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Just finished my campaign with Bohemia. I decided to go for borders of the max extent what Bohemia had owned, I think it looks beautiful.

I'm the Holy Roman Emperor and all countries of HRE are Hussite. I've passed all the reforms, except for the last 2 of centralisation, so the member states don't become my vassals and I don't change my tag to HRE.
Scandinavia was formed by Denmark. They were eaten by Sweden and Lubeck, but I had problems with Lubeck, so I made them release them. After a while we became allies, when Sweden took some HRE provinces from Denmark. Then we counterattacked and in 4 wars took over whole of Sweden.
Italy got grown by me, so I can have a strong ally by my side. Little did I know that they would leave the HRE, when Tuscany formed it lol. The same thing happened with Scandinavia, when Denmark formed it.
Korea owns the Mandate.
Russia is a Nogai tributary.
Sunda is a GP and has taken some Spanish possessions in the Philippines.

What's up next? Not sure yet, but most likely outside of Europe.


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Damn, the last time I posted on here, Burgundy was a OPM. Anyway, this is my Genoa. I followed the mission tree, and only took provinces I have claims on. I'm lying, the only exception is that southern province in Naples, but I wanted to kick the Turk out of Italy. He annexed Naples, which sucked. On the other hand, I had a blast on this campaign.
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I've finally done One Faith after a missed by 3 in-game weeks failure back in September, but I've crowned it with One Culture too.
TAGs: Provence -> France -> Austria -> Croatia -> Sardinia Piedmont -> Italy ->Roman Empire -> HRE
Ideas: Influence; Offensive; Administrative; Religious; Diplomatic; Expansion (abandoned when everything got colonized and replaced with) Humanist; Aristocratic

Started out as Provence, dragged France into a war against England before the Maine event could fire for my core. Took it back, took one province to start a Normandy vassal, gave one province to France so that he'd be satisfied. At the game start Austria was one of my starting rivals (typical), but he either surpassed me or simply switched me to Savoy, which came in handy, because he was now an enemy of my enemy. After the English war I moved capital to Marseille, improved and allied Austria and joined the HRE. Broke alliance with France, ditched Austria, picked up Burgundy, hoping to feed him into France and surroundings, then inherit. Using the Provencal mission tree I reconquered Naples, but missed out on the Aragonese PU because of an early IW. Burgundy became hostile after the second French war, breaking the RM and ruining my inheritance, then promptly died. Austria demanded he release the lowlands, he complied, France attacked for the PU but got his teeth kicked in and lost Paris. Just after the BI went down Austria died young and I got voted Emperor (rubbing in the salt of losing the BI), then very shortly after the Burgundian war France he fell under a free PU with me due to our shared dynasty.

I didn't plan to form France, but getting him into a PU was a nice way to get rid of him, and getting Emperorship meant I couldn't disinherit freely to fish for a Castilian PU, thankfully France has a CB in his mission tree. In the 50 years until I could integrate France I followed the Provence missions, conquering Aragon, PU-ing Hungary. I also started getting into Savoyard lands, used Milan and the Swiss to eat him up for me so I could vassalize an OPM and then reconquest. When taking the Savoyard lands back from the Swiss I allied and called into the war Austria (once he loses Emperorship he likes to eat everything to connect his lands), fed him the Swiss, then with a stroke of genius I unlawfuled him for the Swiss lands. He felt a big boy and said no, so after the truce I promptly dismembered him using the Imperial Ban CB, releasing Tirol and Styria, which because of the never going away free guarantees he didn't dare to touch again.

Meanwhile the reformation was also happening, Bohemia turned full hussite with a center (second time I've seen it happen in one of my games since it has been introduced, first time when I was also in Europe), which thankfully mostly molested Poland, eventually turning him into hussite. I dealt with the other centers more or less pretty quickly, but Bohemia was huge, bigger then to enforce religion. IA gain was in the gutter, I barely managed to pass reforms, and I was gunning for Erbkaisertum so that I can kick heirs for potential PUs, most notably Russia. Bohemia somehow lost a war (I didn't pay attention, I was crusading the Ottomans), and was forced to release his starting vassals plus Moravia. This finally meant that I could declare on him using the Hungarian permaclaim and enforced religion, preventing the League war from ever happening.

