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Download in the HIP thread
Want to try the version in development? Download the beta. It updates far more often than the release version

The goal of Project Balance is to improve the play experience not by adding a large amount of new features, but by making small changes to make the game more interesting and historically plausible.
With Project Balance installed you'll have things that could not have possibly happened historically happen much less often, but it will still feel much like the same game.

Main features:
  • New faction system makes managing a large realm more realistic
  • Tech spread has been overhauled so that technology spreads in a more realistic fashion
  • Most realms that survived historically will be considerably more likely to do so. Examples include the Ethiopians and the Pagans
  • The big land grabbers in vanilla now act more historically
  • Major conflicts, like Iberia or Byzantium, are no longer resolved in decades
  • Improved cultural and religious spread
  • Improved cultural buildings
  • Reworked de jure kingdoms
  • Reworked crown and demesne law. Dejure law is more difficult to increase, but you can specialise it more
  • Wars are more expensive to start and wage
  • More republics
  • Republics are less overpowered
  • SWMH compatibility
Full list of changes here.
Policy on use in other mods:
Do not include any part of Project Balance in your mod unless you've received express permission from me.
If you want to include any part of Project Balance in a mod of your own please send me a PM where you delineate what aspects you want to use, and for what mod.
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Project Balance Module Pack:
Each module can be separately enabled. The module pack is included in PB itself, and the modules can be applied before first unpausing the game.
  • Gender Equality - People of both genders can staff all council positions and command armies. All non-Muslim realms start with Absolute Cognatic succession
  • No Ahistorical Empires: Only two empires have dejure land; Byzantium and the HRE
  • Shattered Balance: Every single county is independent. Note that this isn't reflected on the campaign start screen; the world is only shattered once you've loaded the actual campaign. Works for any date, and for any combination of mods, with the exception of No Assaults
Shattered Balance optional features:
  • Enable a few special CBs, making early-game conquest much easier.
  • Destroy all merchant republics
  • Make all titles Feudal (if merchant republics are allowed to live they won't be affected)
  • Lucky AIs (early-game bonus to make them consolidate faster)
  • All rulers become immortal and infertile. If a non-immortal is independent an immortal will usurp his titles

Full list of changes (part 1):

