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Pride & Providence
A History of the American Empire

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Welcome to Providence
(1830 - 1836)
Declaration of Providence
Abysmal Affairs
Across the Continent & To the Seas
Debate of the Empire
Honor of the Nation

Chapter 2 - The Mexican American War
(1836 - 1838)
The First Encounter
Providence Favors Blue
One War Is Not Enough
Readily Apparent & Inexorable
Praise to the Damned

Chapter 3 - Patience is a Virtue
(1839 - November 1842)
The Other Blessing
Six Thousand Miles
The Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 4 - Disgrace of the Empire
(December 1842 - May 1844)
Opening Moves
One Last Act

Chapter 5 - War of the World
(June 1844 - November 1846)
Hell on Earth
The Die is Cast
Bombs Bursting in Air
Vengeance is Ours
From Havana with Love
Journey to The Hermitage
Hurricane (Part I)
Hurricane (Part II)
Huricane (Part III)
The World Turned Upside Down

Chapter 6 - Isolation
(December 1846 - September 1st, 1849)
No Means No
Memo Not Received
Red Storm Rising

Chapter 7 - The Sickle and The Hammer
(September 1st 1849 - February 1852)
Red is the Blood
Black are the Boots

The Epilouge
Providence Prevails
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Pride & Providence
A History of the American Empire

A dreary morning poured over the young but blossoming city that resided in the midst of a great swamp. The pellets of precipitation splattered against the finely carved and magnificent looking carriage that was carted by six all-black horses clad with the finest ware. As the carriage trotted through the rough dirt streets of the city; which were slowly becoming mud; citizens lined the streets; undisturbed by the light rain and low temperature.

A regiment of marines, with glimmering golden strips across their dark blue coats; white leggings and polished black boots lined the streets that would eventually become known as 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The carriage came to a steady crawl, and eventually halted itself at a prearranged position near the stairs of the Capitol Building; that housed both the Senate and the House of Representatives; which had hastily traversed great distances to return to the capital upon an urgent summoning earlier in the year.

United States Marines.​

The carriage door opened, and tall man with flowing white hair, dressed in a dark blue uniform with golden insignia designating him as a general elegantly exited the carriage. The grand marble steps leading to the capital were quickly traversed by the aged man. Nearing the grand entrance, the skies opened up and thunder could be heard rumbling as if the Almighty himself was waiting for this moment with great anticipation.

The US Capitol Building.

“Fellow citizens, friends, enemies, bastards and members of Congress,” said a calm, deep, voice of the military general. “It is with my great pleasure to tender greetings to you on this monumental occasion, at the seat of this great nation founded fifty-four years ago. It is with great urgency that I arrive; this nation of over twelve million people have become in danger. It is with responsibility, bestowed to me by the people, and blessed by the Almighty, that I shall protect you.”​

“In order to accomplish this great adventure ahead of us; the government cannot quarrel for countless hours, days, weeks or months – as it has lead to many great afflictions. A great many troubles have stirred up rivalry within this nation since its foundation. No longer shall you the people be intimidated by irresolvable problems, or bewildered by the debates of the political parties that the benevolent Washington advised us to avoid. I, Andrew Jackson, hereby declare myself, the Emperor of the American Empire that will stretch across this great continent.”

A thunderous applause filled the spacious room.

Emperor Andrew Jackson I of the American Empire.​
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Just a tad hard to get realistic looking photos from the 1800s unless they are re-enactments.

Just think of them as Napoleon's Old Guard...literally.
@GreatSlayer Monarchies are always fun. Who doesn't like being a benevolent king/emperor/queen and treating their subjects to world domination?
Oh, this should be fun to watch!

Haven't seen you in forever and an age, TekcoR! Welcome back!

Oh, this should be fun to watch!

Haven't seen you in forever and an age, TekcoR! Welcome back!


I've been lurking around, mostly quiet until Victoria 2 came around; since I believe the Victoria series have been the best for Paradox. Managing an economy and war is a lot more fun than just the war like HOI.
@GreatSlayer Monarchies are always fun. Who doesn't like being a benevolent king/emperor/queen and treating their subjects to world domination?

Yeah! My optimal government is an enlightened despotism for some reason. Free press, secret ballots, universal suffrage. Everything else, stone-cold hard absolutism :cool:
The Declaration of Providence

Pride & Providence
A History of the American Empire

The Proclamation of Providence
Delivered by Emperor Andrew Jackson at the State Capital of Rhode Island, three weeks after his coronation.

