PSA! EU4 v 1.10.1 and 1.11.4 will soon be unavailable through Steam!

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Hello guys!

Unfortunately we've reached so many beta branches on Steam that we need to remove some to make room for new ones. As such we determined that versions 1.10.1 and 1.11.4 are the next to disappear within a near future.

If you are among the <100 people playing these versions you can continue doing so by copying the game library (with the version in question active) from your Steam library to somewhere else on your hard drive. This should allow you to continue playing that version.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but sadly it's the path we need to take.
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Thanks for the information. At least I have managed to save them, which is more than I can say for 1.8 & 1.92. I thought with Steam the days of not having to save multiple versions had gone, but seems I was wrong.

If only cities skylines even gave us the option of playing old versions, instead of just updating them whether you want them to do so or not.

Yeah, it was a mistake to just remove them without warning and we apologize for that. Trying to be better going forward.

when is 1.5 beta?

Soon! We hope to be able to release it next week unless stuff goes wrong

Would you consider having a download link on the forums with EU versions that aren't available on steam anymore?

I'm afraid that's not possible I think :/
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