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Oct 15, 2016
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I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but my 8th day of the month and month ticks take 15 seconds when my game reached 1699. It was so slow it immediately grinded my fun campaign to a halt.
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Same but sooner, somewhere around 1600. Bigger armies I guess?

Sometime I even have trouble to save my game. The hourglass turns in a vacuum for an infinite duration and I have to go back to the desktop so it finally get back to work normally (or eventually crash).
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It was laggy then too to be fair. Game really needs some performance enhancements.
Yeap. The game has been laggy since the 1.30 Hre update but I've turned off many settings in C:\Users\anilo\OneDrive\Belgeler\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\setting.txt. And then the game is playable now.

PS: My gpu is very old, which is 15th years old. :) Gpu: 3850 256 mb, cpu: 10600kf, ram: 16 gb 3900 mhz

We have to wait for EU5. When Eu5 launches, we will wait for dlcs. :) When dlcs launches, the game will become slow step by step. This is PARADOX. :D
Same for me, and it is quite bizarre. In my case, betas worked just fine, I mean they even seemed to be performing better than the previous solid built. I got the Choson One achievement and played until 1780s with the first beta and it was all fine. Then the update came properly and now the game becomes REALLY slow after 1550s... Which kinda makes going for longer achievements a chore, not fun. I do not know, perhaps it is an illusion. Stellaris' latest update dropped around the same time period, and it features EXCEPTIONAL performance improvements. It is not only a joy to play it now, but outright a blissful experience even on my 6 year old Macbook Pro.

Moral of the story: I am no computer engineer but the performance of EU4 is not getting any better lately. This is quite sad seeing that the team is coming up with wonderful new additions to the game for us, flavor that I enjoy so very much. If only we had a dedicated team like the Custodians for Stellaris, that helped EU4 perform better I think the player base in Steam would skyrocket once again. Performance really can make or break any experience, and in this case I will sadly seem to have to wait for its improvement before heading on to try my hand at another 50-60 planned achievement-oriented campaigns. Stellaris campaigns should keep me busy in the mean time.
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Origins saw a major improvement for me, but now the late-game is seriously slow. I'm attempting to do doing the AIOE achievement at the moment, have all Austria's missions complete except for the one that requires the Revolution to have spawned, so I'm trying to speed 4/5 through the next hundred years, but the month-ticks are extremely slow and the game keeps crashing every half year (on mac). So yeah, not great.
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EU4 patches are so up and down. 1 Can't play past 1650s 2 works great 3 really laggy 4 works ok 5 really laggy post 1650s.

Can I just play the game and not go to sleep waiting to be able to do something?
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