Possible Memory Leak

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Oct 9, 2007
Hello there :)

I seem to have 2 issues with Tarr Chronicles so far.The first one seems to be some sort of memory leak. I am using a G-15 Keyboard with LCD where vital information like FPS is displayed on, by Rivatuner (via Plugin).

While playing the game, I noticed, that whenever I start the game clean and load a mission, I have around 65-90FPS, depending on the scenery / action. However, that seems to change every time the game has to load something (e.g. Part II or III of a mission). Soon after, my system cannot score more than 40 frames per second, followed by another loading screen to e.g. Part III of a mission, leaving me with only 20-25FPS - no matter if there's a fight going on or just free flight on my own (without any other objects but the "space" on screen). These low fps also remain in the "hangar", where you see the parked ships. Going there, just after starting the game, I usually have far over 100 frames. - Again, it seems, the more time in the game passes (while it's running), the more loading screens have been executed, the lesser fps I get on my rig. Permanently, unless I restart the game, which pushes everything back to "normal speed".

If I exit the game and just reload the part of a mission I have been playing on, I am back to full fps again (65-90).

Another, but rather smaller issue (yet annoying), is a black screen I sometimes face, when starting Tarr Chronicles. The intro movies are playing fine - all but the last, the story one. That already just gives me sound, but no visible picture / movie. After hitting ESC, the menu usually should show up, which it does (i can hear the menu clicking sounds when I try to "hit" something blindly, with my mouse or keys) - but I just don't see anything else but a black screen.

A restart of the game solves that. Sometimes it loads correctly the first time, sometimes I need 2 tries.

Anyway - Here's my system specs :

- OS : Windows XP Professional 32Bit /w SP2
- Mainboard : Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe (Bios 1102)
- CPU : AMD Athlon64 X2 5600+
- Memory : Corsair Twin2x1024-6400c4 (2 GB DualChannel Kit)
- GFX Card (Driver) : NVidia GeForce (Leadtek) 8800 GTS 320MB (ForceWare 163.71)
- Using 4xFSAA + 8xAF (Forced via Driver)

I have my system overclocked - yet it doesn't matter if I run stock speeds or the "tuned" ones (I already tested that). The problem remains. As for the "memory leaking" part - this has also been found in a comment on gamersgate already (by users who bought the game online).

Just wanted to forward these "issues" I encountered so far. If you can think of anything that I might have done wrong, to cause these problems myself, please let me know here :)

Thanks in advance

P.S: Should the problem not be on my side - I also had the known "Memory bug" of the 8800 series cards in mind, which especially often happens on the 320 MB models. The bug fills the Vram with useless content till it overflows. In some games it was patched by developers, plus NVidia is constatly trying to fully eliminate it with an upcoming driver release.
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Oct 9, 2007
Can you Paradoxers confirm or correct this ? :) (or is this perhaps an andressed issue coming along "fixed" with the patch the devs are workin on ?) :)
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Sep 12, 2001
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I have the same problem. For a while the game runs perfectly and then it turns into a slideshow (and even crashes).

But I have not yet encountered the black screen you mentioned.

My config is as follows:

Gigabyte K8NF9 Ultra MB
Athlon XP64 3200+
2x512MB RAM Kingston
nVidia GeForce 7900GT TOP
internal soundcard
MS Windows XP SP1 OS


Apr 22, 2006
I've got the exact same problems, the leak problem is really quite annoying. Also instead of a black screen I get the last ingame screen before the movie. So I can see my ship stranded in mid-space after the mission has been completed with the movie audio playing in the background, then the next mission briefing audio starts playing. I have to manually exit the game using the task manager and restart it again because video never comes back and is stuck on this one screen.

Another problem is also the game sometimes gives me a black screen at the menu when starting up after playing all the intro movies, I noticed that if I cancel them all pretty early this usually happens.


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Aug 12, 2004
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I will ask the developers to take a look at that as well. Thank you guys for the information.


Oct 9, 2007
M&M said:
Another problem is also the game sometimes gives me a black screen at the menu when starting up after playing all the intro movies, I noticed that if I cancel them all pretty early this usually happens.

That is the black screen I am talking about. Exactly the same symptoms.


Apr 22, 2006
well, you could try to let the intro movies at least appear on the screen first before cancelling them. That "seems" to have fixed it for me, I only tried it a few times but I've never had the black screen in any of those attempts.