For an iterative list of changes to PB itself, see this link.
  • Added a loan mechanic
  • Denmark and Norway use Primogeniture
  • Assassinations cost 100 gold and 10 piety, plus 75 gold per title tier
  • All eligible women can become spymasters (only your spouse or mother could before)
  • All eligible women can become treasurers if their liege's primary title doesn't use Agnatic succession
  • All eligible women can become chancellors if their liege's primary title uses Absolute Cognatic succession
  • Increased max duchies held to 3
  • Each Pagan religion has a holy order
  • Pechenegs cannot form Wallachia
  • The Arabian peninsula has navigable seas surrounding it
  • Reduced the cooldown between changing a councilor's job action to 60 days
  • Added more info to the tooltip you get when hovering over a character
  • Made Jamtland a republic
  • You can imprison vassals for free if they attempt to (or succeed at) murder you, your close kin, or your spouse
  • Reduced base fertility to 40% from 50% (4 children per couple should not be the norm)
  • Discouraged huge courts; fertility is reduced once a court has more than 20 members (30 in vanilla)
  • Removed the Holy Roman Emperor's mother's claim on Aquitaine and Poitou
  • Jizya tax gives -25% levies in the province
  • Upon winning a Crusade one gets the choice to give the title away to a son, brother, dynasty member, or courtier. The AI will take this choice unless it is their only kingdom. The ruler of the newly formed Crusader Kingdom will get a character modifier for 25 years which gives some temporary bonuses and makes them immune to holy war. They also get a 2500-man army that cannot be reinforced
  • Bribing the Pope so as to keep Free Investiture costs 200 gold + 2 years' income, rather than just 200 gold
  • Added an event for isolated provinces that spawns a rebellion. If successful it will cause the province to become part of a bordering realm instead
  • Split the Cumans in two, Cumania and Kipchaks
  • Removed the Polish king's mother's claims on several Russian duchies
  • Tweaked decadence effect of combat (+25%) and realm size (-20%)
  • Decadence-gain reduction of titles and councillors increased by 50%
  • Added modifiers for low, medium, and high decadence. If your decadence is below 10% everyone will like you more (+10) and your vassals will provide you more levies. They'll like you less (-10) if your decadence is above 50%, and even less (-20) if it is above 75%
  • Reduced the levy increasing effect of "Train Troops" by 40%
  • Reduced the size of the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitallier by 2/7
  • Reduced the size of the Teutonic Order by 1/7
  • If you refuse to change to Papal Investiture there's a high chance the Pope will excommunicate you
  • If you're catholic and involved in an offensive war against the Pope you will be excommunicated and lose the Zealous trait unless you've got an anti-pope
  • If Galicia is inherited or conquered by another kingdom and is titular, it will be destroyed
  • The AI will form multiple kingdoms
  • Characters won't die "natural" deaths between age 10 and 40
  • Added a large number of new bookmarks from VIET and Sniggle's Bookmarks
  • The AI won't forge claims on provinces outside its realm unless it is independent or king tier
  • If William the Bastard wins the war for England he'll get a 3000-man mercenary company vassalized to him. It goes away once the ruler of England isn't either William or one of his sons
  • Most scripted armies disband once they're no longer at war with anyone
  • Pagans don't get bonuses to levy/garrison size. Instead they get a 30% bonus to the strength of the appropriate unit
  • You need four holy sites to reform a pagan religion
  • The Knights Templar and Hospitaler start as dejure vassals of Jerusalem
  • The Pope will not ask his liege to implement Papal Investiture
  • Having held a feast doesn't a bonus to Diplomacy, but gives a slightly larger opinion bonus
  • Zoroastrian inbreeding won't affect fertility, occurence of inbreeding, etc
  • The Mongols can convert to Reformed Tengri if they manage to get ahold of provinces with the religion
  • If the leaders of the Golden Horde and the Ilkhanate are the same religion, Timur will be the same religion as them rather than Shia
  • Aquitaine cannot be formed by the king of France
  • Councillors opinion of their liege now has a minor effect on their job performance
Religious Conversion:
  • Provinces take twice as long to convert if they don't border any provinces of your religion
  • Converting a province takes 25% longer if the province borders other provinces of the same religion
  • Converting provinces to or from Paganism, Zoroastrianism, or Judaism takes twice as long
  • Muslims convert muslim provinces considerably more slowly
  • Halved the rate of character conversion when sending your court chaplain to convert a province
  • Made the AI smarter about who it'll send their court chaplain to convert
  • Culture can spread via ports
  • Norman counties outside England are more likely to become English if their liege is English
  • Added a somewhat rare event that changes a ruler's culture to that of his capital if it is of his religion. Also changes the culture of any same dynasty children he has under the age of 16. Its mean time to happen is affected by his age, his rank, and whether or not the new culture is of the same culture group
  • Added a somewhat rare event that changes a child's (under 1 year old) culture to that of the province he's living in if the province is of his religion. Affected by his parents' rank, and whether or not the new culture is of the same culture group
  • Provincial culture spread takes 50% longer in empires
  • Provinces change culture 20% faster if they border two or more provinces of the owner's culture with rulers of the same culture
  • Provinces take 25% longer to change culture if they border any province of the same culture
  • Rulers change culture 25% faster if their capital borders no provinces of their culture
  • Patricians are half as likely to take on the culture of their capital
  • Provincial culture conversion happens twice as fast if the province doesn't neighbor any provinces of the same culture
  • Characters of North Germanic, Altaic, Arabic, and Iranian cultures dislike people of other cultures 40% less (E.G., foreigner penalty against different culture groups is 12 instead of 20)
  • Added melting pot events for Norse-Gael and Sicilian
  • The Norwegian provinces in Scotland and Ireland are Norse-Gael, as are all provinces in the duchy of The Isles
  • Added Somali and Nubian culture
  • Slowed down culture conversion by about 50%
  • Significantly slowed down culture spread in realms affected by the HRE Decentralization law (unless target is Baltic or Pommeranian) or a Decayed/Intact Theme System
  • Stewardship doesn't speed up culture spread quite as much. Now reduces time to spread by at most 50% rather than 68%
Holy War:
  • Muslims cannot declare holy war or Jihad on Miaphysites or Orthodox Ethiopians, and vice versa
  • Depressed, infirm, or incapable rulers cannot declare holy war
  • Content rulers cannot declare holy war unless they're Brave or Wroth, Zealous, Lunatic, or Possessed
  • Craven rulers cannot declare holy war unless they're Ambitious, Wroth, Zealous, Lunatic, or Possessed
  • Stressed rulers cannot declare holy war unless they're Ambitious, Brave, Wroth, Zealous Lunatic, or Possessed
  • Having any two of Craven, Stressed, and Content will prevent rulers from declaring holy war (unless they're Lunatic or Possessed)
  • If the target duchy is not part of a de jure kingdom or empire the ruler holds, he has to be Ambitious, Brave, Wroth, Zealous, Lunatic, or Possessed to declare holy war
  • If the target duchy is not part of a de jure kingdom or empire the ruler holds, he cannot be Craven, Stressed, and Content (unless they're Possessed or Lunatic, or has any two of Ambitious, Brave, Wroth or Zealous)
  • Rulers below 100 piety cannot start holy wars
  • Crown authority laws restrict holy wars in some cases
  • Added a 5-year cooldown between holy wars and the special Muslim CBs (when used upon other religious groups)
  • If the target duchy has provinces of your religion within it, all Holy War restrictions are void
  • Characters defending against holy wars that aren't involved in any offensive wars get a 10% boost to minimum and maximum vassal levies
  • All Holy War restrictions are removed from the Teutonic Order if the target is Pagan, and from the Knights Templar/Hospitaler if the target is Muslim
  • The holder of Jerusalem gets the Holy War CB for free against Muslim duchies in the dejure kingdom of Jerusalem
  • Merchant republics cannot use the holy war CB. Their special coastal CBs should be enough for expansion
  • Applied most of the holy war restrictions to special muslim CBs. Only applies against non-muslims. Cannot be used against Pagans
Other Warfare:
  • Sieges are 25% shorter
  • Tweaked supply bonus for bordering a province (50%), coastal provinces (30%), realm holdings (40%)
  • Increased base supply to 6
  • Most truces reduced to 5 years (from 10)
  • Reduced reinforcements by about 40%
  • Reduced ratio needed to overrun armies to 15 (from 25)
  • Increased the warscore gained from battles by a lot
  • Reduced defender warscore bonus to 40% (was 50%)
  • White peace in independence wars will make the revolter independent if he's revolting from someone who isn't his de jure liege. No prestige will be awarded, and crown authority will be unaffected. His former liege will have claims upon his land
  • Rulers cannot declare claim wars upon allies, unless they're Ambitious, Envious, Arbitrary, or Wroth (rebellions excluded)
  • Rulers cannot declare claim wars upon allies if they're Craven, Just, Kind, or Content (rebellions excluded)
  • The two rules above do not apply to heathens, heretics, and excommunicated rulers
  • Possessed or Lunatic rulers can declare claim and holy wars regardless of other traits
  • Besieged holdings' don't reinforce their levies, and their income halved
  • Tribal invasions can't be started against Finns or Catholics
  • Tweaked movement times, reducing movetimes in most terrain by about 30%
  • Pagans don't get dejure county claims upon others of the same religion
  • The AI is considerably less likely to attempt to gain independence from their dejure liege, unless the rebeller's title is king-level. Rebellion odds remain the same, but they'll be more likely to use another CB
  • Increased the cost of declaring war on allies to 150 prestige
  • Made it impossible for non-muslims to use the county-conquest CB
  • Tweaked the crusade weights so Muslims typically attack further east when declaring a Jihad upon Byzantium
  • Dejure wars terminate if the dejure title is lost
  • Depose Liege and tyranny rebellions terminate if the liege dies
  • The occupation modifiers increase construction time by 50 to 200%, depending on the type
  • Imperial Reconquest can be used against Muslims
  • The Imperial Reconquest CB has been given strict requirements
  • Characters don't get dejure barony claims on the Pentarchy baronies unless they're Christian
  • Added a 5-year cooldown to the Coastal Republic CB
  • Being at war gives a -20% modifier to tax income
  • Declaring war costs 50 Prestige and 10 Piety
  • Increased the upkeep for levies and mercenaries by ~50%
  • Only Christian merchant republics can use the seize county CB
  • Emperors can only push the claims of close relatives and their spouse
  • Galleys carry 200 men
  • Halved the size of the mercenary galleys
  • Harald Hardråde starts with galleys off of the coast of York
  • The AI is quicker to white peace in stalemates
  • Muslim Invasions and Coastal County CB cannot be declared by rulers with the content, slothful, imbecile, or craven traits
  • Increased the Prestige cost of refusing to join offensive wars to 75, and the cost of refusing to join defensive wars to 150
  • Reduced the Piety gain from sieges by 25%
  • Taking a capital in a war contributes 20% more than a regular holding
  • All revolt CBs let you gain warscore by occupying any attacker's holdings
  • Muslim Invasions vassalize rebelling vassals in the dejure area
  • Tribal Invasions vassalize rebelling vassals in the dejure area, vassalize Christian kingdoms rather than destroying them, no longer end inconclusively if all vassals in the dejure area are rebelling, and can only target adjacent kingdoms
  • Crusades will take the titles of rebelling vassals in the dejure area
  • It is not possible to start a claimant war while your liege is at war, as success causes any defensive wars your liege was involved in to end inconclusively