Picked up Russia as an ally, he naturally got my dynasty, so when the first opportunity arose I pounced and PU-ed him. Followed the French missions, PU-ed Castile (who at one point had Portugal but lost him, and despite the domineering AI didn't go for it until the CB expired), and, thanks to my Ideas, the age of reformation ability, the Council of Trent and the Malta fort I actually used the French Subjugate CB against Poland, who stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea, but has eaten into the Ukraine because went with the local noble at the game start and eventually fell out with Lithuania.

Once I had the Castilian PU, it was time to get rid of Austria, so I could reform him for his missions. I diplo-vassalized Tirol and Styria, took Wien for myself and gave the rest to one of the Bavarian minors. Integrated the vassals, formed Austria, did it's more important missions (kicking Ottomans out of Europe, getting the Imperial Austrian Monarchy government reform and so on. When I was done, flipped Croatian, mainly for the permanent -5 years of separatism modifier, then formed Sardinia Piedmont, did the missions, formed Italy,, conquered into England, integrated Castile, ate mainland Portugal, formed Rome but kept Italian ideas, then finally I was done and unified the HRE, because didn't really want to abuse the vassal swarm, and switched to HRE ideas.

This was 1647, I had -55% CCR, -90% integration cost and 60% admin efficiency form missions, monuments, absolutism, etc. And then the fun began. With 16 month coring cycles, I basically conquered the rest of the world by 1744. using a combination of direct conquests and catching and releasing huge, culturally homogenous vassals to use for helping out in conversions, Up until that point, I only had Europe (plus the parts needed for Rome from England, Africa and the Middle East) and had a Russian PU. Once Imperialism hit, I conquered and released/consolidated: Songhai in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kilwa in East Africa, Kongo in Central Africa, Chagatai for the Oirat region, Manchu for Manchuria, Japan, and since Ming was dead, I got Wu for China. The rest I conquered and cored directly. Moved capital to Australia for the true one tag, ate up the Americas, and finally finished the WC in 1744. One faith was done except for one province with expelled minorities until 1758, so I integrated my subjects and set out to culture convert the world to Roman.

I chose Piedmontese for the culture to flip to Roman, so I was spreading it quite early where I could from the moment I got my hands on some of that clay. Maxing out the culture conversion reduction was possible in earlier patches too, but with the introduction of monuments, and as of 1.32 the estate privilege (I did not use it, but it was there should the need have arisen) getting to the floor is trivial nowadays. I finally finished in 1805, could have managed it a little sooner, but I mistimed how much more would I need to start all conversions before I convert Kotagede, since you lose out on the monument once the province isn't Javanese anymore.

Some cheap, cheap integrations.



True one tag in 1749.


One faith (finally) achieved in February 1759.


Btw, I'm calling this Wholly Roman Empire :D



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Well, I finally committed myself to getting TTM. Nothing clever, just a basic Confucian Emperor of China one-tag WC. ~60 hours spent.



Impossibly stable, courtesy of hegemony, Humanist+Influence policy, monuments... many things were half-assed in the last 100 years or so. Realised about 3-4 hours before the end that I had 400 reform progress unspent, couldn't be bothered to delete buildings for Yamen (courthouse), kept making basic mistakes etc. I partly blame this on playing late at night to find the time.



First game with Leviathan and Emperor DLC. Could definitely have better optimised in regards to great projects etc., but eh. Passed last EoC reform just because.


Forts are useful for monsoon devastation. Also, didn't bother deleting them. Only moved traders to collect in Genoa/Venice/EC at the very end.

Dat innovativeness.. Definitely wasn't trying for any speed record.

Unlocked three ideas from Exploration and save-scummed colonialism before abandoning it. Truthfully, only committed to scumming it when I realised that bad luck with ruler death + unwise spending and lack of planning meant I wouldn't make it BUT then got the Radical Reforms event for 200 DIP/200 ADM and barely got the colony down to fulfill requirements with less than a year to spare.

Harmonized Islam-Pagan-Hindu-Christian in that order before adding extra ones for no reason.

Had the integration privilege basically the entire game, excepting a short period for Court & Country. The EoC government reform's estate influence reductions actually help with estate management, basically never seized land after getting EoC while crownland went from ~60% to 90%+. Also had wool monopoly basically all game for no particular reason.

