you all have been doing. Thank you.