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Oct 5, 2005
Howdy, havent played Ricky before, but was a HUGE fan of old VIP. In the new VIP with the change in civilizing i doubled checked the reqs to see what i need, after during my digging i found 9 different civ events with progressively higher pop research mod increases. What exactly does that mean? I figured smaller countries might need the higher research mods since they dont have the pop of a larger uncivs (CHI, NIP, PER) , but since it seems random and not have any triggers does that mean a civilizing CHI who gets say event 6687 with its massive research pop mod get an INSANE bonus to research since they're chock full of pops? I mean its kinda scary if thats the case and the bonuses are doled out semi randomly (60% for the standard civilize and 5% for each increasing one).

Edit: Oh yea and another quick question when i start a new VIP campaign only UK is selectable unless i pick VIP Multiplayer, is that a bug or something? i dont think it makes much of a difference but since UK is the only selectable that cant be right.... and also VIP lite is the same, UK selectable only.

Edit2: Ugh i'm dumb, just right click and pick a country, i guess im just too used to FtG and seeing everyone's pretty little flag ;)
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Oct 5, 2005
Also should i play historical or ahistorial for China Civilizing? Just wait for the Self Strengthening Movement or try my best to drown the Brits in blood?


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Mar 20, 2006
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If I remember correctly, the historical path civilize event isn't until 1898, so if you want to civilize earlier you'll have to do it independent of the events. I don't recall if the the Self Strengthening Movement events help.