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Dec 10, 2001
Paradox is now conducting a public beta to allow everyone to have more input on the changes that are made in the official 1.05 release version; as well as to get a broader base of testing feedback than is currently possible with the internal beta commitments.

This forum is for discussion of the current beta patches, possible changes and improvments, and for feedback on what we're doing. Please use this forum for public beta topics only. Don't post on this subject in the main forum because we won't be checking there for beta related matters...and don't post general CK questions here. Threads that are not on the subject of the beta will be moved without warning or explanation.

Thanks, in advance, to everyone who helps to make 1.05 a succesful release.

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Public Beta FAQ

1. How do I participate?

Simple! Just make sure that you download the most current beta patch from the master patch thread and then participate in the discussions and give us feedback on the progress made with each patch.

2. What the heck is this "rar" file you're using for the patches, and what do I do with it?

A rar file is the file created by a compression program (similar to the Winzip program that many of you are familiar with). It lets Johan pack a bunch of files into a fairly small patch. If you don't have Winrar you can download a trial copy from here and install it.

You will need a complete 1.04a installation to participate since only the files that are changing from that version will be included in the beta patch. You might want to have 2 installations of the game (assuming your hard drive has space) if you want to continue playing any games that you started under 1.04a, or if you want to play MP with someone who isn't participating in the public beta (MP games must be using the same version of CK). This is easily done by simply copying your existing 1.04a folder (and all subfolders) into a new location. You could then rename your new root folder "CK Beta" so you know which is which, and set up a new shortcut on your desktop that targets the crusaders.exe file when you click it.

Warning: Save games from 1.04a are not compatible with the public beta patch.

Now download the latest beta patch (it will be the last post in this thread) and then double-click on it. Use Winrar's interface to navigate to the CK installation you will be using for the beta test and then unpack it into the root directory. The patch will make sure that the right files go into the right subdirectories. You might be asked for confirmation that you really want to overwrite some files in the directories. You should answer that you do.

3. Do I need to download all of the beta patches and apply them sequentially?

No. Each beta patch will contain a complete set of files that contain all changes made since 1.04a. That means that if you don't decide to participate until later, all you need to do is make a "clean" 1.04a and then apply the most recent beta patch. It will contain all of the files you need.

4. What do I do next?

You can do several things.

You'll see a number of threads in the forum asking for your input on specific game areas that we are improving. Any input you have that you think would help will be greatly appreciated. Those started by Johan or myself are probably of particular importance, although Havard and Byakhiam might start them as well.

You can also simply play games with the new patch and then report anything you see that you think is worthy of note. That can include bugs, crashes, balance issues, or just a "wow! this is working way better now!" post to tell us we're heading in the right direction.

We have recently enabled a debug mode for the exe that allows you to help is better locate and eliminate bugs. Details on how to particiate in this are in a thread that is stickied at the top of the forum each week.

5. What if I discover a bug?

If you notice a bug, please go to the Bug Reporting Forum and look through the existing list of bugs to see if it's already been reported. If it has, you could add a comment there if you think you can add some new information to the report. If something has been marked as "fixed" but you are playing the most recent patch and find that it isn't, post something to that effect in the original report and we'll reopen it.

If you can't find an existing report on the bug then please post a new report. Always use a thread title that begins with the words "Public Beta" and the date of the beta patch that you discovered the bug in. We will only look at bug reports that are using the most current patch, so please don't bother reporting an issue with an old patch since it will hopefully have been fixed since then.

Always follow that up with a descriptive title that tells us, at a glance, what the main problem is. Remember, other people will probably notice the same bug so your title should make it easy for someone else to realise that you've already reported it so they don't duplicate the report.

In the report itself, give us a detailed description of the bug, and the method of reproducing it if it happens consistently. If you have a saved game that makes it easy to duplicate, hang on to it since we may need to ask you to e-mail it to one of us to test on our system.

Note: Never use a thread title with the word BUG in it. We edit thread titles once they've been looked into and confirmed, and use that to help us easily monitor and manage your reports.

Now that debug is enabled, if you are using this mode then please follow the instructions in the debug thread (stickied at the top of the forum). Thanks. :)

6. What if I want to discuss something that isn't in one of your "special" threads?

No problem. Just start a new thread in this forum (the Public Beta forum). Please make sure you identify which patch you're using in your thread (if relevent). Please use descriptive thread titles too, not cryptic ones. It makes it easier for us to go back and search for it later if we need to.

