Prison Architect: Perfect Storm & "The Tower" Free Update Patch Notes

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There’s a storm coming, Warden!

Prison Architect: Perfect Storm makes it rain with grants, emergency services, staff training, and Calamities. Perfect Storm DLC comes with a wide array of new challenges and complex decisions! The Tower Free Update is packed with a ton of new free stuff and numerous fixes reported by the community. For all the changes, check out the full changelog down below!

Prison Architect: Perfect Storm Key Features:
  • Riot Before the Storm - “Calamities,” like Deep Freezes, Heatwaves, Rat Infestations, and Lightning Storms can cause structural damage, lower prison ratings, and wreak havoc in the compound.
  • Come Cell or High Water - Pest Control, Plumbers, Repairmen, and Road Maintenance Emergency Services are available for immediate relief from calamities. Electrician, Cold Control, Fire Safety, First Aid Training, and Pest Removal Training allow staff to mitigate damage and keep things running smoothly.
  • Granted Refuge - Grants for Disaster Relief, Heatwaves, Emergency Protocol, Subsidence, Advanced Staff Training and Utility Retrofit Grant fund much-needed preparations to help ride out Calamities.
  • Raining Rats and Dogs - Check current and forecasted weather conditions, and use weather prediction objects, to stay apprised of any impending disasters

Perfect Storm​

  • New Grants- Six new grants to aid the player financially and serve as a guidance tool to prepare for the Perfect Storm's calamities
    • Disaster Relief - A relief grant to spend on reinforcing your prison
    • Emergency Protocol - Awarded for players who assign Safe Zones for Staff and Prisoners in the event of an emergency
    • Subsidence Grant - Rebuilding any damaged walls and fences including calling in Repairmen
    • Advanced Staff Training - New staff programs are given to Prisoners and Staff
    • Utility Retrofit Grant - A grant to fit the prison with Rat prevention materials and objects (Rat proof cabling etc.)
    • Heatwave Grant - A grant to ensure the safety of staff and prisoners by investing in Fire Safety

  • 4 New Emergency Services
    • Pest Control - Spray the prison with a scent that keeps rats away
    • Plumbers - Pump out flood water blocking the use of drains and showers
    • Repairmen - Repair walls and fences that have collapsed due to subsidence brought on by storms
    • Road Maintenance - Grits the service road to keep the ice and snow-free during a deep freeze
  • New Staff Training
    • Electrician Training - Allows staff to fix electrical issues within the prison
    • Cold Control (Winter gritting) - Staff will use grit bins to keep paths clear in deep-freeze conditions
    • Pest Removal - Staff can lay humane rat traps to control the level of pests within the prison
    • Fire Safety Training - Staff will be able to mitigate the spreading of fire in an emergency situation
    • First Aid Training - Staff will administer first aid to heal minor injuries and stabilise those in critical condition

  • Three Extreme Weather Event 'Calamities'
    • Deep Freeze - Sub Zero temperatures hit the prison, freezing utilities and causing havoc
    • Lightning Storm - Thunder, lightning and torrential rain create danger and lasting damage
    • Heatwave - It gets hot, very hot - Prisoners will need to cool off and drink to rehydrate themselves
  • Rat Infestation 'Calamity' - Rats will lower the hygiene rating of the prison, cause issues with digging (tunnels) and gnawing (Electric cables, wire fencing) as well as eventually spreading disease
  • A brand new Prison ‘Coverage Plan’ System - Allowing for players to prepare for Calamities, gaining access to staff training, free Emergency Service callouts and more
  • Weather Forecast and UI - Players will be able to check current weather conditions as well as gain predictions of incoming weather and severity using a variety of tools.
  • Weather Prediction Objects - Players will be able to purchase several different types of weather prediction tools, each varying in accuracy and functionality

  • Two new Rooms
    • Weather Center - This is the ultimate weather prediction tool. This automated room will send the most accurate and long-range weather forecast to the Weather Forecast page
    • Training room - Area for the new staff training programs to take place. The room will only be used for programs
  • Three new Advisor Sprites Types (Janitor, Foreman and Gardener) - Offering dialogue from more staff within the prison and an improved onboarding


The Tower (Free Update)​

  • Extended Visitation - Visitation sessions will last much longer
  • New Foliage - Five new pieces of foliage to add to the grounds of your prison
  • New Floor Types - Three new floor types to add to your grounds
  • New Door Types - Coloured staff doors
  • New Windows - Wooden and stained glass windows
  • Additional Furniture - Sofa, Luxury Desk, Wooden and Swivel Chairs
  • New Search Dogs - Two new search dogs rated as 'very good dogs'
  • New Mutator - Doggie Doo! - Search dogs will contribute to the poor hygiene of the prison
  • Misc Improvements & Community Requests
    • Radiators added to Utilities
    • Non Lethal Sniper Policy - Snipers fire rubber bullets that can knock inmates unconscious, but don't kill

Other fixes & improvements​

Misc improvements:​

  • Tweaks to the fire spreading systems - fires spread at a more regulated rate and in more consistent paths
  • Improvements to the pathfinding system and worker AI around construction to help the issues where workers stop building and Materials will have the status "Path between Material and Job is blocked" or “No route”
  • Added search bar and filter to quick rooms


