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Nov 10, 2013
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Hi I have just recently bought Dungeonland, and I can not seem to either host a game or joint a game made on my home network due to this port 25002 error. The problem is that we can not find on any forums we have searched as to now on how to open/forward this port. It would great if someone could explain this process for users on Mac. Please respond if you know how to fix the or if there might be something else causing issues as well. Thank you.


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Apr 2, 2012
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Hi Wolf, sorry for the late reply.

It depends on your router I suppose. This is a guide for how to do it on an Apple router:

1. What router info do I need to know?
2. Where do I find the 'Port Mapping' setting in Airport Utility (How to do it.)

1. Router Info:

The info that is vital to have, is the following
Router password
And well, thats it...
2. How to do it.
1. Open Airport Utility
2. Click 'Manual Setup' in the lower left corner
3. Type it your password
4.Click the 'Advanced' Tab at the top
5. Click the PortMapping tab
6. Click the + symbol to add a mapping
7. Dont worry about the Service:
8. Enter you Local computer ip in the Private IP Address slot.
(Found System Preferences > Network > Ethernet, Airport > Where it says IP Address OR:
AirPort is connected to Network and has the IP address _______
Ethernet is currently active and has the IP address _____
9. Enter 25565 for all the ports ( Public UDP, TCP and Private UDP, TCP)
10. Click continue
11. Under description, name it what you want.
12. Click Done
13. Now click 'Update' and your set!
This is very simple.