7. Does anyone from the development team actually read these threads?

Sure we do! Johan reads a large number of the ones that have a title that catches his interest, but time contraints don't allow him to respond to very many of them unless there's something that specificially requires his feedback (and he has time). For example, this is from my IRC log today:
IRC log 10/14/04 said:
<Johan> http://www.europa-universalis.com/forum/showthread.php?p=3453109#post3453109
<MrT> *nods*
<MrT> I've already got a bunch of troop events scripted for specific crusades
<MrT> but that looks useful too
Neither of us has yet posted in that thread, but we're reading.

The active developers and betas currently working on CK are Johan, Havard, Cat Lord, Styrbiorn, Byakhiam, Mad King James, BiB, Sonny, Secret Master and myself. Most of us read most of the threads, and at least one of us reads every thread. We often won't have the time to respond directly, but you can be assured that everything is looked at and given due consideration.

Keep in mind, though, that we can't incorporate every idea or wish that you have into the game. There are design considerations, time limitations, and feasibility issues that we have to pay attention too as well. Hopefully the best of your ideas can be incorporated.

8. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with 1.05?

We hope to have 1.05 address any of the outstanding major issues that remai with the game and that can be fixed within the scope of a updated official release. Large, fundamental design changes are pretty much impossible, as are any alterations that would require massive amounts of new rewrites to the source code.

While historical accuracy and realism play a large role in Paradox games, they do take a back seat to issues of game play, challenge, and entertainment value. If something is a little "wrong" historically but makes for a much more enjoyable game, the preference is to make the game fun to play rather than making it an historical simulation. This design philosophy is probably more integral to CK than any other Paradox release, so please keep that in mind when making comments about what's being done.

Perhaps this quote from a discussion I had on IRC with Johan will sum it up best:
Johan said:
<Johan>...CK is supposed to be a structural-game set in history, not a historical-repeat-game...
9. When will the official 1.05 be released?

That's entirely up to Johan. It will be released when he feels it's ready to be released. Part of the reason for bringing the process to public beta is to get more input from you, the player, as to what you'd like to see. It also allows us to get feedback on changes from a much larger testing base than Paradox can achieve in house. The more feedback we get, the sooner Johan is likely to feel comfortable with the changes, and the sooner a 1.05 release candidate will be made available. We will then be asking you to test it relentlessly for a few weeks to make sure that we haven't missed anything and that we are as close to 100% bug-free as is humanly possible.

10. Wait a second! Some of these patches are worse than the 1.04a! What gives!?

That, folks, is part of the beta process. Sometimes a change will be made that hurts the game more than it helps it. Sometimes it introduces new bugs, upsets the balance, or does something else that will make it a pain in the ass to play. When you give us your feedback, we'll figure out if we can fix whatever is broken, or whether to scrap the idea, rebalance it, or try something else. Each patch will, in some way, move us closer to putting out a better final version, but there will undoubtedly be bumps along the way. If you don't like that, or are frustrated by these temporary setbacks, then just go back to playing the 1.04b until it's finished.

Of course if you decide to keep trying the patches, giving constructive criticism, and stick with the process, then you'll get the finished product sooner, and you'll have the opportunity to contribute to making the game something that you might enjoy playing even more than before.

Thanks to all those who participate in this process.


Your Development Team
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Dec 10, 2001
I have made a few changes to the above post today to reflect a couple additions/changes to what's going on. If you haven't read the post in a long time it might be worth having another look.


There are several areas of discussion that are now closed as far as the public beta process is concerned. Threads or post that address these issues will be closed or deleted without notice or further explanation.

Issues marked as "closed":

<none for now>

Please check back here periodically in case new subjects are added to this list.

Thank you.
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Dec 10, 2001
As of today CK 1.05 beta new text freeze and new event freeze in effect.

Only text fixes will be done. No new texts and only minor changes to existing text will happen until 1.06 beta.

Only event tweaking will be done. No new events will be added.


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Dec 10, 2001
As of today, 1.05 beta final release candidate has gone to localization. We will now begin looking at your requests/suggestions for 1.06 so the subjects that were previously deemed "closed" can now be revisitted...although don't expect too much to change as far as things that have been consistently on Johan's "won't do" list goes.
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