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Nov 30, 2006
Can somebody help me, I recently purchased a copy of EU1 & for a while everything ran well.
But I now cannot read the CD on my computer, the CD drive works fine & the disc is good & works on another computer. I have even copied to a flash drive & attempted to run from that both with & without the CD in the computer.
I get an error message saying 'Error EU CD not found" everytime I attempt to run the game.

What can I do to get the game working again?

Nikolai II

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To be honest - if the CD used to work on your computer, and still works on another computer, the error is probably dependant upon your computer.

Maybe your CD laser is dirty enough to be unable to find the EU CD? Or, more exactly, does the EU CD still work with the autostart, can your computer find it but the game can't, or can neither computer nor game find it?


Dec 22, 2007
This sounds a lot like my problem, except that this is the first time I installed EU on this machine. It installs fine from CD, but when I start the game, it says "EU CD not found". I'm wondering if the problem could be that my CD drive is not D: but Z:.

PominOz, did you do something to change the way your drives are organised before this problem occurred?