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Announcing our Q1 2015 ACA winners!

Crusader Kings II:
4th (tie) -- Last of Dead Kings by Enlil; Wessex and the History of the British Isles by Stuckenschmidt; Succession of Peculiarities by The Magpie (2 votes)
3rd (tie) -- Norgesveldet by Nikolai and Legacy of Vogelius by Groogy (3 votes)
2nd (tie) -- Consecrated blood by Avindian and The Black Legend by TomasCaerillion (4 votes)
1st -- Long Lasting Lombards by RedTemplar (5 votes)

Europa Universalis IV:
4th place is a six-way tie, each receiving one vote. If your AAR isn't listed and you got nominated, you tied for 4th! :cool:
3rd (tie) -- The Lost Crusade by AshWarrior and Three Mountains, One Tag by atwix (2 votes)
2nd (tie) -- Rey del Munde by misterbean; Lords of France by Merrick Chance'; Horde by any other name by Vlorious; Around the World by Michaelangelo (3 votes)
1st -- Freedom is a Noble Thing by Tommy4Ever (5 votes)

Victoria II:
4th (tie) -- Tautos Jega by naxhi24; Southern Eagle by Rovsea; Greatest Germany by TheB (2 votes)
3rd -- Dengang jed drog by Admiral Fisker (4 votes)
2nd -- Up to the Euphrates and Tigris by Attalus (5 votes)
1st -- Österreich über Alles by Nick Giordano (7 votes)

Hearts of Iron III:
Six AARs were nominated; five of them received a single vote and are thus tied for second place!
1st -- A history of World War II by Avindian (3 votes)

Darkest Hour:
2nd (tie) -- The Crown Atomic by cookfl; One and Indivisible by Teivel; Lawrence of Britannia by 99KingHigh (1 vote)
1st (tie) -- United no longer by Skywalker_T-65 and Vive l'Empereur by Antonine (2 votes)

Four AARs were nominated for the "Other" category, each receiving one vote; you may consider yourselves all tied for first place. :)

Thank you to those who voted and produced the wonderful AARs that won!
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Congrats, winners! Well deserved.
Good to see so many excellent AARs receive the recognition they deserve. Congratulations to all the winners, especially the the three AARs I voted for in the Other category so they could tie for first. :p
Thanks for the votes and congratulations to all the nominees and winners! Well done folks.:)
Congratulations to all the winners.
Congratulations everyone!
Congratulations everyone.
Wrong thread, @DKM !
This was posted last night. Qorten undeleted it for me so that I could copy it into the right thread. I had foolishly forgotten to copy it before I deleted it. @loup99