Some highlights:


Ming collapsed in the early 16th Century, hard. Shun became my most reliable attack dog until I inevitably betrayed them and never had allies again.
My max manpower was only about 17k after culture shifting to Jianghuai...


... Luckily my navy was superior and Japan decided to leave it's army fighting on the mainland. Still not sure why they thought they could win.
Tropical attrition took such an extreme toll on my manpower while conquering Malacca trade node.


Did Court & Country quite late. Thankfully the co-incidence of the -10% autonomy government reform, soldiers' households and the first two Quantity ideas allowed me to actually punch with my own military. Just as planned.. *cough* *ahem*. Min, Wu, Changsheng were my Mandate farms until the very end of the game.


Adolf Johan Tudor never made it to the throne, alas. Some time later, took some provinces in Britain during one of their independence wars (which they couldn't win, for some reason), but could not beat their navy in wave after wave of attacks and thus never occupied the Gaelic islands until the very end when I full annexed in a peace deal.


This is basically how I took all the Americas. Not shown: Old world colonized provinces taken in previous wars to save trouble.


Army tradition reaches 100 for the first time. I'd forgotten to tech mil at an important level! Their cannons totally outclassed mine. Ottomans had 700+ regiments and only 200k max manpower, so this war saw the decisive downfall of Ottoman power.


Not sure why I got this event at this time. Maybe the only time a ruler died while at peace?


The last independent nation. I forgot to annex them during a previous war. In the end I waited for my vassals to integrate before declaring war, breaking the truce by 1 year, so I could get a pretty screenshot.


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After trying on and off for several years, I finally ended up getting Ming to turn Catholic and not explode. While in this game I tried for a Convert to Confucian -> Culture Convert -> Convert Catholic route, it was almost definitely suboptimal. If I ever try going Christian Ming again, I'll probably focus on harmonizing pagans instead of conversion to reduce the number of provinces needed to be occupied by Catholic rebels in order to convert. As a Celestial Empire, devastation can be, well devastating

Country Map
Religion Map (Cardinals in Beijing, Nanjing, Dacheng (Ayutthaya), and Corsica (I took it for the naval range, sue me)
Culture Map
Chinese Culture Map
ROTW (Revolution really took off this game)

Probably could have converted earlier if I tried some cheesy strats like conquering Europe or American colonies, but the way this came together felt more organic and fun.
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No WC or anything, but I'm super-happy with my current Byz-run! :D Got a PU over both France and Hungary some time ago which has been very helpful to say the least. Now I'm preparing to backstab my long-time ally Russia :cool:
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No WC or anything, but I'm super-happy with my current Byz-run! :D Got a PU over both France and Hungary some time ago which has been very helpful to say the least. Now I'm preparing to backstab my long-time ally Russia :cool:
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Back in the EU3 days I managed to nab a PU with Muscovy as Byzantium. It's a good feel to big a big, orthodox blob
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Finally done with Oman ! The pain it was to get those newly converted sunnit provinces in Malaisia ! But luckily no islam in the new world.
Portugal got a PU on USA right before going revolutionnary, and France never took Normandy back, but otherwise pretty classic game. Ibadism is a rpetty strong school, but as soon as I had religious ideas it became pretty overkill

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Finally finished my Vijayanagar run.
Some notes:
Yemen is my march.
Kutch grew so huge, because I needed an ally against Gujarat, Multan and Delhi, but then they became uncontrollable and started to expand on their own.
A similar case for the Commonwealth, I needed an ally against the Ottomans, but then they just started to rampage in the East.
Wallachia is the Holy Roman Emperor.
Russia is an Oirat vassal.
Qing formed in 1819.


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Bunte Kuh (and Foul Mouth) picked up


Stayed Free City for about 10 years to dev up , during which I also vassalized Stade, before conquering Saxe-Lauenburg. Expanded slowly but steadily in order to form Hanover.

Brandenburg was a steady earlygame ally, before I backstabbed them in about 1570 to get through my expand eastward mission tree. By that time I had luckily picked up good ol (mostly) reliable France as an ally. By 1600 I owned a good chunk of northern Germany and a small Rhine Province, and through Economic and Quantity Ideas I had a decently sized army with good quality through the Hanoverian ideas. So I prepared to PU Great Britain. By 1606, they were mine, didn't even need to call in England. 20 Heavy ships and 4 26-unit stacks on the island were enough.

