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Nova Imperium Romanum
1 October 1590
Mod: This
Version: 1.33.whatever
DLCs: All but Origins, until I bought Origins at around 1575 because of arbitrary designations based on planetary rotation and resulting daylight exposure
Allies: Russia, Bohemia, Portugal, Burgundy
Junior Partner: France
Ideas: Quantity, Religious, Influence, Innovative
The Kalmar Union Is: doing good with Norway, Sweden is supported by Britain, Russia, and a few minors
My Army: 9 10-2-5, 1 15-2-5 including 5 special infantry
The HRE Is: having massive religious problems, but all electors are Catholic, so no leagues.
The EoC is: not.
My accepted cultures are: TURKISH (plus rest of group), Greek, Bulgarian, Romanian, Neapolitan, Ruthenian, Circassian, Georgian
Future idea groups will be, in no particular order: Quality, Trade, Diplomatic, Economic
I Am The: 1st Great Power, though Spain is most of the time
The Bahmanis are: Scary
That Is All I: Have to say
I will elaborate if: asked
I will post another map: in 1700 or so
Planning to restore roman empire?
When Austria has Bohemia, Luxemburg and Hungary, it is nice to PU them via mission. Hmm, will i still lose my great power status after the tick of the month you think?

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My pretty disgusting Aragon Campaign in 1500:


Restarted until Burgundy rivaled both France and Austria to have the highest chance to get the inheritance. No no-CB on Byz. I did let Naples create a claim on Arta, but Ephirus got eaten by Byz. Used the claim to vassalize them, but Ottos yoinked Constantinople and Athens.
Also diplo vassalized Navarra for the mission. After my first ruler died, they became a PU via event. But i dumped it, cause i dont want an OPM to block a diplo slot for over 50 years. Castille took care of them.
Next i attacked Provence and their ally France together with Burgundy. If i go for the inheritance, id better use Burgundys AE. Took three provencial provinces and gave three lorraine provinces to Burgundy. That also has the nice side effect of preventing the stupid Liege war for a while.

Then i got a bit unlucky. I did let my provencial rebels take Avignon who moved it from the Papal States to Provence. But Brittany attacked them and forced them to release Avignon who for whatever reason were a part of the HRE right away. Even tho they dont border it. That blocked some of my missions. Also my second Ruler stubbornly refused to die as long i could get a queen regency (64 yo, fighting and sieging all the time)... Thats why i didnt get the Iberian wedding early.

But i continued and boy did it pay off! First i attacked the Ottos while they were busy in the east. Took many Byz cores and one bulgarian Province which borders Serbia to get the gold mine which i took. Then i slapped Venice for a humiliation, cash and war reps. And right after this war it suddenly happened out of the blue... The King of France died without an heir and Scotland PUed them. It was a wise choice to rival France as i was able to start a succession war and make them my PU.

Those were some hard wars. I was always out of manpower and the rebel hunt is quite annoying as Aragon but it was worth.
Then the legend himself, Enrique died and left a queen regency, which triggered the wedding for me, next PU. Now i went on the Ottos again. It was a pretty tough war, because France wasnt loyal yet and Castille, my ally Austria plus their PUs Bohemia and Hungary acted like headless chicken.
But during the war Charles died and i did get the burgundian inheritance. Perfect timing as Austria was blocked from attacking me cause they were in my war. I forced the Ottos to give Bulgaria (my vassal) all their cores back.
Btw. Mary died before her dad. So i have to integrate Burgundy the normal way.
The last war was against Portugal to PU them. It was super easy with all the subjects. Also forced their ally England to give the last three french cores back.

As this is a pretty subject heavy campaign, i went with Influence + Admin as my first Ideas.

The game takes but the game also gives. After i got screwed with the Avignon thing and the early wedding denial i thought about restarting. But i made the right choice. Onwards to restore the Roman Empire! :)
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Probably in the future I will have one more attempt with Austria. My Holy Roman Empire. First time I had double prevention from another Empire. I had 15 years war with Ottomans and France. After that in the same War Muscow helped Ottomans.


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Inner Turmoil (20 provinces on not-islands before 1500).

Core- ing-range is a pretty broken mechanic. I cant actually core any of it as it stands. The only reason I could even take it was because the game would let me take a bordering province if I gave one to my vassal (pre peace) in the peace deal. I own 3 provinces in Brittany too.

For independance from Scotland, you can only get Denmark to support you, and thats only if they bother to rival Scotland. Wait for Maine war to distract France, hire 2 merc companies and go smack down Scotlands 12 guys.

Try to win fast and pay off loans fast. If not, you risk eventually going into inflation spiral (insert contemporary joke here).

Keep currying favors with Denmark for 23-30 ducats every 5 years.

Brittany is an ideal landing spot. Riga/Livonian/Novgorod might also work.

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My 41st EUIV run: Albania.

After an almost month long pause from EUIV, I decided to have another run, since the Northern Europe DLC isn't coming out this month. The goal of this campaign was to basically conquer the ancient Illyrian lands and some extra like Greece, where Arvanitika Albanians are living.

Albania is basically another Byzantium, about to be conquered by the Ottomans and with a super bad economy. The only way to survive was to find strong allies, I immediately started to improve relations with Hungary, Aragon and Lithuania. I was able to secure them all 3 as allies. For some reason Poland failed to get a PU with Lithuania. The next step was to get favours, so I can attack the Ottomans, when they're busy with something else. That's what I did and I succeeded in getting my core back and a lot of reparations, they were urgent, because I had reached the maximum number of loans, before I go bankrupt. After that I immediately attacked Serbia and took all of Rascia state from them. Kosovo was specially important, because of the gold mine. That way I eventually fixed my economy and was able to start building up my nation.