  • Crusades don't get called against any kingdom other than Jerusalem unless Jerusalem is completely controlled by Christians
  • Crusades can only happen after an event proclaiming the Christian world's quest to reclaim the holy land is triggered
  • Light infantry, archers, knights, and pikemen are somewhat more vulnerable during the pursue phase
  • Light cavarly is 50% more destructive during the pursue phase, and twice as destructive as light infantry in the skirmish phase
  • It is impossible to forge claims upon anyone who don't either border you or share a sea zone with you
  • It is not possible to fabricate claims on the capitals merchant republics. It is still possible to fabricate claims on their non-capital provinces
  • The capital of a merchant republic can be conquered using the republican "seize county" CB, but only if it is their last province and they only have 0 or 1 trade-post left
  • France, HRE, and the Byzantines are less likely to expand via holy war
  • The AI is no longer an idiot when it comes to assaults. It'll wait until it has at least 20 times as many soldiers as the defending garrisons, rather than 6
  • When a Crusade is won, if the target title already exists and is held by someone of a different religion it will be destroyed then recreated by the winner, ensuring that a Crusader State can be created
  • If the target title of a Crusade exists, it must either be held by another catholic or by the target
  • Made participating in battles a bit more (25%) important when it comes to gaining war contribution (E.G., in crusades)
  • Reduced the size of liege levies by 10% to more accurately correspond with levy laws
  • Doubled the frequency of combat events
  • Fixed bad siege events being more likely if you had high martial, and vice versa (vanilla issue)
  • Removed all random chances of injury or death in battle. This can only happen via the Duel Engine
  • Added small chances of being wounded, maimed, rendered incapable, or dying upon losing a battle
  • The "Become King" ambition reduces the Subjugation cooldown to 3 years rather than eliminating it entirely
  • Content, Craven, stressed, depressed, or Slothful rulers cannot take the Become King ambition, nor use the Subjugation CB. AI rulers won't use them if they're not ambitious unless they're offensive Pagans
  • Only dukes and independent counts can take the Become King ambition
  • Halved the Piety gain from winning a Subjugation war
  • The Subjugation CB costs 100 prestige
  • The Subjugation CB only works against titles you border
  • Unless the target you're subjugating is in the same kingdom as your capital, you must be Brave, Ambitious, or Diligent
  • The Invasion CB doesn't apply the "Recently Conquered" modifier
  • You need to be Ambitious, Diligent, Zealous, Wroth, or Brave to use the pagan county conquest CB, and it is on the same cooldown as holy wars. It costs 100 prestige and 50 piety
  • Merged the Pagan Holy War into the regular holy war CB, since there's no functional difference between the two
  • Prepared Invasion forces can no longer be inherited
  • The County Conquest CBs count as holy wars, thus letting characters of the same religion as the target join in defense
  • The Muslim Invasion CB cannot be used if the attacker's decadence is above 50%
  • The Pagan Subjugation CB can only target kingdoms you have (directly or via a vassal) at least one title within
  • Increased galley maintenance cost by 1/3
  • The truce from Tribal Invasions lasts 5 years rather than 1
  • Unreformed West African Pagans get defensive attrition
  • Halved the troop loss for the besieger for most siege events
  • Increased the effect of martial on combat modifiers by 50%
  • The Ilkhanate spawns further south, attacking the kingdom of Persia rather than Khiva. This should lead to them expanding in the correct direction more often
  • Mongol event forces take 10% of normal attrition rather than no attrition
  • Mongols cannot use the Tribal Invasion CB on other Mongols until year 1350
  • Vassals will always provide a general for their levies regardless of their opinion of their liege. This should ensure fewer leaderless battles
  • Added a Baqt province modifier to Cairo and all of Ethiopia giving a decent tax bonus in order to simulate the Baqt
  • The Baqt can be violated by either party, removing the restrictions on war between Muslims and Ethiopians, but also removing the Baqt province modifiers
  • Crusades can only be called on Jerusalem and kingdoms with at least one Catholic province in them
  • Increased levy maintenance by ~50%
  • Reduced the severity of liege levy drop-off based on dejure status (70%, 60%, 50%, 40% instead of 100%, 75%, 50%, 35%, 25%). Overall levies will be roughly the same for small rulers, and slightly higher for large rulers
  • Halved the prestige from looting
  • To loot at the maximum rate you need 1000 soldiers rather than 500
  • Halved the amount of loot boats can carry
  • Doubled the rate of looting, but reduced the amount looted by 25%
  • Lootable gold in a province replenishes 20% slower
  • Looted holdings have their income reduced by 66% rather than 50%
  • Looted holdings don't gain reinforcements
  • Reduced the amount of gold protected from raids by fort level by 25%
  • Retinues cost 25% of their max maintenance even when not reinforcing
  • All military buildings give +20 to retinue caps for each level
  • Castles give a base retinue of 50
  • Halved the cost of hiring retinues
  • Reduced the size of retinue units to 250 men (doesn't affect the # of men you can raise, just makes it more precise)
  • Barons and single province non-independent counts cannot have retinues. The player is exempt from this restriction
  • Retinues only increase by 50% per tech level (from 200%)
  • Holdings give 4 retinue points (from 6)
  • Made the AI more likely to use its cultural retinue rather than generic retinues
  • Integrated the additional cultural retinues SWMH adds
  • Warrior Cult gives Light/Heavy Infantry and Archers, fort-level (+1), levy size (-25%, to give a declining campaign-start advantage), tech growth (-50%), offensive/defensive heavy infantry boost (+10%), and garrison size (-25%)
  • Added a Warrior Cult building to Pagan temples and cities
  • Castles give 5 heavy cavalry
  • Reduced the base tax income from cities from 12 to 10
  • Removed the port building; coastal cities earn a lot more than inland cities without it due to merchant republics
  • Marketplaces give galleys, like ports used to
  • Added a low maintenace cost to all military buildings
  • Reduced the levy gain from building keeps by 80%
  • Reduced the levies from walls by 80%
  • Reduced the garrison gain from building keeps by 40%
  • Increased the income the trade post buildings give
  • Reduced the base troop amounts from the 3 main holding types some, as buildings are easier to get in 1.10
  • Increased the tech requirements for most buildings slightly
  • Reduced the number of prebuilt buildings in 1066
  • Reduced the base fort level of castles by 1
  • Reduced the galleys from shipyards to two per level. Halved the cost and reduced the building time of all levels to 1 year
  • There are only two levels of shipyards
  • Reduced the number of ships from each level of marketplace by 1
  • Reduced the base number of ships from castles by 1, and from cities by 2
  • The Warrior Cult building gives 2 galleys
  • Removed the 50% increase to all costs (added in vanilla 1.10)
  • The Warrior Cult building reduces tech point game somewhat
  • The Warrior Cult building is not available to Reformed Pagans
Culture buildings:
  • Rebalanced the cultural buildings, making them more consistent
  • There are six tiers rather than four, one per tech level
  • What culture building is available depends on province culture, not owner culture
  • Tier one and two are buildable by everyone
  • Tier three and four are buildable by characters of the same culture group as the province
  • Tier five and six are buildable by characters of the same culture as the province
  • The amount of troops given has been doubled, but levies of other types are slightly reduced. This will hopefully result in different cultures having noticeably different army compositions
  • Added a Basque culture building, giving heavy infantry
  • Split Crown Authority into separate groups of laws for each aspect; crown levies, revokation, internal peace, and external inheritance
  • Absolute Cognatic succession can be imposed by a female ruler as long as she has almost any of the positive nicknames, and isn't content
  • You can appoint army commanders at any crown authority level
  • To change succession law one must have sufficient prestige. Counts need 100, dukes 250, kings 500, and emperors 1000
  • You'll get 0 levies at -50 opinion rather than -25
  • It is possible for non-Celtic players to switch to Tanistry succession with strict requirements
  • The HRE has a unique law reducing their levies and tax, to represent its heavily decentralized nature. A dedicated player can revoke this law
  • It is not possible to enact Free Infidel Revokation, Complete King's/Emperor's Peace, No External Inheritance, or High/Maximum Crown Levies when using Feudal Elective succession. If you've got any of those laws you cannot adopt Feudal Elective succession
  • It is not possible to increase obligation laws as the HRE when the Decentralized HRE law is in effect, nor as the ERE when the Decayed Theme System law is in effect. If someone with above minimum obligations inherits with either law in effet the obligations will be forced down to minimal levels
  • The HRE cannot change succession law when the Decentralized HRE law is in effect
  • Changing gender law requires a certain level of prestige (500 for Agnatic and Agnatic-Cognatic, 1000 for True Cognatic). The prestige is not lost
  • Added Enatic-Cognatic and Enatic succession with some very high restrictions (not present in the Gender Equality module). The AI will never use either
  • It is not possible to move directly from Agnatic to True Cognatic; succession law has to be changed in steps: Agnatic -> Agnatic-Cognatic -> True Cognatic -> Enatic-Cognatic -> Enatic
  • Removed the provincial revolt risk for different culture or religion (in the same religious group)
  • Halved the provincial revolt risk for different religious group and heresy
  • Tweaked tax/levy/garrison/levy-reinforcement values of provinces: same culture group with liege but different culture (-5%), different culture group than liege (-10%), same religion group with but different religion (-10%), different culture group than liege (-20%), heretic provinces (-20%), isolated provinces (-50%)
  • Starting tech is more reasonably distributed, giving appropriate tech to Ethiopia and Sicily, while fixing a few enclaves of high/low tech. To achieve this, some provinces will have the wrong culture or religion on the campaign screen, but return to normal when one hits Play
  • Increased the base chance of gaining tech from 1.25% (1.2% in vanilla) to 2.5%
  • Coastal provinces get +80% to tech
  • Increased neighbor spread from 15% to 130%. From 30% to 156% if in the same religion group
  • Reduced the demesne bonus from 30% to 20%
  • Reduced the focus bonus from 100% to 50%
  • Changed the ideal tech years slightly
  • Every holding in a county gives +8% to tech, to simulate richer provinces growing faster technologically
  • Wall, garrison, town, and port buildings give a small bonus to tech. The bonus is slightly higher for military tech in castles, and slightly higher for economy and culture in cities and temples
  • Various provinces start with a trade post building, increasing tech gain by 30% per tier, as well as giving galleys and taxes. A full list available below
  • Reduced max opinion from tech to 10 (was 16)
  • Reduced max religion flexibility to 25% (was 50%)
  • Reduced max culture flexibility to 30% (was 50%)
  • Reduced max short reign reduction to 4 (was 5)
  • Reduced the demesne tech bonus for emperors to the same level as kings
  • Halved the tech gain from attributes, battle, and councilor events
  • Reduced the opinion bonus from technology to 8 (from 12/10)
  • Upped the length of the 'granted a x' modifiers to 120, 180, 240, 360, 720 (barony, county, duchy, kingdom, empire)
  • Reduced the opinion penalty for feudal taxes by 5
  • Reduced the vassal opinion bonus for Feudal Elective by 10
  • Increased the dynasty opinion bonus for Seniority by 5
  • Increased the opinion bonus for same dynasty by 5
  • Reduced the opinion penalty for having a female heir by 5
  • Reduced the opinion bonus from defending against infidels to 15
  • Reduced the opinion penalty from wrong government type by 10
