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I GET IT! All great nation in Europe on PU with me!


Iron man mod!
Asia at the proclamation of the Restored Great Yuan by Hussain Timurid:


I'm actually in half a mind to restart the run just to get less atrocious RNG. But then it's probably 20 restarts again until Shah Rukh doesn't die from the next fly landing on his skin.


Decided to restart, and Shah Rukh made it through the war against Ajam. Shifted around idea groups a bit (dropped Humanist first for Religious first) and abandoned Iqta in favour of Plutocracy. Managed to shave off 33 years:


Time to Jihad through China now.
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I actually just played a Nevers campaign, as well:

Granada and Tunis are vassals; outside of Europe, I got a couple colonial nations from England, France and Spain (who are still alive on some island that was outside my coring range during our last war, but lost most of their CNs in an indepenence war), as well as a fair bit of African coastline and some random provinces in Asia.

I got my independence supported by France and Austria and I went the coward way by keeping the French alliance while not giving Austria any land in the peace deal. The Maine war against England gave me a fair bit of favours right away, and I was able to call France into a couple wars against Spain or the Emperor before they rivalled me somewhere in the 1500s. I allied the Commonblob instead, who beat Muscovy and wasn't declared on by the Ottomans, allowing them to climb to #3 GP. We did have to face the Ottomans once when they intervened in a war between PLC+me against Denmark, which ended in a white peace after some semi-commitment from my side. ;)

No HRE play from me - I didn't join it after the independence war and while the Protestant leauge handed me Emperorship for free, I didn't bother keeping it. It did slow down the earlygame quite a bit, obviously, especially because the remains of Burgundy did join the HRE. But once I got a coastline in Flanders, I broke out with two no-CB wars against Sienna and, while France was busy assisting in that war, Scotland. After that, I just slowly blobbed into western Europe, keeping England, Spain and France in trucelock, with the occasional coalition forming and disbanding, but never firing. Because I got a random PU over Burgundy (without a RM and not even contested by anyone), I didn't even have to attack into the HRE after the League war.

Overall, a fun, if (by my own decisions) initially a bit slow campaign. :)

As a small rundown of the state of the world:
  • Scandinavia was formed by Denmark, who lost the PU over Sweden but beat them in the following conflicts.
  • The Ottomans expanded a lot more southwards than I'm used to, right to the Horn of Africa. To their east, they're blocked by Haasa (controlling most of Arabia) and their ally Timmy, who just conquered Delhi and only waits for the core to finish in order to form the Mughals.
  • Vijay conquered the majority of India.
  • Mingsplosion happened, with Jin winning the Font War of China. Donghai is the dominant Manchu tribe, owning most of Korea. Japan is united (sans Ainu) with a foothold in Southern Korea.
  • As mentioned, a bunch of big Castillian CNs broke free: Canada, the US, Colombia, Paraguay and La Plata all formed. Spanish Mexico broke to rebels, so most of the Maya and Nahuatl lands are independent again.
Ideas Guy:


First, the nation itself:

Traditions: Siberian Frontier, +15% goods produced

+ 15% morale
- 10% development cost
+ 15% land fire damage
+ 2 diplomatic reputation
- 2 national unrest
+ 7.5% discipline
+ 15% trade efficiency

Ambition: 10% Administrative Efficiency

Religion: Orthodox
Culture: Roman
Tech: Western

Starting ruler: 6/6/6 15 years old, Scholar
no heir
no consort

Starting province: Borborema (2922)

In restrospect, if I had known I could finish off the achievement that easily and early I would've switched out a few ideas. Dip rep and AE didn't do a lot.

Borborema though is in my opinion the best province for a full 800 points Ideas guy run. Temperate climate, decent terrain, great trade goods, 1 CoT (Pernambuco) directly adjacent and another (Ceara) 2 provinces away. Meaning Siberian Frontier will allow you to quickly gain a strong economic foothold from which to snowball from. Even though I had to reroll Ceara three times to not get either Grain or Fish.

