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Axis powers

Jun 25, 2018
Good morning to everybody,

I installed the mod 1.05 of DH, but I noticed that in the scenarios of 1942.1943,1944 and 1945 it blows the alliance between Axis and Japan. In practice, Japan and outside the Tripartite block.
Another questions: I see when I play game with Italy, Germany does not send forces to Africa to help you and Japan does not attack Russia, but the United States but does not become part of the Tripartite.
Can not the parameters be changed? Make Axis forces more collaborative? It is to create two events that allow on the one hand that Japan opens the second front against Russia with the fall of Moscow and Leningrad. Or if they attack the United States, Italy and Germany and Japan are part of the only military alliance but in this case Japan is not at war with Russia.