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In any case, @Blodhevn how did you like playing Olafr af Brest, compared to other Vikings?
Well i wanted a challenge and i intentionally made it harder for myself, it was fun to play up until i had 2-3 kingdoms. (andalus & the sicily,malorca,sardinian kingdom) getting the Eza faith was also quite fun as i prefer not to go catholic, and honestly muslim. its too easy with those big faiths when it comes to allies,merc/holy order and all that stuff. I stopped the campaign once i finished my empire & destroyed the papacy. but it was fun, it has been my most enjoyable one since Royal court. i "burned" myself out before RC and havent really played much since then as all the cool campaign ideas i had for RC in my mind didnt really change with Rc, it didnt hit the mark for me. Been doing some overseer/setting up games in debug & changing to normal before letting the AI play out like a timelapse so i got a lot of hours despite not playing much after RC.
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The Polish Empire in my Piast - Brave & Bold achievement run. I got the achievement & formed the Empire as This guy's mother, the Empress Konstancja who also reformed the religion.
She formed the Empire after she won a big holy war for the duchy of transylvania against the byzantine empire which cemented the rule of the Polska.
Funnily enough, The last Artifact needed was a crown and it was created & named after the Empress on her death bed. (she died later that year)

Actually quite a hectic run in the beginning, i took a few risks that i normally wouldn't & my second character died at 29 years old in a hunting accident(wasnt murdered) which left his toddler son as the king of Polen(poland) a sadistic & stubborn boy, who was murdered a year after he became a man (died at 17) which is how his sister and future Empress Konstancja came to power. Oh yeah, and she was also a genius and a witch & daughter of dyre the stranger of Kiev. Might've contributed to her impressive achievements.




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My latest Whiteshirt run, I think I am finished with this now but might play on.
Very early on I captured Mercia and Anglia to form a powerful Danelaw. I then invaded Scotland, ruling it in PU for a while but now it is just a title that I keep but is titular. I actually rushed Westfalia when the duke of Angria declared independence from Louis 'the German', and then picked up Prandhimr to reform the faith around 900AD. The kingdoms of Denmark Norway and Sweden were all independent of me until after I formed Daneland in 1100, after which I used my inherited claims to take all three in two wars.


My father, King Sölvi, after conquering the Nords, the Danes and the Swedes, decided that Iberia was in need of saving. He thusly invaded Andalusia and between him and my current character, King Grímr, conquered all of Iberia. However I don't want to become an emperor and that put me over the vassal limit, so I granted the kingdoms to my dynasts, not before converting much of Iberia to Astaru though



An interesting thing to note is that because I've done so well this game, the Catholics have done quite poorly. At one point, Byz managed to vassalise Bavaria, and consequently, Bavaria went orthodox. I have no idea why Italy is Orthodox though, it has only happened this generation. Also, yes Francia formed, but it isn't as powerful as you might think. Most of it is split between the two kingdoms, so the emperor is about as powerful as his vassal kings. The only reason why it still exists at all is that up until now, I have decided not to take France out. Might rectify that now and see if I can help unite Christendom by destroying the Catholic faith.

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I did a weird culture thing again. Start as Norse and hybridize with the three other cultures on the four corners of the maps. With Buryat, I didn't hold the northeasternmost county (but had held it before), so is that a fail of this self-imposed challenge? And I admit I forgot to keep a Norse tradition.
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Luddite, I’m afraid. I hit the screenshot button but couldn’t find the flies.
One simple workaround is to hit Print Screen, then open Paint, paste in the screenshot (Ctrl+V), and save the file. :)
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Luddite, I’m afraid. I hit the screenshot button but couldn’t find the flies.

I'll presume that you take screenshots with F11, since that's the Game taking a screenshot, instead of F12, which is Steam taking the screenshot

It's saved in ~/Documents/Paradox Interactive/Crusader Kings III/Screenshots
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1066 Karling restoration. My original plan was to coup the King and take over, which was going well until France decided to fall to a faction and I had to reconquer it. Had to stop due to a bug.
Screenshot 2023-05-12 124302.png
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I too snagged that Karling Consolidation achievement for the first time with this update:

61-year-old Robert Curthose ruling England.

Note the incapable (and now dead) sibling! That icon is a brain with a hole in it, not an easel. Think it's the first time I've seen incapable appear in this game outside of certain folks on title histories.
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Starting in 867 in the Palava lands (custom ruler) I decided that my first TnT run-through would be a uniting India run. I was so confident that I even made it my house motto!


Early game was all about uniting the Tamil and Telugu lands into a single custom kingdom

Which happened in 901

From there, we united all of India pretty quickly. Mostly via diplomacy (uniting lands by marriage or offering vassalage)

Avoided all succession issues by making all of my sons, monks. Monastic communities is such a great tradition. Speaking of culture, we ran out of things to research in 1021 iirc.
My biggest TnT worry was absolutely that there wouldn't be enough money to do anything. Obviously, I've played wide in a high-dev area but I tended to find that I'd go on a pilgrimage and by the time I got home, I was ready to go hunting. For most of my game, I was somewhere between 6 and 25 gold per month, so not crazy amounts. I do think that I'll end here though. Despite not really trying too hard, I can now more-or-less steamroll anyone. I might have gotten crazy RNG for artifacts (the amount of purple that I have is insane...), but I've reached the point where all my vassals love me all the time too. One non-baron child has less than 100 opinion of me, everyone else has 100 opinion and as such the only wars I fight are peasant wars. (FYI my long reign bonus is only three)

In case it wasn't clear, yes. This is where I think I leave this game. Despite not really trying too much, I'm too strong to keep playing. Gotta say though. vanilla is actually so much better now.


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