We the people of the American Empire, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, have been given a divine right to reach out from our humble lands to spread across Providence’s plentiful land and spread our beliefs, wealth and knowledge to those in all forms of need.

SEC 1.
In the north, our disputable border has provided numerous temptations of war against our former mother country, whose tyrannical and ill-practiced rule has subjected people against their will. The destiny of the American Empire is to free those who need to be freed; but through diabolical means do not realize that their inalienable rights have been violated.​

SEC 2.
To the south, the former Spanish colony of Mexico has became as tyrannical as its former mother country; whose sins are well known to all free spirited people of this great Empire. Our representatives of this great Empire have been disgraced both publically and privately by the government of United States of Mexico.

SEC 3.
Sins against the American Empire, which by the Almighty’s Providence is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, shall never be forgiven. These sins shall be avenged with the blood of the sinner who has willingly defiled the spirit of freedom that is destined to cross the great land. The sinners will be subjected to the holy wrath of infuriated people; and their lands shall be taken either through revelation by their wrong-doing or by the mighty force that is to be the American Legion.

SEC 4.
To fulfill the destiny of the American Empire, the abysmal system of state militias and small professional army must be discarded and replaced with a enormous professional army capable satisfying the pride that is worthy of our great people, and the destiny that has been bestowed upon us by Providence.

SEC 5.
The destiny of the American Empire shall not be limited by the bounds of land. It shall be spread across the plentiful seas, so that all can embrace the wisdom, pride and might of this greatest nation on the face of this Earth.

SEC 6.
The establishment of this great kingdom on Earth is our destiny; and it will be severely opposed by those who wish to fulfill their own tyrannical fiefdom upon other subjects. In the end, we the American people shall prevail at all costs.
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Pride & Providence
A History of the American Empire

Abysmal Affairs

The New Year had finally come; but the weather had not relented as the capital was being blistered by an enormous snow storm. Braving the weather; which in other occasions of less importance would have led to postponement of meetings; the cabinet of Emperor Jackson was meeting inside his residence, the Imperial House. With the fires crackling, the temperature inside the room that’d eventually be known as the Oval Office seemed to increase with each word of the cabinet.

The discussion lay upon the abysmal state of affairs the American Empire had found itself in. The great powers of the world viewed the American Empire as unworthy of the recognition; only worthy of the title for the fact the sick man of Europe, the Ottoman Empire was viewed as such. The American Legion was a shell; hardly capable of waging a protracted war; a total of 36,000 professional soldiers protected a population of nearly 16.5 million. Spread throughout the nation; the Legion would hardly suffice; it would have to be greatly expanded, by the hundreds of thousands if possible. At sea, the Legion would be unprepared for any major war, consisting of two ships considered to be first rate ships.

The American Empire, in all it's utter, pathetic and unprepared glory.​

Recently, a proclamation titled the Majestic Act; had posted in the prosperous cities of New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore encouraging those adventure seekers, opportunist and all lots of people to head west to the majestic mountains and open land of the Oregon and Washington Territory, along the Pacific Coast. The recent trend of departures has lead to increased optimism that the American Empire will soon spread from sea to shining sea; as destined by Providence.​

Though traveling across the great vastness of the American continent will prove dangerous for our populous. The railroads of this nation are pathetic; hodge-podge and unconnected; with the capital itself being without a nearby railroads. In order to better serve the needs of the nation, a decree went out to the people that railroads were to construct to connect the prospering cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Charlotte to the Capital. Though the construction of the railroad would be limited to the eastern portion of the country; it was greatly hoped it would serve as a stepping stone to a trans-continental rail system.

The American Rail System, construction under progress in to connect the cities.​

In order to afford the expansionist plans of the American Empire, enormous sacrifices will be asked of the people. While we have sacrificed before during our War of Independence; we will need to sacrifice once more. War is not inexpensive; and neither is empire building. The end result will be marvelous; a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will be established over this continent that will lead a guiding light for the rest of all civilizations to look at in awe.​

The sacrifice of the American People.​
What did you call canada? It looks like quite a long name. Oh and awesome aar

Oddly enough, somehow - by only changing the USA names...it is calling British controlled Canada - British American Empire. Gotta love oddly named places! :rofl:

This is probably because they control just a small section of Maine.
Oddly enough, somehow - by only changing the USA names...it is calling British controlled Canada - British American Empire. Gotta love oddly named places! :rofl:

This is probably because they control just a small section of Maine.

I had something similar happen in one of my games when France took control of Alaska from Russia.

It was called French Russia...