PSA: If you're uploading clips with "Bastard's" in the title to Youtube clips may be demonetized

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Nov 5, 2013
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Got at least one report of demonitization seemingly due to the word "Bastard's" in the title.
So if you wanna keep that sweet sweet ad juice a-flowin' you might want to consider altering the title either in a creative way or something like "Let's play Tyranny - New DLC" or somesuch!

Just a warning, might not happen at all, but one case of demonetization has been reported to us.
Stay safe in the Mean Person's Wound!
Hail Kyros


Sep 4, 2017
Ha ha this is hilarious. Advertisers do not support foul language.......even if it is the official title of the videogame!
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Sep 24, 2013
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Same thing is happening with a vocabularies worth of other words. Isn't the though police wonderful?