So I turned my attention to ending the abomination that was the HRE. Austria had a very weak game, what with Styria being free with all their cores in 1480, but managed some slight consolidation in the midgame, which included a PU over Bohemia, which sat at 95% integrated when the Ottomans crashed into poor little Austria. That left one of the electors unable for me to control. So I dragged Austria in a war with me for the sole purpose of making them release Bohemia. A few years later, after fixing me relation with Bohemia in order to ally them I ended the HRE in 1632 with my final war against BBurg.

Next major expansion target was Bohemia. First war took Erz area. Then I saw that I was able to trigger C&C, so I truce-broke as soon as my cores were finished. I was able to take the entire rest of Bohemia in a single peace deal, even after falling into C&C. This was Europe by the late 1650s (Stettin was my vassal):


Me and France (and Switzerland before the League war broke the Franco-Swiss alliance) formed the Central Powers, against a strong Spain in the west and a cursed Ottoman-Russian alliance in the east. Utrecht also had a strong game, being able to form the Netherlands and be a thorn in my side up until the very end of the game.

By 1666 GB was integrated. -25% integration cost (curia power + generic mission) and integrating at 13 dip/month made that a breeze. Now that I was in possession of some colonies, I decided to start working on getting the trading bonus for gems. Luckily for me India looked like this:


Chartered Vanni from Bahmanis, ferried 2 stacks over, killed Madurai (forgot about Maldives though). Brought 2 more stacks over, killed the horribly backward Bahmanis and took the coast up to Andhra as well as Golconda.

In the late 1680s France flipped to my dynasty, and while they got an heir quickly he only had a weak claim. By that point I had also allied Bavaria while the French-Swiss alliance had broke down decades earlier during the league war, and so the German Avengers were able to put the French in the PU under me.

Unfortunately though for them I wanted to form Germany for the +20% goods produced from its idea set, and so I backstabbed first Bavaria and then Switzerland. In 1703, I formed Germany. To celebrate the occasion, I beat up Bahmanis a second time.

Unfortunately though the Russian-Ottoman alliance remained as strong as ever, which prevented my from blobbing into cattle-rich eastern Europe. So I took an alternative path. Firstly, I picked up Economic Hegemon to give me another bonus to goods produced. Secondly, I identified coastal trade nodes with cattle in them in which I had province nearby (namely Aden, Gujarat and Rio Grande). Thirdly, I spammed out light ships to put into said trade nodes. Fourthly, I beat up Ajuuraan for their coastline, for more cattle and trade power in Aden.

Following a third Bahmani beatdown in which I took their western coastline I gained a lot of trade power in Gujarat, soon after which the achievement triggered. Oh and while all that was going on I also decided that the Netherlands needed to die. Between two of my wars against them they picked up a PU with Sweden, which allowed me to yoink Prussia and Lithuania from them.

After Bunte Kuh had been achieved and the Netherlands killed, I scornfully insulted my neighbours to pick up Foul Mouth.

Could I continue this campaign? Sure, but I've played a lot of Germany games after Emperor, so I don't really have any interest to do another. Plus that Russian-Ottoman alliance would be painful to fight. And my idea set isn't really suited for massive conquests as well. Haven't even picked up Admin ideas yet.
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I have done my first WC. I took Poland. It was perfect start. I got early Lithuania PU and Moldova as vassal. I went for Bohemia PU. Rest it was normal game till I got Burgundian Kiss and Sweden as Vassal. I saw that France attacked Englad and they were in the Island. It was crucial moment. I build the fleet and took London region. After that I was slowly killing England, Ottomans, Russians and France. I could not to be offensive because I had 3-4 European coalitions war in 16 century,, because of Austria and Hungary PU. In 17 century I had brillant move. I had chance got PU for Spain and Portugal. I claim both throne at the same time. Portugal and Spain were with Aliance with me and and I dissolved with Spain Aliance and already attack them. I took peace deal with Portugal and already attack them again for normal PU. I took few years, because both of them were strong. Rest is history. Biggest mistake I have done it was I did not take Alhambra Monument from Spain in peace deal. Most weird thing was England after lossing most land in main land. They created Iceand and this country had pernament claims for England and France Region. Another was small Japan with bigger Ouchi in Japanese Region. In my game I saw Aksum, Westphalia and Qing. Westphalia was one of my released vassals. First time I saw Maravi which have all eastern part of Africa. I did not know that Commonewealth can create Roman Empire:).