My quick expansion never allowed the Europeans to establish a strong foothold in South America. Castile established small CNs at the mouths of the Amazon and Rio de la Plata, while Portugal and France established their own small subjects in Colombia. I was attacked 4 or 5 times by the Europeans, the first time by Castile alone and all other times by a Spanish-French alliance. Still not much to worry about especially after I got my space marine ideas online. The last war took place in the 1570s, after that the Europeans left me alone, especially after the Spanish-French alliance broke down.

The rest of the game was spamming manufactories, eating what other nations remained in SA, spam more manufactories, charter provinces in India, spam more manufactories, eat Caraibas to get a better trade node, and spam more manufactories.

In the end, after I had embraced Manufactories, I rerolled advisors until I got the Production Efficiency and Trade Efficiency guys and popped my GA to push me over the 500 ducats/month.

As for idea groups, I went Innovative, Exploration, Quality, Economic, Humanist.

Also nabbed the Narcissism achievement while I was at it.
Played a relaxed eastern islamic Habsburg to grab this sweet achievement :

Was able to ally both Mamluks and Ottomans who hated each other but never went to war, so very non-blobby Otto and Mamluks

A famous French philosopher's fear:


Voltaire's nightmare and The Ostenders done. Probably gonna leave the campaign here because I could've done a lot better with more favourable early game RNG, namely getting the Burgundian Inheritance. I would've lost 5 tags from the HRE, but I could've used the increased powerbase to be more aggressive against the French (against which I had a horrible war in the 1550s) and invade the British Isles.
My 5th WC. I decided getting to myself only the natural territory of Bharat, the provinces with Burmese culture group, the Afghan state with the CoTs, and the African TC regions. All the rest should remain with Marches. Originally I wanted having one Marche per culture group, but had to abandon it. It would be too many diplomatic slots.

It was fun but very tough, harder than taking and keeping the provinces for myself. Keeping France loyal was particularly difficult.

I interestingly managed to release a Zoroastrian Khorasan: 3 Khorasan core provinces became Zoroastrian through rebels, so I went straight to them to release a small Khorasan and then fed them Persia.

I tried to achieve a kind of "one faith" to each subject, all of them having only provinces with the state religion, but it was impossible to achieve this with the Colonies before the time was over.

Bharat and its subjects:


The religious map, with the now usual Sunni South American Colonies...


All the Marches were efficient ones (less than 25% of my development) but France, Ming, and Mamluks.
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My Provence to Jérusalem run :

I started by conquering Maine and Cotentin with France, which made England bankrupt (regular army stackwiped, England chose to hire 30k mercenary infantry) and allowed me and Scotland to eat it easily. Then it was a game of opportunity, and luckily, France spread the Valois dynasty to a lot of thrones, which made me able to secure PU on Savoy, Castile, Scotland and finally France itself.

Styrie, Bulgarie, Grèce and Aix-la-Chapelle are powerful marches, while Transoxiana was able to form Timurids in late 1700. Very fun run, with a big contender when HRE dismantle and Prussia gobbled every prince

jérusalem 1.png

jérusalem 2.png
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My Pate 3rd Way run:


Tough start as the smallest nation of Zanzibar node, had to sit for 15 years developping my capital before getting an opportunity to DoW my smallest neighbors. Then I went colonial to prevent European powers to get to Asia, built a Trade Empire from Ivory Coast to Philippines before really starting Jihad business around 1650.
This should probably be an AAR but I don't have enough content for that, so apologies for the long post.

1.29.5 Oirat->Yuan 1589 True 1 tag, VH, no loans, no savescumming.
The corruption is not from debasing, but natural growth from overextension and +0.80 from territories for practically the entire game. It helped a great deal with unrest, the most limiting factor of the campaign.


I don't have a lot of screenshots from early in the campaign because I wasn't really planning to go all the way with it until I realized pre-1600 was within reach (and in fact, I beat it by a decade).

