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Sep 29, 2019
I am trying to create some custom logos sourced from Anno 2205. I've followed some guides and managed to create a logo that shows up to be selected from the Company Logos before starting a new game. The logo appears in the top center of the screen (so the mod is enabled), as it does for other default selections, but doesn't show up on actual models in the game.

Within the mod editor, the original .pngs import fine to create the .tga file. I've compared my .tgas with the .tgas of other other custom logos from the plaza (specifically filimaldonado133's Galactic Republic), and there is no difference in the image properties. I've checked the mod data between what I've created and his mod, and all the same fields are filled in. I've tried test mods with extremely short IDs and other information that don't use special characters (e.g. space, underscore, etc) just in case that was the problem, but no changes.

(It occurs to me that the .tga file is probably just to view it in the UI, whereas the .dds files would be what's used on the models in game; however, I don't have a program to view .dds files to verify whether they're not simply blank.)

At this point I don't understand why it does not work. My last assumption is that has something to do with original pre-import image; maybe something to do with how Gimp (2.8.22) exports pngs? But I am not a graphic designer by any means, so I am not familiar with the nuances of image programs.

I'm at a loss at what else I could try or check. Any suggestions?