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Here are some screenshots of my first city, currently using four of the squares of land at about 77k pop.




When my city was smaller the road connections worked great, but as it has grown the road system simply hasn't be able to keep up, hence the awful mess in the middle of the city :)
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Updated shots from my city, expanded quite a lot to get resources and put down more low density residential, though my population only went up to 107k.

Still don't feel like tackling the mess that is the road network in the center of town, but otherwise quite happy with how its going.

Taken from the other end of the city at a lower angle, the housing is a mix of low and high density residential, each building takes up a single square. Idea came from one of Arumba's videos on the game, works really well for service coverage, but not convinced it is the best use of space. I like how it looks though.