  • The opinion penalties for murder no longer expire
  • The opinion penalty for executing someone's child no longer expires
  • Reduced the vassal opinion bonus from Free Investiture to 5 (was 10)
  • Reduced the bishop opinion bonus from Free Investiture to 15 (was 25)
  • Increased the infidel opinion penalty to -50
  • Prestige and Piety give a max of +10 opinion. Opinion is gained half as slowly from each
  • The long reign modifier only starts after reigning for 20 years
  • Characters get -40 opinion towards heretics (was -35)
  • Increased the opinion penalty for forcing religious conversion from -10 to -20
  • Reduced the opinion bonus for crushing a major revolt to 10
  • Increased the base short reign length to 8 years (was 5)
  • Subjugating someone only gives +30 to opinion rather than +75, and 20 if they're a different religion
  • Content no longer gives a bonus to vassal opinion
  • The Ambitious childhood personality event twice as common if one of the child's parents, or the child himself, is vassal to an emperor
  • Made the Content childhood personality event half as common if one of the child's parents, or the child himself, is vassal to an emperor
  • Gave the Holy Roman Emperor the Content trait
  • Reduced the Diplomacy of the Polish king by 2 so as to weaken Poland slightly
  • Removed the Sultan of Marracech's claims
  • Harald Hardråde's claim on England is weak
  • Gave Robert of Apulia claims upon Epirus and Dyrrachion
  • At any campaign start between 1066 and Robert of Apulia's death in 1085 he's attacking the Byzantines in a Claim All war
  • Robert of Apulia starts with a moderately large force raised in Lecce
  • The duke of Apulia is Ambitious
  • Ensured that an insignificant French courtier doesn't start with a weak claim on Barcelona
  • All Vlach counties east of the Dniester are Tengri/Pecheneg
  • The Kama province os Komi culture and Suomenusko religion (was Tengri/Cuman, surrounded by Komi/Suomenusko and Turkish/Sunni)
  • The Mozhaysk province has Russian culture and Orthodox religion (was Komi/Suomenusko, surrounded by Russian/Orthodox)
  • The Derbent province has Persian culture and Sunni religion (was Armenian/Orthodox, surrounded by various other cultures and religions, with a Persian/Sunni liege)
  • The Kuma province has Alan culture (was Turkish, primarily done to improve survival) and the Semender province Persian (the change to Kuma made it isolated from Turkish culture)
  • The Livonian rulers are the correct culture and religion
  • The Livonian, Mordevin, Komi, and Ugric-Baltic rulers and the count of Lappland have correct cultures and religions
  • All of Muslim-controlled Iberia is Muslim and Andalusian
  • Thessalia is Greek
  • Reduced the number of holdings at game start in northern Muslim Iberia
  • Sicily starts with Sicilian culture in the 1130 start and onwards
  • Made the province of Dwin Persian and Sunni (controlled by Muslims since the 8th century)
  • Gave the county of Ingria some shipyards so Rurik actually has a few ships
  • Moved the counties of Yatvyagi and Jacwiez from Mazovia to Lithuania, Galaz from Karvuna to Moldau, Kasogs from Abzhakia to Alania, Grisons from Lombardy to Upper Burgundy, Viken from Västergötland to Østlandet, Oleshye from Crimea to Moldau, Chelmno from Pomeralia to Prussia, and Abydos from the Aegan Islands to Samos
  • Gave the county of Torki to the Pechenegs
  • Al-Andalus is formable by non-Andalusians if they hold every duchy in it
  • Added a city to Pohjanmaa
  • Divided the Duchy of Moldau into Moldau and Belgorod
  • Divided the Byzantine into several dejure kingdoms: Thessalonika, Epirus, Bulgaria Nikaea, Iconium, Cilicia, and Trebizond
  • Divided the Kingdom of Rus into Novgorod and Kiev. The respective duchies are required to form/usurp them
  • Added a Crimean kingdom. Having the duchy of Crimea is required to form/usurp it
  • Made Alania a de jure kingdom
  • Pomerania is not part of any empire
  • Germany is divided into Saxony and Bavaria
  • Split Savoie in two; A Burgundian and an Italian part
  • Made the Alps look a bit better
  • Added a mountain pass between Tirol and Trent
  • Iceland is a dejure, unformed kingdom so as to make annexation by Norway less likely
  • Added a 3rd province to Iceland; Suðisland
  • Added impassable mountains between Norway and Finland, between Lappland and Finland, and between Kemi and Kola
  • Valladolid is a vassal of Castille in 1066
  • Viscaya is a vassal of Navarre in 1066. Ceded to Castille in 1076
  • Porto is part of Portugal rather than Galicia
  • Added new provinces: Teruel to Navarra, Pontevedra to Galicia, and Huesca to Aragon
  • Gave the Kingdom of Thessalonika a more historical coat of arms
  • Added a kingdom of Cilicia (dejure area: Armenia Minor) which has a holder from 1199
  • Improved the borders at the intersection of Tarsos, Adana, Tyana, and Lykandos; Tyana and Adana no longer border, while Tarsos and Lykandos now border
  • Amisos no longer border Koloneia
  • Redrew some of the borders in western Byzantium
  • Merged the duchies of Dyrrachion and Vidin to form the duchy of Bulgaria
  • Rashka is independent from Byzantium in 1066 (conquered by Duklja and given to the ruler's son at some point during the 60s)
  • Bira is part of the duchy of Edessa
  • Forming the kingdom of Pomerania requires holding the duchy of Mecklenburg and either Pomerania or Pomeralia
  • Added a few more starting holdings in Southern Iberia
  • Moved the duchy of Galicia from Galicia to Leon. Galicia is titular
  • Created a Bulgarian Empire that exists from after the Bulgarian revolt in 1185. Dejure lands are Bulgaria and Serbia
  • Redrew the northern border of Mainz to make the borders in the area less jagged
  • Flanders is dejure French
  • Merged the sea zones of Iceland and Faroya
  • Made much of Bulgaria Bogomilist after year 950, as it was historically a Bogomilist stronghold
  • Norwegians have a chance of their children being named after their (grand)parent, the same values as Danes and Swedes have
  • Syphilis renamed to Gonorrhea as there is little evidence Syphilis was present in Europe at the time
  • Tweaked the colors of Bohemian and Polish culture to make them more distinct
  • Irish duchesses and queens are called queens and high queens
  • Most Christian titles (Prince-bishop and similar) have female versions
  • Russian kings are called Grand Duke/Duchess
  • Changed the color of various titles
  • Linked various names for the purposes of regnal numbering
  • Made the borders of a few provinces in Pomerania follow the rivers more closely
  • Added Slovene culture, and made Carinthia Slovene
  • Ensured that Toscana is Matilda of Toscana's primary title
  • Added a small cost to hiring priests; half the cost of hiring other courtiers
  • Added decisions to hire spies, diplomats, and soldiers
  • Saxon infantry uses the Scandinavian sprites (except shields) as this is more historical
  • Added Norwegian and Danish names for Austisland
  • Added Scandinavian names for Sudisland
  • Made Novgorod a more likely AI primary title
  • Made Chernigov a more likely AI primary title
  • The Russian dukes all start with Agnatic Succession
  • Renamed Ostlandet to Østlandet
  • Updated the CoA of Bulgaria (duchy and kingdom)
  • Updated the coats of arms in Iceland
  • The province of Viken is named Ranrike (historical name) when not under Norse rule
  • Pagans and Zoroastrians have random CoAs, since the defined CoAs often only make sense for Christians
  • Dublin is called Dyflin if part of a Norse realm
  • Made Norse religion blue, Slavic religion greenish, and Zoroastrianism red
  • Scandinavia and Britannia will have raven CoAs (black and white) if held by Norse Pagans
  • The Scandinavian kingdoms have Norse Pagan CoAs defined rather than using random ones
  • Turkish emperors are called Sultan rather than Padishah (historical: Ottoman and Seljuk empires)
  • Greek characters can form Italia
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Full list of changes (part 2):
  • Vassals are more likely to plot to lower crown authority against emperors
  • The Prestige, Wealth, and Piety ambitions are not repeatable
  • The Prestige, Wealth, and Piety ambitions have three tiers, so you're more likely to be able to have the ambition available
  • The councilor ambitions require a minimum of 10 points in the relevant skill
  • All women can have becoming spymaster as their ambition
  • Removed the requirement that the target of the "Fabricate Claim" plot is Feudal
  • Added a new ambition: Convert a Province. Available to any adult ruler with a province of a different religion, as long as they're not cynical and have a positive Piety. Upon success the ruler will gain some extra piety, and potentially a good trait. Having the ambition will speed up province conversion by 25%. Stewardship will be reduced by two until the ambition is complete
  • Made the Christian Iberians more likely to plot to murder one another
  • Made men less likely to pick the "Get Married" ambition over other possible ambitions
  • Ambitions can be changed every 2 years rather than 3
  • Made the AI more likely to pick the stat improvement ambitions
  • Added a new faction system. The crown authority faction is replaced by a single faction that is more responsive to the actions of their liege, and have more actions they can take. Every 3 to 7 years they hold a meeting to determine what action they'll take. If they're in a bad mood they might issue an ultimatum to their liege, but if treated well they will not be much of a threat. They're potentially a much greater threat than the old factions however, as the faction is global to the realm rather than specific to a single dejure kingdom or empire
  • Vassals of emperors are 50% more likely to join the Independence faction
  • Made the AI wait until it is a bit stronger before launching a faction demand. Should lead to fewer revolts, but those that happen will be stronger
  • Characters are twice as likely to join the Independence faction if they only border members of the faction
  • Counts will now no longer start Independence factions unless their liege is a duke. They can still join it
  • Reduced the chance of Greek Orthodox characters vassalized to a Greek Orthodox Byzantine/Roman Emperor joining crown authority factions by 90%
  • Characters will no longer join crown authority or independence factions if they're in a claimant faction. They can however still join the Independence faction if they're not a dejure vassal
  • Increased the base chance of joining the Independence faction by 25% in order to compensate for the other changes
  • Reduced the base chance of starting the Independence faction by 25%
  • Characters are only 5% as likely to join the Independence faction if they're a dejure vassal
  • Characters are ten times as likely to join the Independence faction if they consider their liege a heretic
  • Characters are ten times as likely rather than twice as likely to join the Independence faction if their liege is in a different religion group
  • Made the Independence faction wait until it is even stronger before launching its attack
  • The leader of a faction to reduce crown authority will now be imprisoned if the war is lost
  • Reduced the chance of joining the Feudal Elective faction by 50%
  • Characters are now 50% more likely to join the Independence faction if they border another member of the faction
  • Characters are now a lot less likely to join a Claimant faction if the claimant is a child
  • Muslims won't try to gain independence from someone of the same religion if their liege's decadence is below 25%
  • It is no longer possible to start a claimant war while your liege is at war, as success causes any defensive wars your liege was involved in to end inconclusively
  • Muslims are a lot less likely to support a claimant with a decadence over 50%, and will never support a claimant with a decadence over 75%. The only exception is if they're members of the same dynasty
  • Made it more likely for characters with moderately positive opinion of their liege to join factions
  • Non-dejure vassals of an empire will not create claimant factions, as they are more likely to want independence. They're also a lot less likely to support a claimant
  • Reduced the chance of new claimant factions being created if there's already one present for someone else
  • Tweaked some of the weights for independence factions
  • Envious characters might now also start claimant factions in elective realms
  • Children can now join the independence faction (regent pushing them into it)
  • Characters entirely surrounded by independence faction members won't refuse to join the faction just because they like their liege
