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Oct 3, 2009
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I would conquer a port and want to upgrade everything so I could protect it and get the maximum trade discount but the taxes would be too great and I'd have to sell it off. Does anyone know of a basic strategy for taking over ports. I read some strategy guides online but no one dealt with the tax issue. There has to be a ship to port to profit ratio rule of thumb to keep in mind but it seemed easier to me to not own ports and then the year before the game told me I had to have 5 ports if I wanted to continue I would hury up and conquer some and then sell them off after the year was over... ha! it felt like cheating and if I am going to go to the trouble of playing a game to dominate the world it would be nice to have a plan of attack... of course I am writing this after playing the game for 72 hours on 8 hours of sleep.


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Aug 24, 2005
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My port strategy is this

1. Build a upto a lvl 4 Trading post in one of each MBT. All others I keep at lvl 1. Destroy bigger ones as necessary.

2. Ports I have 1 level 1 in each general area. Destroy all others. I will if I can afford to build those up to LVL 4 if I am doing well and want to start upgrading fleets after 1630 with a better ship design since build times for these larger ships is quite long. Sometimes 1 lvl 2 or lvl 3 port in india is nice to quickly make a defensive fleet or a fleet to attack some pirates or something like that quickly. A small fleet to shift around Iron Wares is also nice in the India area.

3. Warehouse - keep at Lvl 1...unless there becomes a good use for them in an update....its just a waster of money to upgrade above lvl 1. A lvl 1 warehouse can supply enough materials for atleast 2 upgrades. Destroyable but 500 pounds is not much.

4. Forts and garrisons....Garrisons seem to me to be the way to go atleast for the first 50 years....a level 3 garrison of 750 men can normally be a good match for a fleet of loaded of Galleons. I normally will leave a lvl 1 fort standing if one exists. But either way....a garrison level of 3 is highly desirable if you want to keep the port. I don't believe the AI attacks your ports until a certain date, Atleast 1615 I believe.

So lets look at this. A port for resupply would be 1500 for the trading post, 500 for the warehouse (optional), no port or fort. and 10000 for garrison lvl 3 so 12000, is the reduced amount atleast for the first 50 years. I also only take resupply ports for 2 reasons, first is to garrentee I dont have fleets going out of supply and secondly to force my enemies to go out of supply. Like 1 example is to take Jadida, The Canaries and Cape Verde, with these 3 most of your enemies will go out of supply while heading back to their homeport and vise-a-versa. This slowdown can be very nice to have. In an easy or normal game you should be able to support a few ports fairly quickly, but each port does take profit. If you dont want to support a port, why not destroy all buildings then release it? By destroying all building you can be garrenteed an easy invasion if someone you dont want takes it and it will take him resources to upgrade, second, when you do take it back over you can destroy the buildings again and release it again.

I do take the initial port in the Indies when given the chance, its well worth it, it normally has the all building at level 1 and upkeep is not that high at lvl 1 buildings. You could drop the port and and fort if you like right away. Other buildings would be unwise to destroy in my eyes.

Well I hope this helps.