Prison Architect: Perfect Storm - Bugfix Patch Notes

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Jan 21, 2020
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Greetings Wardens,

We have just released an update with several fixes and improvements reported by the community. We appreciate all your feedback!

General Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the Pest Control workers becoming unresponsive when the Stay Indoors order is active
  • Fixed an issue with the Pest Control trucks are being dismissed as soon as they are called
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the players from placing the windows in Cell Blocks
  • Clipping issues with Guard Locker when placed in corners is now fixed
  • Fixed an issue with the "Requires Water" sign showing when moving an object
  • Fixed an issue where Rebar Reinforcement is not available after requirements are met
  • Fixed an issue with the Legacy events happening incredibly frequently
  • Fixed an issue with cable protectors getting deleted/removed after purchasing a land expansion
  • Repair Men can now be called as long as at least one of either Rats or Weather condition is enabled
  • Fixed an issue with the Perfect Storm content being available on saved maps even if the DLC is disabled
  • Fixed an issue with the prisoners not digging tunnels
  • Fixed an issue causing the plumbers to become passive in Escape Mode
PC Only Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with overlapping strings on the Weather Forecast screen
  • Fixed an issue where dog handlers are not moving when the game is fast-forwarded on the premade map "The Work Fields"
  • Added improved Finance backend system for better network performance
  • Fixed an issue with "Food Tray Pack" shown as placeholders in the Polish and Italian languages packs
  • Multiplayer translations now in correct language on clients game
  • Advanced staff training appears when the weather is turned on. and disabled when turned off
  • Fixed an issue with event calls happening after the game has failed
  • Fixed an issue where players were able to clone collapsed walls and fences
  • Fixed an issue where “rat damaged” prompt would be displayed if Perfect Storm is not owned
  • Removed the relationship between legacy subsidence and Perfect Storm subsidence, should resolve issues where walls were being destroyed after repairs.
  • Removed damage prompt for subsided / reinforced walls if Perfect Storm is not owned
  • Warden will no longer change back to the default warden during a reload or a land expansion
  • The game no longer freezes several times in the main menu on startup
  • The game no longer crashes on launch with no error message
  • Fixed an issue with the game not launching after pressing play/resume in PDX launcher
Console Only Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the guards delivering invisible food to prisoners on Lockdown/Solitary
  • Fixed an issue with Air Repairmen, Air Pest Control and Elite Ops Team landing on the map even after being dismissed
  • Fixed an issues that caused some of the guards with stationed status inability to move

Thank you for your support!
The Prison Architect Team
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