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Nov 25, 2016
Have one character with completed campaign and lots of flashpoints done now. Finished the Of Unknown Origins line/Standoff - and all the currently active Flashpoints disappeared(there were at least 3 others active at the time) and despite travelling around for like 150 days nothing has reappeared. I could not find anything online but do you get no more Flashpoints after finishing that mission?
I'll file a bug report i guess.
Since the last one been flying around for close to 3 years of game time and still zero flashpoints so its obviously borked.
Which really is annoying since that campaign has a mech bay full of lostech mechs fully kitted out after 3600 days of game time and who knows how many hundreds of missions grinding cash.

I hadnt kept track of all the flashpoints I have done - I guess it might be possible I did them all without realizing? That would mean no more too I guess.

Kinda sucks to get all fully geared up and have nothing left to do but random lame missions.

Just loaded up past saves and going back a fair ways just realized I was wrong about multiple flashpoints being still active. It looks like I did them all and completed the last ones right before the last Standoff mission.
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Huh! Yay for bringing peace to the periphery (for now.)

If you're interested in starting over and using a mod that gives more stories, I can highly recommend the Hyades Rim mod.
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+1 to Hyades Rim.
It's amazing and when he finishes, it will make all others pale by comparison.
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