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Uhhhmmmm progress???

hi everyone,

I haven´t been here for a while...
but where are we right now :confused:
It just seems like works are going slow

personally I am prepearing a new mod and dont have much time left for this (expecting to leave mod team soon :eek: )
maximus could you reply on this since you´re team leader ;)
MaximusII said:
I know, they are cool :)
good, good
Im triyng to find sites for Finnish OOBs 39
(they are really hard to find :( )
You really should just buy books. What do you think Paradox did to get the OOB of Shanxi, or Mongolia, or Rep/Nat Spain? Like you're really going to find Shanxi's OOB on the net? Most historians may just lump these minor states into more ''major'' states.
Or you can just go to the library and look for some books about the Finnish Winterwar, atelast something should be there about the OOB...
Or you can just go to our Military Archive and see which divisons were used in Finland...
OK, I need to know how each and everyone has done now...
Please write a list or upload what you have done.
This is urgent, I want to put everything togheter so maybe we can realase the first version just in time for spring brake :)