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I'm sure this has been discussed 100 times before and most questions answered before, but forgive me for not being able to find this exact info from these... quite many threads :)

I'd like to hear which strategies people pursue as England. (GC, VH/Weakling) Winning the HYW is obviously a no-brainer for any human player, but I'm unsure about what is best to do from that point. I'm especially unsure about what is smartest to do with the DP-sliders and which religion to chose. After getting the french provinces and likely also the dutch ones gives you a bit of reformed provinces, and (as in any SP-game) you can make loads of money of trade, but the tax-minus is not so nice. Protestant gives the taxbonus, but no trade-plus, and you're gonna have even more converting to do then. Catholic I guess is not an option, since one is likely to grab a lot of ToT-provinces before the EoT. What do people prefer when it comes to religion and why?? Bring it on :)

About DP-sliders... I went for Mercantilism in my latest game in order to embargo without penalties, but it seems my trade efficiency still suffered from the embargoes, even though I was under the "limit" of free embargoes - is the tooltip correct, or have I just been doing something wrong? :confused: The minus to colonists is also a great handicap later in the game, when you want to paint NA red, so I guess Free Trade is the way to go?? Or what? (Since you hit 12 merchants a year no matter what the DP sliders are sooner or later, I'd think that plus / minus a not so relevant)
I went full Pluto and Naval also, later in the game - standard?
Was very much in doubt about the Free Subjects >< Serfdom and Decent. >< Cent. - sliders.. the plus to stab. costs from FS is naughty as the English, and I've never really figures out when Cent. is worth it or not worth it - what would you recommend with these two?
Well... in short, Im in doubt when it comes to most of the DP-sliders :rofl: So any advice is basicly appreciated :)

I'm not playing for WC, and want to avoid BB-wars, so keeping under the treshold is quite a bitch. Which provs would you prioritize to get? Guess everything with french culture is an obvious first target, especially if you can avoid annexing. But I'm not quite sure about what to do with "the rest of my spare BB-points" - been stealing the Aztec gold-provs in the latest games, also to annoy the spanish, and going for pagan provs in order to convert them to have as low a stab. cost as possible. Which strategy are people following for a non-WC English game aka. not wanting to trigger BB-wars?

Quite a lot of questions... it all sums up to: "How do you play as England, in order to be succesful and dominating, and not trigger BB-wars?";)

Thanks in advance :)


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Jun 30, 2004
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Hit Castile and Portugal as soon as possible, and vassalize both of them. Annex Portugal before their colonial empire gets too big; wait for Spain to get the shipyard and COT in Andalusia in 1503 before annexing them also. With them out of the way, the entire New World and most of Africa is yours for the taking. You'll have to be careful with your badboy with this, since Spain will be fair-sized by then.

I'm not really sure what else you should be shooting for, since I only reached about 1550 in that game.

Oh, and get your colonists by going naval. When you're that big, you don't really need cheap troops.