Purchased First Colony Edition - Confused about DLC installed Status

Purchased First Colony Edition - Confused about DLC installed Status

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Nov 27, 2020
I bought the game on epic store, the first colony edition, which is supposed to include everything. I originally played the game on Xbox Game Pass (the sale price was cheaper on Epic, so went with Epic).

Now, when I launch it, it says "Surviving Mars" followed by "Green Planet". So, I am guessing all the DLC is installed. However, on the store library, there is no option that says 'Manage DLC" Or anything related to DLC.

Adding to the confusion is the small ad box in the landing page, which keeps saying, "Green Planet - Available Now". I already have it, so, why does it keep prompting me to buy it.

So, How do I check what DLC is installed and what is not?


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Aug 6, 2012
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Iirc, the in-game menu still advertises Green Planet is available even if it's installed. An easy way you can check what's enabled is to start a new game:

If you can pick rival colonies on the initial mission setup screen, you have the Space Race DLC installed.

If you can pick the Terraforming Initiative as your sponsor, or if you start the map and see the four terraforming parameters at the top of your screen (atmosphere, water, temperature, vegetation), you have the Green Planet DLC installed.
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Nov 27, 2020
I eventually ended up doing what you suggested, pretty much the same day I posted the question. compared the wiki with the game options.

In fact, I was pretty sure everything was correct on launch (that green planet logo), and then the ad confused me.

Still, thanks for confirming.