  • Vassals won't start or join succession law factions if they really like the current heir
  • The AI now waits a bit longer before sending faction ultimatums
  • Character will no longer attempt to gain independence from dukes
  • The Elective Succession faction now requires that the realm have no crown laws except at most low crown levies (previously it only required no King's Peace. Vassals should only be able to force Elective in highly decentralized realms
  • Vassals will no longer try to install a women without a strong claim
  • Factions can no longer try to install claimants with weak claims unless the claim could be pushed normally
  • The AI will no longer try to remove/lower one of the crown laws unless it dislikes the liege or is ambitious, deceitful, or envious
  • Giving in to an Independence faction's demands no longer gives you any claims
  • Vassalized mercenaries, holy orders, and religious heads will not join factions
  • Vassals won't start/join factions for 10 years after crushing a major revolt unless their opinion of their liege is below -25
  • The HRE losing an independence war causes all non-dejure vassals to become independent
  • Removed Brittany from Francia
  • Removed Finland from Scandinavia
  • All empires (except Arabia and the Mali Empire)) display as kingdom-level, E.G., King of Scandinavia, not Emperor of Scandinavia
  • All the empires have short names, E.G., Scandinavia rather than Kingdom of Scandinavia
  • Added Italian, Abyssinian, Mali, and Polish-Lithuanian empires
  • Bretons can form Brittany
  • To form an empire you need to hold or control all territory of each dejure kingdom within it (some exceptions for certain titles)
  • Renamed Russia to Rus
  • Renamed the Arabian Empire to Arabia
  • When the Roman Empire is reformed, the Holy Roman Empire becomes the German Realm instead. It is still empire-level, but its rulers will be called Kings
  • You now only need 75% of all an empire's provinces to form it (from 80%)
  • You now only need 60% of all an empire's provinces to usurp it (from 80%)
  • It is not possible to form more than one empire. You now need to be an adult, have ruled for at least five years, and at peace in order to form an empire
  • Norse characters can now form Britannia
  • Added a decision to create random characters for your courtiers to marry, on a per courtier basis
  • Added a decision to marry your courtiers to one another where possible
  • Added a decision that toggles the two decisions above
  • Added decisions to hire soldiers, spies, and diplomats
  • The AI will use the employment decisions if it can afford it, and does not have a skilled character either filling that position, or available for filling the position
  • Added a decision that lets you check if war upon allies is possible
  • Added a decision letting you request a dejure title from your liege (vanilla has a similar event, but it is rather rare). The AI can only make the request if it is greedy, envious, or ambitious. The decision can only be taken once per character
  • Added decisions to create the Holy Roman Empire if one's king of both East or West Francia and Italy
  • Added decisions to release, ransom, or execute all prisoners
  • Split crown authority into several sets of laws, each law only affecting a single type of privilege
  • Tax and levy laws have been replaced by a tax vs. levies slider which does not affect opinion, and an increased obligations slider which reduces opinion the higher it is set
  • Reduced prestige from having vassals (barons by -25%, others by -50%) and holding titles (county and higher by -25%)
  • Increased the prestige cost of revoking titles by 50%
  • Newborns get half as much prestige from their dynasty
  • Holding an empire gives the same amount of prestige as a kingdom
  • Increased the prestige cost of destroying a kingdom title to 500 (was 400)
  • Being a councilor gives 0.25 prestige per month rather than 0.015 (spies and court chaplains get less)
  • Being a court chaplain gives 0.1 piety and 0.15 prestige per month rather than just 0.015 piety per month
  • Being a spymaster gives 0.15 prestige per month
  • Characters get prestige upon becoming a councilor, ranging from 50 for count-level lieges to 200 for emperor-level lieges. Spymasters get half this amount. Firing and rehiring a councilor will not give the bonus again
  • Increased the cost of building trade posts from 150 to 185
  • Reduced the tax income of trade posts (6 to 5) and family palaces (10 to 8)
  • The Seize Coastal City CB can now only be used if you own a trade-post in the same province
  • Muslim Trade Republics now get -40% to tax income in order to slow down their growth. Do note that due to how this stacks with Stewardship, it will in practice not be a 50% decrease in income
  • Dejure claims can no longer be used on merchant republics in the same realm
  • Gave the duke of Novgorod and his son weak claims on the county of Ingria so as to encourage the formation of the Republic of Novgorod
  • Trade-post costs go up 150% more by distance
  • Patrician elections are now somewhat less predictable
  • Reduced the effect of the campaign fund on elections by 40%
  • Increased the opinion bonus/penalty for trade post costs by about 90%
  • The Intrigue education traits makes the AI more amoral (more likely to join plots and such)
  • The Diplomacy and Learning education traits makes the AI more moral
  • The first tier of each education trait makes the AI less ambitious. The two last tiers makes the AI more ambitious (except for Learning)
  • Celibate characters now dislike Hedonists -10 rather than -5
  • Reduced the opinion bonus from Born in the Purple from 10 to 3
  • Halved the opinion bonus of Strong, Diligent, Kind, Brave, Just, Sayyid, and Hajajj to 5
  • Reduced the opinion bonus from Gregarious from 5 to 3 (+2 diplomacy gives extra opinion already)
  • Reduced the opinion bonus lieges get from Content characters from 50 to 3
  • Reduced the opinion penalty from ambitious to 30
  • Almost all Lifestyle traits give 2 stat points
  • Reduced Diplomacy gain from many traits
  • There is a low chance of inheriting genetic traits from one's grandparents upon birth. For most genetic traits you get a 5% chance of inheritance per grandparent that has it
  • Doubled the chance of being randomly born with most congenital traits
  • Made the Seljuks hold the Persian Empire
  • The Seljuks start with their army raised in Amida
  • Byzantium has a modifier until 1075 reducing their morale and morale recovery by 20%
  • Extended the Persian Empire to include Armenia and Syria
  • Gave the Seljuks an additional castle in Qazwin, Rayy, Mazandaran, and Tabaristan
  • Gave the Seljuks level 1 barracks in all cities and temples
  • Increased the Seljuk Sultan's Diplomacy by 4
  • Azerbaijan is a vassal of the Seljuks
  • Gave the Seljuk Sultan claims on eastern Anatolia and Debrent
  • Only provinces of the Byzantine culture-group starts with walls, castle upgrades, and militia buildings within Byzantium (also applies gives walls to any Byzantine culture-group provinces outside Byzantium). Starting buildings in general are tied to the Byzantine culture-group rather than the empire
  • Removed Ambitious from the duke of Mosul
  • Reduced the size of the Varangian Guard to 1800 men
  • Made Aleppo and Edessa vassals of the Seljuks
  • Alexios Komnenos has a claim upon the Byzantine Empire in 1066 rather than 1072
  • Ensured the Byzantines don't start with any Content vassals due to random trait generation
  • Reduced the size of the Ghilman mercenary band to 3600 men
  • The Seljuk Sultanate starts with Title Revocation Allowed
  • The Seljuk Sultantate only holds e_persia, not k_persia
  • The Byzantines will set Constantinople as their capital even when the Legacy of Rome DLC isn't enabled
  • Added an event with strict conditions that causes the Seljuks to invade Anatolia and them form an independent Sultanate of Rum. Causes Cilicia to cease being dejure Byzantine, and all of Iconium to become dejure Rum instead
  • Rulers won't get the Holy War CB for free (due to same-religion provinces) against the Rum Sultanate. If the other conditions are met, Holy War can still be declared
  • The Rum Sultanate gets a large boost to religious conversion until year 1200
  • The Sultan of Rum gets a modifier for 10 years after the formation of Rum which makes them immune to holy wars and gives them some temporary bonuses, making it more likely for them to survive (especially considering half their provinces will have "recently conquered" modifiers)
  • The Ghilman mercenary band is transfered to Rum upon its formation
  • Added an event chain for the independence of Antioch and Cilicia after the Rum Sultanate is formed
  • The independence of Antioch and Cilicia causes Rum and Armenia to cease to be dejure parts of Byzantium
  • Increased the length of the character modifier the first Sultan of Rum gets to 15 years
  • The Rum Sultanate gets a 8000-man non-reinforcable army when formed to help them survive
  • When Rum is formed their capital will be converted to Turkish culture, giving them a chance of spreading their culture to Anatolia
  • Rum being formed prevents the Byzantine Empire from using the Imperial Reconquest CB for 15 years
  • Turkish culture spreads a third as quickly to coastal provinces (unless the Byzantines fail to retake the coast), and thrice as quickly to inland provinces. Turks can no longer spread culture via ports
  • Added an event following the formation of Rum that causes the Bulgarian Empire to become a dejure title consisting of Bulgaria and Serbia. It also adds severe negative modifiers to South Slavic provinces in the Byzantine Empire unless the Byzantine Emperor chooses to give them increased autonomy, handing over all titles held by non-Bulgarians in the Bulgarian Empire to a Bulgarian who becomes king of Bulgaria while remaining a vassal
  • If the Byzantines manage to retake all of Rum, the kingdom of Iconium is restored dejure, and it and Cilicia becomes dejure Byzantium
  • The Byzantines start with a "Decayed Theme System" law, reducing their levies and taxes. The system can be reformed with enough political will and ability, and its penalties will disappear entirely if the Roman Empire is reformed
  • Reforming the Roman Empire is only possible if the Theme System has been at least partially reformed. Reforming the empire will replace the theme law with the equivalent Crown Levies law
  • The kingdoms in Byzantium cannot be created by vassals of the empire
  • The Byzantine Empire uses Agnatic succession
  • Halved the size of the Mamluk mercenary band
  • The Mamluks are Turkish
  • The Fatimid ruler starts heavily in debt; he could barely afford to pay his army at the time
  • Reduced the Fatimids' diplomacy
  • Gave the Seljuks claims upon the Fatimid duchies east of Sinai
  • Gave the Fatimid Sultan a few starting traits (content, humble, and slothful) based on how he dealt with the Fatimid famine and civil war
  • Weakened the Fatimids by having the Caliph start with a much smaller demesne
  • Made almost all of the Shia Fatimid provinces Sunni
  • Egypt doesn't exist until 1171 when Saladin took power. The Caliphate is instead kingdom-tier
867 start:
  • When Hungary is formed the Pechenegs get an event to move into their former territory, and Russians end up with the Russian provinces
  • The Magyars doesn't get a second doomstack upon forming Hungary
  • Removed the Abbassids' immense claims
  • Finnmark is independent
  • The county of Ranrike is independent, as there is no reliable evidence it was under Danish rule at the time; Harald Hårfagre was able to invade it without reprisal
  • Reduced the size of Bagsecg's scripted army some
  • The Seljuks don't spawn so ridiculously far north, so they're far less likely to expand into the Steppe
  • The province of Torki starts as Hungarian
Included 3rd-party mods:
Council Shuffling mini-mod - By The_Chancellor
Lotharinga and Lowlands mod - By Darrigan
North African Expansion mod - By Korbah
Icelandic Republic - By Birdboy2000
Hormuz Republic - By Cybrxkhan
Somali Republic - By Cybrxkhan
Aden Republic - By Jordarkelf
Novgorod Republic - By neondt
Hamburg Republic - ]By Thure
Old Age - By Cybrxkhan
Sniggles' Bookmarks - By Sniggles
Catholics Can Unite the Schism - By NovaCuro
VIET Traits - By cybrxkhan
Dungeons and Sieges - By waylit1
New Duel Engine - By jordarkelf based on work by Galle
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If you feel like you should be on this credit list, or that your entry is inaccurate, please send me a PM.
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What do you think about adding elements of the Rise of Empires mod?