20200304191803_1.jpg GP list with dev
20200304191854_1.jpg Capital shown on the coast of California, more on that later
20200304191901_1.jpg Ideas
20200304191944_1.jpg Tech including 89% penalty on purpose. I dev pushed Colonialism but decided not to embrace it so I could save more points up, corruption also helps with that
20200304192023_1.jpg Previous rulers including some pretty bad ones, the only proof I can offer for not save scumming. I got pretty lucky with not getting too many stab hit events from overextension. Maybe 10 in total. My last ruler had 0 in admin which forced me into switching religions, more on that later
20200304192035_1.jpg Economy, the inflation would be from a bad overextension event as I had trading in gems for most of the game and didn't take loans
20200304192041_1.jpg Forces and army makeup, not a hegemon yet
20200304192112_1.jpg Saw this decision that gives -1 unrest after sending the final peace deals. I couldn't satisfy the "be at peace" portion since flipping religion.
20200304190652_1.jpg The final peace deal set, stupidly obscured by my mouse, great job!
20200303023731_1.jpg Initially intended to show that the AI won't delete boats and goes into vast amount of debt but also shows the VH bonuses
20200302065538_1.jpg 1583
20200302021333_1.jpg Epic Pirates of the Caribbean sea battle. I lost, but it was very close. Spain had tons of debt in part due to their massive amount of heavy ships of which I killed many in that battle

This run was not intended to be a true 1 tag. I only wanted CNs but no vassals. There were 3 native tribes in the middle of North America (around modern day Wyoming) that were not cooperating. They kept migrating back and forth and were far away from the other tribes that were now stuck in place in a snake (this happens because they reform and then cannot migrate). I needed to either no CB one of those tribes, then take the land from the other 2 bordering one of them, which would leave me with 2 provinces I couldn't core + a vassal, or move my capital to the New World. If I moved my capital I could vassalize the middle guy via a no CB and then core the other 2 of them from having a border with my vassal and a capital on the same continent. Then I would also be allowed to annex that vassal.

So how to move my capital after I have ~11-12k dev in the old world? A couple of guys in Florry's Discord called Bast and Esc helped me figure out a way. I had to split my European holdings from my Asian holdings via vassals or just simply returning provinces to dead tags (which is what I did). Releasing nations would also work but that would be messier. I also needed to filp to Totemist from Tengri and switch my primary culture to a native one (Haida in my case). Flipping to Totemist had the side convenience of revealing all of North America to me. So I also went ahead and flipped Animist afterwards to reveal all of South America. I then flipped Fetishist for the 2 tolerance of heathens afterwards and revealed all of Western Africa. Tengri also has 2 tolerance of heathens and lets me use 100% cav armies (which I was doing for most of the game), but my ruler had 0 admin and needs a score of 3 to enact the decision to give yourself the 2 tolerance of heathens.

20200301082019_1.jpg This is what the split looked like. Note the 2 large names because my empire is truly split. There are a bunch of tags on the border of Europe. Syria, Aq, Ottomans, Shirvan, Armenia and Qara. Above them is Nogai, Bashkir (who I fed my old capital Bashgird to in a war that I "lost") and Sibir.

20200302002115_1.jpg Capital has now been moved to California and I am Totemist

20200302004359_1.jpg Month tick and all of North America is revealed to me

20200302013818_1.jpg Animist for South America and Mexico
20200302010707_1.jpg 20200302020004_1.jpg Fetishist for Western Africa and 2 tolerance of heathens. My RU was not great, around 89% even with the 2 tolerance of heathens

A few screenshots that I do have from the course of the campaign:

20200229094644_1.jpg The state of Europe where most of the remaining OE and truce breaking needed to take place in 1576

20200228022322_1.jpg I "discovered" Spain very late so I didn't have to deal with them potentially coalitioning me. After around 1540 everyone in the world that could see me had 1000 AE so I was careful about who could see me. They were the #2 GP for most of the game by a fair bit. Many troops and the shock damage received age ability made them a pain to deal with. Having 100% cav helps a lot. I had 500k units but they were conducting many wars and sieges all over the world, plus suppressing revolts, so getting the most out of my force limit without going into debt was a must. This is why pure Tengri is my favorite religion for a horde. Especially if you have no military ideas.