Second Chances:
  • Fixed an issue where staff would not use dinner booths or dining chairs
  • Fixed an issue where plates on the dining table turn invisible when the customer faces the camera
  • Fixed an issue where food waste which is a product of expired harvest, is not collected in the Recycling Bin or the Compost Bin
  • Fixed an issue where civilian customers are overlapping with Dining Chairs
  • The bakery room will no longer get overloaded with unstacked Flour bags
  • Civilian Customers will no longer have mismatched head assets
  • Fixed an issue where the same teacher arrives for parallel sessions of Conflict Resolution & Reformed Prisoner Consultation
  • Fixed an issue where the CEO calls with the instructions about the Second Chances DLC, even if the DLC is not active
  • Oven lights will no longer overlap prisoners.
  • Fixed an issue where prisoners did not prepare meals in the Restaurant in advance
  • Fixed the issue where the reform program is shown as unscheduled when it first starts
  • Fixed an issue where there are no sounds while the prisoner interacts with a dog during Animal Therapy
  • Fixed an issue where there is no oven baking and cake/bread mixers sounds in the bakery
  • Fixed: Grant "Prisoner Reoffending Rate" can be completed at the very beginning of the game
  • The dough mixer is showing an error sign when placed against the wall at most bottom of the bakery
  • Fixed an issue where external teachers sometimes get stuck on the edge of the map
  • Fixed an issue with a reform program showing an error of no teacher even if it's already assigned a teacher
  • Fridges rotation in Bakery Quick Build is now correct
  • Dog handlers will no longer return to the Kennel with "Stationed" status
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to get stuck ON Screenshot mode
  • Fixed an issue where dead bodies in the Export zone were not removed
  • Fixed an issue where dead bodies were not removed from the island
  • Rubble can now be recycled, and Recycling Bags are created when bulldozing
  • Fixed an issue with the intake number does not match with the limitations set
  • It’s now possible to place a wind turbine and solar/wind hybrid on water tiles
  • Characters no longer walk under the Grass Road Bridge
  • Deliveries should no longer get stuck or delayed because of seeds being delivered one bag per truck
  • Fixed an issue where Medics don’t leave after being dismissed
  • Fixed an issue where water pipes could not be sold
  • Fixed an issue with some staff struggles to fulfil their needs
  • Objects no longer fall off the back of a boat before reaching the dock
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to place a cloned room over a wall or fence if there are some objects on the wall
  • Fixed an issue where the character is not able to open the Staff Fence Gate with Staff Keys
  • Fixed an issue where the "Total" value in Finance tab moves up as the scrollbar goes down
  • Swapped Dogs' skins on Green Power Plant and The Work Fields maps
  • Fixed an issue with lockdown/solitary meals being delivered to the top-left corner due to secure doors
  • Prisoner Uniform will no longer be placed the wrong way on the vertically positioned beds
  • Fixed an issue where every plant was called a Crop until it was planted. Crops and Fruit trees now have their specific crop names in the job queue pop up
  • Orderlies Staff Summary is now showing after clicking on 'Assign Orderlies'
  • Fixed an issue with missing weapon sprites for the guards, riot police, elite ops, sniper, and armed guard
  • Fixed an issue with Mismatched icons in the Jobs tab
  • Fixed an issue where a Criminally Insane Prisoner would not be sent to a padded solitary cell under certain circumstances
  • Fixed an issue where planning made by clients no longer disappears when reloading the game.*
  • Fixed an issue where there is a game pauses when clients join on a big map*
  • Fixed an issue where changes in prisoners wages are not displayed correctly in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue with crop sprinklers not working during an online session from the client's side*
  • Fixed an issue with Fog of War not working correctly from the client's side*
  • Fixed an issue with Multiplayer when prison sizes expand
  • In order to prevent the clients from disconnecting, we recommend the player with the most stable internet connection to be the host
*Host: Player that created the online session
*Client: Players that joined the online session

Escape mode:
  • It is no longer possible to recruit unconscious prisoners
  • Fixed issue with the camera being stuck in the wrong location on starting Escape Mode
  • Fixed issue with fog of war is triggered when the player exits tunnel in Escape Mode
Console specific fixes:
  • Prisoners now come to workplaces during working hours
  • Teachers and Students will enter the rooms in order to prepare for programs, but not interfere if a current session is running.
  • The player should no longer experience any crash when deleting the save file while renaming it
Known Issues:
  • Pest Control workers become unresponsive when the stay indoors order is active
  • Carpentry grant requires 66 beds instead of 10 in description
  • Part of the guards with stationed status causes them not to move at all on occasion
  • FPS issues when there is a land expansion in any given direction
  • Pest Control trucks are being dismissed as soon as they are called
  • Guards deliver invisible food to prisoners on Lockdown/Solitary
  • Second set of fists appear in Inventory in Escape Mode
  • Blinking objects on the map
  • Some objects partially overlap bunkbeds when placed behind them
  • Available Mods list is truncated if at least one mod is active
  • The yard icon is cut off in Escape Mode
  • Impossible to control time modes via keyboard in Escape Mode
  • Accept your first Grant' task is not shown in the to-do list on the Client's side
  • Broken Jail Doors change colour when closing
  • Text overlapping in 'Grading' section of 'Prisoner Info'
Console Known Issues:
  • The Perfect Storm related info in the "To Do" list does not show
    • It works if you have Second Chances installed
    • It will not affect Grants related to Perfect Storm
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