I like the idea of creating new titular empires when you accumulate a ton of kingdoms.
1.0.2 released!
Should be save-game compatible. Certain changes will only apply to new campaigns.

Various changes:
  • Reduced the Holy Roman Emperor's Diplomacy by 3
  • Limited Crown Authority is required to declare holy war on pagans
  • Emperors with any kings/dukes at under -10 opinion need Medium Crown Authority to declare holy war
  • Kings with any dukes at under -10 opinion need Limited Crown Authority to declare holy war
  • Emperors need to have above -15 relations with all duke/king vassals to increase Crown Authority
  • It is now impossible to forge claims upon a duchy held by someone of another religion (primarily to prevent some silly expansion)
  • Converting pagans takes 50% longer
  • Moved the duchy of Pomerania from Poland to Germany
  • Moved the counties of Yatvyagi and Jacwiez from Mazovia to Lithuania
  • Moved the county of Galaz from Karvuna to Moldau
  • Gave the county of Torki to the Pechenegs
Building changes:
  • Gave all Pecheneg counties the Small Riding Grounds building at campaign start. Removed wall-level 2 requirement for Pechenegs
  • Gave Finno-Ugric cultures access to the Baltic Infantry Camp
  • Gave Pommerians access to the Baltic Infantry Camp
  • Removed wall-level 2 requirement from Small Warrior Gathering Ground for Pagans, thus giving them it at campaign start
  • Reduced light infantry from warrior cult by 50
  • Reduced archers from warrior cult by 20
  • Gave Pagans level 1 military tech at campaign start (was 0)
  • Gave the Warrior Cult building -25% tech growth
  • Gave the Warrior Cult building a 10% offensive and defensive boost to heavy infantry
  • Gave the Warrior Cult building a 25% penalty to garrison size (they're still much larger than everyone else's garrisons)
  • Gave the Altaic Horse Breededs building a 10% offensive and defensive penalty to heavy infantry
The religious map after a 100-year hands-off campaign:
Do note that some of the changes listed above were not yet implemented (most notably the 50% slower pagan conversion), so it is not entirely accurate. And of course, every campaign is different so you might get quite different results.
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Did... something crazy happen to the Papacy in that religious map? Or does it always look different from other catholics?

