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New to AoW and it seems interesting but I'm finding some aspects of it frustrating. I keep having quests come along where the objective is so far away I can't possibly get to it in ten turns. If it's some minor NPC faction quest I guess it's not important but this happens with empire quests. I had a quest that required going to three different locations way out in the middle of the ocean. This was fairly early on and I didn't even have aquatic deployment. While I could pick that up fairly quickly I just couldn't get it completed in ten turns, I was only able to get to two of the three objectives. It's particularly frustrating because I was at that early stage of the game where you're still building up your first armies and setting up the first sectors, then all of a sudden you have to drop everything and race to the far side of the map. Is this something that happens a lot and should I just forget about these types of quests ? Are there any penalties besides not getting the renown you hoped for ? Because it seems kind of pointless doing this empire mode if you can't get the rewards it revolves around. Some ideas on how to approach these quests would be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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Jun 16, 2018
All quest (except campaign ones) will drop at a location within X hexes of one of your stacks/colonies. (I'm hoping it doesn't check scout units, but it might.)
This is usually fine, but it can be an issue when you have islands around you in the early game.
There isn't really much you can do about it (unless you want to load an autosave and hope it doesn't drop the target somewhere stupid again).
However, it also doesn't really matter too much. If it is not viable, just decline it. In early game you have more than enough stuff to do anyway.