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My current game:

Sadly Achievements don't work with my version so I didn't get the Sweden one :(


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GBR beat up NOR and took Iceland/Orkneys before I formed SCA, finaly got them back and made them release a new nations. That'll learning them for sinking my 70 ship navy in the last war!

Also, Aquileia used to own Genoa too, they seem to have released them though. They are also in Greece, Africa and have a large colonial empire!
Uniting the HRE is always fun.
Year 1600. Roughly 80 years I think since I united the HRE as Bohemia.
I finally finished colonizing all of the Timurid provinces a decade or so ago. Most of the nomads survived long into the 1500s until getting crushed between me and Manchu.
I decided that since my empire now only barely fits on a single image, this is a good time to post an update (previous image is in post #1443)

Planning to go after Oman or Manchu next, or maybe take the rest of the Indian sub-continent.
I've already taken some of their land. I'll take the rest of their European provinces (they own quite a bit of Northern America. They also owned some of South and Central America, but I made them release that) later sometime.
I don't have any CB on them, though.

I'm now at war with Oman, BTW. Planning to take some of their northern provinces.
Meneth, you've conquered a lot of non-HRE countries (all of Russia, most of Scandinavia, Hungary, the Balkans, France)... it's 1644 and you barely have any BB; since I'm playing a similar game but am WAY over the BB limit, I'm wondering what you did.
My game is somewhat modded, so BB cost per province is only 2.5 instead of 4.
But the main reason why my BB is so low, is that most of Russia was occupied by hordes, as colonizing their provinces gives no BB. For the rest of my wars I've mostly used Cleansing of Heresy (from the NI Unam Sanctum) and Holy War CBs. Sadly, as I just passed 1650, I'm no longer getting Holy War CBs.
Also, controlling cardinals helps reduce infamy by 0.1 per cardinal per year. Currently I'm getting -1.3 infamy from cardinals alone.
I apologize that my account isn't working. I have already registered all of my games to no avail, even though it says "successful registration." I get no reply from moderators, so I guess "guest" will have to do.
I see the HRE still exists. Are there even any factions beside you in it?
You will still get cores if you are in the same cultrual group?
Actually, you want to save this type of image (low number of colors) as a .gif. Better quality (no jpg compression) and smaller file sizes.
For anything more than 256 colors (EU3 world maps will usually give 100-200 colors) you'll want to use .png, though as .gif reduces the numbers of colors to 256.
So for screenshots, use .png, while for maps both .png and .gif works fine.



This was a lot of fun. Burgandy -> HRE on the Misc Mods Shattered Europe Campaign.

>> http://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum...iscMods-Alternate-scenarios!-Dynamic-colonies!

I had intended on ignoring the new world and just take over Europe. Well, I inherited Denmark who had 3 colonies on north Canada and naples who had half of South America.

I am the only catholic nation in the world aside from the holy father himself. Loving full Curia control.
Utterly not worth it. Please stop quoting massive posts like that.

My Scotland game in MiscMods Dark Continent:


I mint all the way to 20% to pay for the colonisation of the UK and the defense of Rome. I inherit Muscovy and Aragon then colonise southern scandinavia. Muscovite area is rife with rebelion. I really should have just released them as a vassal. I annex Estland and vassalise Sameland to keep control over the area. A long and hard war is fought against scandistan and I go no further than Fyn. I dare not border the muslims to the south, all of whome out tech me by roughly 10 in each tech.


I have to expand somewhere so I wage war against the Golden Horde. To my shock they have guns while I still fight with pointy sticks. I'm forced to punch a hole through them as quickly as possible to force a peace deal. Magyaristan triumphs over the Ottomen and border me. They fight me with far superior numbers and weaponry forcing me to cede a few colonies for peace. After this, I bribe relations to max and we link arms in a friendship to last a lifetime. They remain defenders of the faith though, meaning I can't call them into aggressive wars. A defensive war against al alemand bags me the rest of Denmark. I clean the Muslims out of Italy. The weakened Ottomen make a delicious snack as I try to reach my Italian holdings.


After more than a decade of complete investment in land tech, I can now turn the tides on the Europen Muslims. I win a devistating victory over Al Alemand and comepletely surround them, a position from which they never recover. I show off the open end of my new rooty-tooty-point-and-shooties to the Golden Horde and Ottomen then carve out a road to Judea. In Spain, a mighty power has formed.


From this point on, there is to be no peace. God has willed that any Muslim in Europe is to be a dead muslim. The knife is twisted as it is plunged into Magyaristan's back.



Not bad work for 1,000 broken bodied men from the Western Isles.