Also, I would say keep Rise of Empires out of this one, and keep the 'vanilla' flavor. Of course, it is your mod, but, it would be cool to have a Balance mod out there that doesn't go overboard with the changes, and operates more as an "unofficial patch". :)
Did... something crazy happen to the Papacy in that religious map? Or does it always look different from other catholics?

Also, I would say keep Rise of Empires out of this one, and keep the 'vanilla' flavor. Of course, it is your mod, but, it would be cool to have a Balance mod out there that doesn't go overboard with the changes, and operates more as an "unofficial patch". :)
That's just a few Orthodox provinces south of Rome. Some Orthodox guys ended up ruling Sicily towards the end of the hands-off game.
Not sure what is up, but with your newest update, Crown Laws are acting funky. What normally is a game-opening move by the AI for Norway (No Crown Authority to Low) in vanilla/1.0.1 is now locked out in 1.0.2? With a bunch of extra stuff.

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This looks good. Playing CK+ right now, but will give this a spin. I don't think you and Wiz have much difference on philosophy. I hope you consider working together, or at least borrow heavily from each other.
Not sure what is up, but with your newest update, Crown Laws are acting funky. What normally is a game-opening move by the AI for Norway (No Crown Authority to Low) in vanilla/1.0.1 is now locked out in 1.0.2? With a bunch of extra stuff.

