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Oct 10, 2010
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I'm playing HOI 1 in Windows 7. It work's perfect! However, when I save the computer freezes.

Sometimes I can see a window saying Critical error of some sort.

I've tried running it as administrator and also compatible with XP sp 3 and sp 2. No luck though.

Any ideas??


Apr 30, 2009
Sounds very strange to me. I have played HoI 1 Under windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7 On diffrent PC's and never had any troubbles saving, or troubble at all it always have worked great. :)
Nor have i needed to start it as Administrator or compatible with XP or such.
Do you have any harddrive errors? Or encounter any problems with other games or such? ( I assume you have checked you have space on your hd and have it not cryptated or write protected or anything like that?)
Can you use Cntr-Alt-Del or use the windows button or anything or does it completly hang itself?
Have you tried to start a new game to see if the error is ralated to your current game?
Do you use the same version or mod of the game as on a previous windows system?
Have you checked in the savefile directory if the game produce a working savefile before hanging itself? Or is the save file curupted or broken? ( You can open it in any text editor )
Are you having any anti virus or such that is denying the game to write files?

There will soon be a very much improved version of CORE ready for HoI 1 PM or email if you like a link to it.... :)

Edit: Såg att du var svensk du med, men man kan ju passa på att öva på engelskan ändå kanske... :)