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Unfortunate EU3 doesn't show world wars all that well. Every country will peace out for white peace or minor border changes instead of a full out world war that we want to see. :)

which is why you make wars of revolution than the AI will almost never peace out except for total annexation.
I am quite sure that the American war for independence actually uses the liberation casus belli, could it still by definition be a "war of independece"?

I recall checking the CB out of interest when I was playing the War for Independence for the achievment and noting that it's the revolution CB and thinking "oh boy, I could annex the whole country for 0BB"

But I could be wrong. A simple screenshot of the war screen while hovering over the top-left CB symbol would set matters straight but I'm not at my computer.
In response to your stability issue, sadly when it goes negative, it becomes positive in terms of adding up. If a single province has -50 stability cost, it actually COSTS 50 stability.

For truely 0 stability, you would have to make it so your stability % reductions add up to -100% and not a fraction more or less. Narrowminded, trading in wine, serfdom, imperial authority and 100 prestige will knock it down by 95%, just need to find exactly 5% more. Add 100 legitimacy and knock one slider movement away from either serfdom or narrowmindedness and you have it, but you can't have any other modifiers like wrong culture or the like.
I agree Kurblius, The North Sea's tech is no match for your own.

I've started up a new trade empire myself as the Principality of Beloozero but as ever am hitting the limitations of that damn "500 ducats and I'm out of here" trade backstabbers. I'll likely post details in the trade thread as I could do with some advice.
no we fully understand that he's trying to occupy all the COTs in the world and create as many land connections as possible

we also fully understand that his borders are still disgusting and he should feel really bad

No, it's all about the Trade League. The political map is ugly, but the trade map is a thing of beauty.

My next plan is to break up Sweden. There needs to be more colours in northern europe. I wish there were more countries I could release. If I had my way, I'd break Spain, England and Scandinavia into two dozen states.

If I can make a suggestion for Sweden: Break Sweden in war, utterly wreck their armies and have Norway revolt. Norway will be in a revolution war with Sweden. Instantly vassalise Norway within a month while they're still at war with Sweden (making them part of the league while you're at it of course), then sell them some land to give them some more power. Let them completely occupy Sweden and they will annex them for 0 infamy. Then you have one hell of a pet vassal who'll be in your trade league forever at the cost, to you, of virtually no infamy.

This is what I did to have a pet cornwall who annexed all of GB.

Attempt at Wallachia, starting with Vlad II Draculesti (not the Impaler, that was Vlad III). Leading PU with Naples purely by accident. I consider myself a mediocre player, so my my standards this is pretty good considering no reloads or cheating. Very annoying that you can't form Romania while Byzantium exists, escpecially because it's in a personal union with Castille now..
-A Georgian Empire-

Here I was wanting to be sick after seeing some disgusting empires, then I see this. Where to even start?

- A difficult starting country
- Although large, your empire is connected and has lovely borders
- Low infamy
- Soothing shade of blue
- Galicia, Cornwall, Northumberland and Danzig!?
- Sardinia Piedmonte!!
- True Swiss Neutrality

Yes, I wish there were more of your kind.