Hmm. You should be able to increase authority. I'll look into it.

What do you mean by this?
You can now play pagans and muslims as well. However they're quite lacking in some department, and it is thus not likely to be a very interesting campaign.
Also, I would say keep Rise of Empires out of this one, and keep the 'vanilla' flavor. Of course, it is your mod, but, it would be cool to have a Balance mod out there that doesn't go overboard with the changes, and operates more as an "unofficial patch". :)

This, a thousand times this :cool:
Not sure what is up, but with your newest update, Crown Laws are acting funky. What normally is a game-opening move by the AI for Norway (No Crown Authority to Low) in vanilla/1.0.1 is now locked out in 1.0.2? With a bunch of extra stuff.

I've found the cause of the issue, and will release a patch to deal with it later today.
1.0.3 released!
Should be save-game compatible. Certain changes will only affect new campaigns.

Various changes:

  • Forests now give the defender 20% higher defense for light infantry, and 10% offense
  • Forests now give the defender 15% higher defense for heavy infantry, and 7.5% offense
  • The Warrior Cult gives a 1.0 increase to fort-level
  • Elective succession's bonus to vassal relations reduced to 5
  • Removed the barony of Brzesko from Krakow to weaken Poland slightly
  • Reduced the Diplomacy of the Polish king by 2 so as to weaken Poland slightly
  • Pagan provinces now take 100% longer to convert (as compared to vanilla)
  • Provinces take twice as long to convert if they don't border any provinces of your religion
Holy War changes:

  • Set Holy War truces back to 10 years
  • Dukes and below cannot declare holy war on provinces they don't border
  • Ensured that imprisoned vassals won't prevent you from going on holy war or increasing crown authority
  • Kings with any dukes at under -10 opinion need Medium Crown Authority to declare holy war on Pagans
De Jure changes:

  • Anatolian Byzantium is now de jure Rum, which will hopefully weaken the Byzantines a little
  • Navarra is now a de jure kingdom
  • Al-Andalus is formable by non-Muslims if they hold every duchy in it
Crown Authority changes:

  • Fixed an issue with crown authority being unchangeable
  • To call a vote for Limited Crown Authority one needs all duke/king vassals above -25 opinion. -20 if one is an emperor.
  • To call a vote for Medium Crown Authority one needs all duke/king vassals above -20 opinion. -15 if one is an emperor.
  • To call a vote for High Crown Authority one needs all duke/king vassals above -15 opinion. -10 if one is an emperor.
  • To call a vote for Absolute Crown Authority one needs all duke/king vassals above -10 opinion. -5 if one is an emperor.
Culture/Religion changes:

  • The Livonian rulers are now the correct culture and religion
  • The Mordevin rulers are now the correct culture and religion
  • The Komi rulers are now the correct culture
  • The Ugric-Baltic rulers are now the correct culture
  • The count of Lappland is now the correct religion
1.0.4 released!
Should be save-game compatible. Certain changes will only affect new campaigns.

Building changes:
  • Added a Warrior Cult building to Pagan temples and cities, giving 50 light and heavy infantry, 50 archers, 0.5 fort levels, and -15% garrison size
  • Warrior Cult now gives 60 more light infantry
  • Warrior Cult now gives 100 more heavy infantry
  • Warrior Cult now gives -10% levy size (causes them to have a larger advantage at campaign start, but it slowly declines)
  • Lappish castles start with level 1 walls
  • Fixed Pommeranians not getting access to the Baltic Infantry Camp
  • Fixed the Baltic Infantry Camp not being present in pagan settlements upon campaign start
Other changes:
  • Increased base military tech for Pagans to 1.25.