Possible to make Darkest Hour a multicore cpu game?

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Aug 26, 2009
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Guys complain that the Putin mod runs slowly when a lot of countries are fighting at the same time. Yes there are 8000 provinces in the E3 map, that is to be expected?

Would it be possible to make Darkest Hour a cpu multicore capable game?

Surely running on more than one cpu core would drastically improve game speeds?

No idea if you can or not or how difficult it would be?
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Sep 9, 2020
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As far as I know, it uses an old graphics engine, so in theory that would not be possible. I always use 50% so it seems that only one core uses me, in this case trying to make the graphics engine use more than one core would be a very difficult and impossible job, old graphics engines do not use more than one core since in those times it was not common a processor of more than 1-2 cores (speaking of an average pc) in any case you could only optimize the game so that you get the most out of your processor, I would be seeing if darknest hours really uses a single core or two cores.

Edit : Apparently darknest hours uses 50% of the cpu but it uses the two cores that I have. In case you have more cores, open darknest hours, leave it slow and go to the task manager.
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