I took Religion, Dyplomatic, Administrative, Offensive, Influence, Humanist, Quantity, Quality Ideas.


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Played France for Napoleon's Ambition and got carried away a bit:


Denmark, Norway, Poland (which is a Trappist Order) and Meath are vassals
Prussia is a March, but sadly flipped to Catholic
Carpathia, Kursk (brown blob) and Bosporus (red country in Crimea) are client states

Earlygame was pretty standard. Allied Castile, took bordeaux, Labourd, Maine, Caux and Meath in my first war against England, then raced England in Ireland. Won with 8 provinces against 5 for England and their allies. Scotland though got beat up very hard by England, being forced back to Orkney and Shetland before 1500. Though that opened them up for vassalization, and by 1500 I had fed them back their starting territory:


I then totally didn't savescum until Burgundy chose me, and while they had lost Holland and Brabant in one of their usual death wars they had also successfully warred against Provence and Switzerland. Beat up England again, before dismantling the HRE in the 1530s (AE, begone!)

Then in the late 1540s I get my dynasty on the throne of Castile (and by extension Aragon, Portugal and Naples), and one lengthy war - Spain had naval supremacy and occupied my British holdings which hurt warscore - later France has basically united western Europe. In the former HRE Bohemia, the Palatinate and Pommerania had emerged as the major regional powers, while in the east a cursed Hungarian-Ottoman alliance existed:


Ending this cursed pact was a high-priority for me, even though I certainly felt bad about ruining Hungary's great run. Bohemia immediately used this opportunity to become the biggest player in central Europe together with their allies in Pommerania. Unfortunately for them, the collapse of the Teutonic Order spat out an OPM Poland, which I immediately vassalized through my missions. One easy war later and the Trappist Order of Poland looked health again, even though Bohemian borders were atrocious:


After 1650 the game picked up a lot of pace. Castile was integrated in 1658, in 1660 I inherited Aragon. Decent chunks of territory were taken out of the Palatinate, while in the east Hungary used the weakening of Bohemia to rise once more. At one point, they were literally 2 provinces away from the "Take that, von Habsburgs!" achievement. But the French empire had to grow, and by 1700 it was clear that Europe would turn into a battleground between me and the Ottomans:


By 1730 Germany and Italy were mine, and Sweden had been cut down to a minor power. And it was time to launch the first of many wars against the Ottomans. The first war was actually decently fun, with massive battles taking place in Ukraine while my subjects crossed the Bosporus and sieged down Anatolia. After victory had achieved, I went for the usual first peace against the Ottomans: snake down to the Bosporus and take the straights, the gold/coal in Kosovo and the island fort in Corfu.

The subsequent wars became less and less fun as they turned into simply cleanup duty. By 1780, the Ottomans had lost their entire territorial core:


Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Outremer were short-lived client states that helped me with coring, in contrast to Carpathia which was always supposed to be permanent.


Bonus Empire: Münster into Westphalia


Wanted to try out a Theocracy, and instead of the mainstream picks like the Pope or TO or Cologne I settled on Münster. Being a Theocracy actually proved rather powerful, even though they suffer from big heir RNG. They have very strong government reforms, even though I feel they could have one less level, Great Holy Wars are pretty useless when you get them like 3 techs before Imperialism. But manpower recovery speed, morale of armies, +20 absolutism cap, +1 yearly absolutism and -30% warscore cost against other religions is still excellent - and that's without getting into all the more restricted government reforms (many of which sadly lack useful users, as switching government through reforms is terrible - the amount of lost reforms should be cut back dramatically). And I don't say that just because I want to play as a Japanese Christian Theocracy.

Though the run was not without pains. If I had been a monarchy, I could have gotten France and Spain as PUs. Removing one of Christianity's biggest draws makes European theocracies not that desireable, except maybe the Pope. And as I don't own Origins I also don't want to play Ajuuraan. Which leaves ... Ichma.
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