20200227224644_1.jpg 1572. I remember having a serious problem with sailors because almost all of my coastline was trade company (-100% sailors). After I got some German and Italian land (seen here) I built something like 40 heavy ships and 40 transports. To land on GB I stationed 20 heavies in the sea zone by the Isles, and 20 heavies in the sea zone for Orkney. My transports stood in between. GB had ~90 heavy ships but they can't kill 20 of mine before my 37k stack can land with forced march. GB put up a crazy fight that surprised me. I think it was due to the fact the AI was aware that I couldn't reinforce my guys so he was very aggressive in annoying my stack. I sent a mixed siege/battle stack to GB (10 inf 17 cav 10 cannons). I ended up having to send another 25k to help out by getting into a battle with his ships and forcing a retreat into Scotland so my units could land. You can see my 37k stack and retreating ships in the 1576 screenshot in GB.

20200225033909_1.jpg 1559 right after I defeated Austria. I posted this in the strange screenshot thread because it was funny that they didn't exist to me since I could no longer see them. What this screenshot also shows is the method for dealing with the HRE. Almost all of it can't be seen by me so its members do not gain AE on me or join coalitions. I separate peace and full annex everyone in every war that I can. Since the emperor is always a cobelligerent even when you have a truce with them it is easy to eat the emperor very fast. That was useful since Austria got the Burgundian Inheritance and was quite large. The emperor after this was a quite large Brandenburg- to my delight. I ate them and all their allies in chain wars on OPM HRE members along with all their allies.

I wasn't worried about AE around this time and was truce breaking the Ottomans whenever I had a ton of free admin points to stab up. The most efficient way in my mind to do this type of conquest is walk in one direction and annex everything. So my Sunni AE had been crazy high from India and SEA. Ottomans would have been one of the only Sunni's left that could see me since Africa was still not visible.

20200224234437_1.jpg 1557. Truce break on the Ottomans plus war to clean up Eastern Europe. You can see the Timurids are still around, they were 1 war at this point I believe.

20200222051743_1.jpg 1538. Some wars in India to give an idea of the micro. It's a turn based game with this many wars where I have to pause every single day and reevaluate every unit for what they should be doing while keeping track of truces, coring and unrest.

20200221230847_1.jpg 1531. Orissa is on the way to Siberia. That was the initial intention of this screenshot to show that I was outnumbered and they weren't even planning to fight. But it also shows my total troop numbers and composition. I used siege stacks and battle stacks. Siege stacks were mostly infantry and cannons. Battle stacks used no infantry with maybe a few cannons.

20200221010037_1.jpg 1525. First Ottomans war, you can see Muscovy there as well. I prioritized getting the mission for 15% warscore cost reduction.

20200220235355_1.jpg They had a lot of units so I had to keep all my forces together.

20200219150812_1.jpg 1495. Originally intended to show that I could see Ayutthaya's provinces but had not discovered him. I screwed up and left Ming a border with the guys in SEA. Lan Xang took the Mandate from Ming. The Mandate had to be gone before I could form Yuan if I wanted to remain a horde. Then Ayutthaya took the Mandate from Lan Xang. I became Yuan shortly after this and "lost" my capital to Wu. I moved it from Beijing to the middle of China, returned province to Wu, declared on them and forced them to take my capital. I had developed Bashgird to around 20 and made it correct religion and primary culture to force the move. This allowed me to TC everything (which would later cause my sailor pains).

Overall I made plenty of mistakes that I didn't savescum but it was fun. Thanks for reading.
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Decided to take a shot at playing as Sapmi.

Gave myself an advantage by not starting as just Sapmi with the province of Kola, but spawning them as a vassal from Sweden and granting them land, integrating them then releasing them again this time playing as them. Did this for the Mann achievement a long time ago as well.