Not too long after I had to change my allies. Firstly, Austria forced a PU over Hungary, Lithuania was getting beaten by Muscovy and the Iberian wedding happened, so Aragon fell under a PU with Castile.
Luckily, Austria was friendly to me, and so were Mamluks, when they got defeated by the Ottomans. Together we pushed out our common foe, the Ottomans, from the Balkans and reconquered Mamluk lands.
Austria also helped me greatly against Venice. Nothing lasts forever though, since I needed Croatia, as well, I had to break my alliance with Austria and I allied with France instead.

01. Albanian Empire.png
02. World map.png
03. Score.png
04. Albanian Empire.png

My vassals: Ferarra, The Knights, Bulgaria and Moldavia.
My allies: France, Sicily and Persia.

Prussia got formed by Danzing.


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    04. Albanian Empire.png
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Another campaign finished: Persia, or rather Perso-Eranian Mughal Empire, in the Flavor Universalis mod! Started as Ajam.




My subjects: Theodoro and Adal.

I definitely recommend trying Persia in Flavor Universalis, it is a really fun campaign!
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Finally achieved my objective with Byzantium in recovering the lost Eastern empire had France, Commonwealth and Persia as allies. Had Mamluks as allies to help destroy Ottomans. The hardest part was unentangling Austria from their 1.5 million solider alliance but finally I got in by attacking Russia through Nationalism and forced them to break their alliance with Portugal and Spain while I got Russia to break the alliance with Austria. Then I was able to ally Russia to block Austria from getting them back.




Colonies were weird though, Denmark formed Vinland they ended up being guaranteed by Poland so they got crushed spawning Canada. And out of all the possibilities the Colonies were founded by Friesland. And the Mamluks settled nearly all of Australia and also established an Alaskan colony
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My second ever game! The goal was to learn and complete mission tree, which was delightful. Took me 2 wars, 50 year wait and 20 years to integrate Spain, do not recommend it. I wish one would be able divert trade from junior PU members...
P.S. I feel in addition to your empire one should post world's military losses as a tribute to all the men that served and died during the savage map painting. Notice AI attrition numbers. I feel like units suffering attrition have to lose morale as if they are in battle.
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My second ever game!

FYI, in the background of your screenshots, there's something equally impressive: A large, AI-formed Sokoto. (Sokoto is really really rare; the fact the AI formed it at all is highly unusual. And then it expanded!)
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FYI, in the background of your screenshots, there's something equally impressive: A large, AI-formed Sokoto. (Sokoto is really really rare; the fact the AI formed it at all is highly unusual. And then it expanded!)
Wow, didn't know about it! Reading about Sokoto now. The game has enormous amount of tags and unique missions make them feel different. I even discovered that you can see and complete missions for your subjects!
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Toying around as the Papal States:



For some reason Portugal, Castile and Aragon got their asses kicked by Granada and Morocco. Ottomans as usual going strong and have strong alliances with both Tunis and Morocco. The Mamluks didn't engage much but they hate all three.

I managed to get a war going, over the province of Kotor/Cattaro with the following belligerents:
My side: GOD, Austria & Hungary (integrated right after the war), Castile & Aragon, Commonwealth and Switzerland
Them: Ottomans, Tunis, Morocco, Granada and Ajam (sent 11k troops that we killed off, eventually white peace'd just before the final peace)

So it was an atypical Holy War, reconquista style. Gave Castile and Aragon back several provinces to at least keep a corridor going. Didn't bother with Portugal but I trust they can acquire those back now as they're cut off from the rest.
From the Ottomans I got Kotor which was the war goal, got Constantinople and Gallipoli as well for me. Gave Austria a province north of the Danube to keep their borders tidy and gave Tolcu to the Commonwealth.

Ideas so far, all done:

Next I'm thinking of going Espionage. Gives me insane siege ability (+10% from path and +20% combined with the Divine) plus the extra 1% missionary strength which I need.
Other ideas I'm considering are Innovative, Administrative and Economic but I'm falling behind in the Admin Tech so wanna go diplomatic. As long as I can keep up having such great alliances I don't want to waste points on military stuff and simply just tech up as much as possible until I pick Quantity or Offensive.

Switzerland is my ally but just completed the mission that gives me northern Italy cores. Will say our bye-byes soon.

I'm going to devour Parma soon, Mantova is my vassal, so is Byzantium. Verona and Saluzzo are also allied to Parma so I may pick Saluzzo up and vassalize Verona. Don't have any fear of coalitions as long as France doesn't join. They were part of one that never triggered earlier in the game but even if they do trigger I think there's no problem.

The only concern now is that I have to cut the Ottomans apart in the next 50 years and I have Russia to worry about.

No idea where this save is going, I started it out of frustration of not getting the France BBB achievement yet again and failing to start a successful Byzantium game. But these usually end up being the best ones :D

This is the first time I picked Papal States in Ironman mode.
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My attempt at WC / OF (which is a terrible idea as Tengri), it was a real pain as the AI tends to build lvl 8 forts everywhere. Also the natives attacked my colonies everytime I wasn't looking so that was fun.

mongol x1.png
My glorious Ottoman Empire, finally decided I would play no wonder they always turn into a terminator blob they get so many strong heirs.


And GB was cursed for a good while, France somehow managed to conquer two provinces from GB eventually they were forced to release them as England. So GB and England existed at the same time.

My alliances were Castile (Wedding never spawned), Bohemia, Russia and Tunis.


Lucca terrorized Italy after getting the Burgundian Inheritance that is until I utterly crushed them, Bohemia became Reformed and went on a crusade and has pretty much absorbed most of the HRE now.


Ottomans get insane bonuses to unit limit as well
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