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Mar 28, 2007
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Have a suggestion, which would also fix the "bug" where peacing out separately while giving land to ally you promised and then not giving him anything against warleader makes you break promise. If you and the AI, ask to prepare for war (never used it actually) you and the AI will start negotiating about dividing the spoils and which you can see if they are willing to accept the deal (AI shouldn´t piss all over in this case though). So you would enter a map-mode where you can see the allies marked provinces, you select a target to prepare against and the terms of the war, like co-beligerent and such, but essentially it makes you and the ally see which participants are in the war and what provinces could be gained in a potential war.

You then use right and left mouse button (pretty sure right could work here) where left marks where you want to expand and right marks which promises you make him (thinking about it, could be simpler by just marking his provinces since you would be warleader anyway...). A bar shows how willing AI are at this deal of dividing the spoils and the more provinces he´s promies the more he expect, scaled to WP of course so that he won´t expect all promises if he de facto didn´t do anything, but should still be given land above WP (else the need to actually promise would be void). This would mean, that by marking his neighbour that´s not your neighbour but allied to warleader could be marked and giving those lands in a separate peace would still make him happy (as opposed to the modifier now) as these were the provinces promised to him in the deal.

AI should count in, whether you agree on that neighbour being co-beligerent since this have an effect on how much can be gained in a separate peace and the amount of AE and OE (which AI would be much better at calculating than me) and making a peace with warleader only, taking provinces away from neighbour would work as usual by calculating how much AI expect due to WP and promised provinces in general. As a player, I know when I feel screwed by AI but the OE could have an effect, though I´m not sure how to represent it, since some players do like to go over so perhaps a little box checking (would go over OE and AE, last in respect of going over 50 at the risk of coalition).

In this regard, you could end up promising more than you´d like and more than he can get in a 100 % WS (should be somewhat restricted though) but in effect this would mean that you made a bad deal with your ally. He would expect to get most out of this war and thus expect more land no matter the WP, if you don´t like it don´t make the deal and don´t use him that war. As an example, promising what could be demanded at 120 % WS, AI would know that he can´t have it all, but see it as he would gain more from this than you, so if he have 50 % WP he would expect to get something like 80 % of the WS in provinces, this makes you still able to get some, but at a limited amount. Don´t like the deal or don´t want to piss him off by breaking the promise, don´t sign the deal then.

The AI could then do the same to you, where it asks you which provinces you´d like. Pissing all over the map would make AI not signing the deal, but making demands at 120 % could be acceptable for AI if they must rely on your alliance in order to win. Same goes for you then, he made promises that you´d get more out of the war so having less WP would still make him have to give you more than you actually did, the bar will show if he is willing to agree on those terms. Thinking about it roughly, it does makes sense that every amount over 100 % would be put on your WP in calculation, so in the case of demanding 120 %, you would expect to get 70 % with 50 % WP. Demanding less than 100 % would scale in accordance to WP in general, so the amount you would gain in a peace would be the amount you participate.

Having this solves a lot of issues, since AI could then know directly which provinces you´d like also with allies, and could mean you could mark provinces only of an ally and be happy with just that. In the case of preparing mulitple allies, the "target" nation would mean that you can agree with multiple of you allies to divide the spoils and the other ally would know (be told) what the deal was with your other ally (or simply make it so that you agree collectively with all your allies, marking their promises by shifting between them), so when dealing with your other ally, the provinces already being promised would be crossed. You could still promise this to your ally, but he would less willing to agree and you´d be at risk of pissing both or one of them off, depending on their individual WP.

By implementing this, you could agree on sharing the gold and prestige and how, so making demands or offers for an increased amount of gold over WP could be made but offering more than 100 % of dividing would be impossible collectively but could be made to one ally, who would then get the spoils that you should have had (as to not cheat other allies from their spoils), in case of AI offering you could make demands of more or all war rep, humiliate, transfer trade, revoke cores and such, to whic AI would know what you´d be interested in apart from provinces, especially when you have no provinces to gain or desire. The AI would then try to make the deal in accordance to your wishes and WP, demanding to many things could risk you getting "screwed" by AI giving you money over territory, if you don´t like it then you shouldn´t have demanden to have a larger amount of the spoils :)
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